Hell Valley (Geothermal Valley)

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Visitors come from throughout Asia and the world to soak in the healing waters of Taiwan’s natural hot springs, many of which are located in the close vicinity of Taipei. One of Taiwan’s most famous collections of natural volcanic hot springs are clustered in Beitou District in an area known as Hell Valley, or Geothermal Valley.

Upon entering the valley, you’ll understand how it gets its name. An ever-present sulfurous mist permeates the air with billowing clouds of hot steam rising up from hidden cracks in the ground. The hot springs pools here reach up to 100 degrees Celsius (212 degrees Fahrenheit), rendering it too hot to swim. Locals used to come here to boil eggs in the highly acidic waters.

To experience the supposedly healing waters that generate in Hell Valley, visit the Beitou Hot Springs, a public hot springs that maintains pools at a much more comfortable temperature.
Adresse: Taiwan
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