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Sørøst-England attraksjoner


Canterbury Cathedral
33 turer og aktiviteter

As one of the most important pilgrimage sites of medieval Europe, Canterbury’s iconic cathedral is worthy of its UNESCO World Heritage status and remains an important center of Christian worship. Originally founded in 597 by St Augustine, the first Archbishop of Canterbury, Canterbury Cathedral is the oldest church in England still in use and largely regarded as the birthplace of English Christianity. The present day cathedral owes much of its structure to a series of 11th and 12th century reconstructions, with highlights including the 235-foot-high Bell Harry Tower and over 1,200 square meters of early medieval stained glass windows.

The cathedral also hosts the poignant shrine of St Thomas Becket, the one-time Archbishop of Canterbury who was murdered in the cathedral in 1170 at the hands of King Henry II's knights. Immortalized in Geoffrey Chaucer’s 14th-century book, The Canterbury Tales, which tells the story of a group of pilgrims traveling to visit the shrine.

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Highclere Castle
24 turer og aktiviteter

Highclere Castle is best known as the filming location of the popular British TV drama Downton Abbey and home to the fictional Crawley family. In reality, the estate is owned by George Herbert, the eighth Earl of Carnarvon, and his wife Lady Carnarvon. The castle has been in the Carnarvon family for centuries, but it was remodeled from a simple mansion to its current grandeur between 1839 and 1842 by Sir Charles Barry, an architect known for his contributions to a Renaissance-revival movement.

Located in the rolling green hills of Hampshire, the estate covers over 5,000 acres of mostly parkland. It includes forests, lakes and decorative gardens planted with a wide array of plants ranging from climbing roses, lavender and geraniums to fruit trees and meticulously sculpted hedges. In the center of it all sits the great Victorian castle with its pinnacles and towers jutting into the air.

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Blenheim Palace
40 turer og aktiviteter

Blenheim Palace in Woodstock, Oxfordshire, is one of the largest country houses in England and known as the birthplace of Winston Churchill. The Palace has been in the Churchill family since it was constructed as a gift from the English nation to John Churchill, first Duke of Marlborough, in 1704 for a significant military triumph against the French at the Battle of Blenheim.

The house was completed in the short-lived English-Baroque style, and its reception rooms, devoid of any unnecessary comfort, reflect the palace’s present role as a national monument rather than a family home. The imposing main hall leads to a frescoed saloon, which looks out over the Column of Victory in the adjacent castle park, with the surrounding trees symbolizing Marlborough’s soldiers. The saloon is highly decorated, complete with a bust of the vanquished Louis XIV at its back.

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Leeds Castle
29 turer og aktiviteter

Constantly undergoing alterations and upkeep in its 900 year history, its condition is amongst the best condition Europe’s medieval era landmarks. The castle is currently riddled with lovely accumulated décor such as tapestries, ceramics and paintings. Surrounded by Kent County's gorgeous landscape, the castle grounds contain an aviary, grotto, and golf course. Not to mention that it also makes its facilities open year-round for larger-scale events. And if that isn't enough, visit the castle's hedge maze, which uses over 2,400 yew trees. As a little incentive to complete the tricky maze, the only viable entrance to the grotto is located at its end.

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Bicester Village
15 turer og aktiviteter

Bicester Village is a luxury outlet shopping center just outside of London – the perfect destination for anyone looking to shop until they drop! Located midway between London and Birmingham, Bicester Village is hope to more than 30 luxury retailers, as well as cafes and restaurants such as Farmshop and the Villandry Grand Café. Shoppers can enjoy discounts up to 60% off retail price on brands such as MaxMara, Hugo Boss, DKNY and more. While shops do not accept foreign currency, a currency exchange is available that changes more than 40 currencies. The mall also features a children’s play area, free wi-fi, valet parking, worldwide courier service and a hands free shopping service.

Just a 15-minute walk from Bicester Village is the town of Bicester, where visitors can check out St. Edburg’s Church, the Market Square and the pedestrianized Sheep Street.

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Port of Dover
9 turer og aktiviteter

Dover is famous for its white cliffs and when approaching England by ship they are a lovely, iconic greeting to the United Kingdom. While a busy ferry port connecting England with France, Dover is a relatively quiet cruise ship port, used for embarkation and disembarkation.

Once a chic seaside resort, Dover has never really recovered from being bombed during World War II and these days most people choose to stay further along the lovely south-east coast in the pretty Georgian town of Brighton or in medieval Rye or in Canterbury with its famous cathedral, or to head up to London which is a couple of hours travel north.

Within Dover the main attraction is the castle built by Henry II in the 12th century, one of the oldest in England. In 1539, Henry VIII built nearby moated Walmer Castle, also worth a visit.

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Port of Southampton
8 turer og aktiviteter
Not surprisingly, Southampton is on the south coast of England, 75 miles or 120 km south-west of London, close to the Isle of Wight and the New Forest National Park. It used to be famous as the gateway to the British Empire and America across the North Atlantic. These days it is the largest of three cruise ports servicing London with four terminals strung along a busy dock. These are Mayflower, City, Queen Elizabeth II and Ocean. There is also a ferry terminal to the Isle of Wight. Southampton is one of the largest commercial ports in Europe and is closely associated with the Cunard line, their passenger ships being the only ones to have Southampton on their sterns as their home port. Some of the largest cruise liners in the world – operated by Cunard, P&O and Royal Caribbean – come into Southampton. Apart from shipping, Southampton is known for having the longest stretch of medieval wall still existing in the UK.
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