Sanxia is a small traditional town situated just outside the suburban area of Taipei, close to the town of Yingge. The town attracts visitors who come to see Sanxia Old Street, as well as a wide selection of galleries and temples in and around the area.

Sanxia (meaning “three gorges”) was once an important distribution hub. As it developed as a base for production, the streets became lined with shops selling dyes, tea, and manufacturing materials. Although the town is no longer the economic powerhouse it once was, remnants of its past remain, particularly along Sanxia Old Street, which retains its unique colonial Japanese architecture from the early 20th century. This street is widely considered to be one of the most beautiful old streets it Taiwan. The restaurants here offer a place for visitors to refuel and soak up the atmosphere, while the shops sell everything from ceramics to souvenirs.

Sanxia is also home to some significant temples, of which the Zushi Temple stands out for its sheer aesthetic beauty. Built in 1767 by immigrants from the Fujian province in China, all the temple’s walls and columns are sculpted from stone, with both ancient and modern styles evident in the building’s detail.
Adresse: Sanxia District, New Taipei, Taiwan
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