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Kyoto Tours from Tokyo

Kyoto Tours from Tokyo

If you'e looking for an easy day trip from Tokyo, consider visiting ancient Kyoto, where you'll find a number of temples, gardens, and palaces. From a brief introduction to an immersive experience, here are your options for visiting from Tokyo.

Full-Day Tours

Full-day tours are the perfect option for Tokyo travelers who want to see Kyoto as a side trip during their time in the capital. Most tours include a round-trip bullet train ticket, lunch, and free time to explore famous Kyoto attractions such as Kiyomizu-dera Temple, Sanjusangen-do Hall, and  Heian-Jingu Shrine.

Multi-Day Tours

If you have time to spare, opt for a multi-day tour from Tokyo that will afford you the flexibility of seeing Japan while letting the experts handle the logistics, hotels, and train tickets. Whether you choose an independent or guided two- or three-day option, enjoy time in Kyoto plus access to top-tier attractions such as Hiroshima, Mt. Fuji, and Nara.

Things to Know

  • Travelers can choose a tour that focuses solely on Kyoto or a multi-day option that also takes in nearby highlights such as Nara, Hiroshima, and Mt. Fuji.

  • Full-day tours can last upwards of 12 hours, so be prepared for a long day.

  • Kyoto is set 280 miles (450 km) west of Tokyo; high-speed bullet train ride takes a little more than two hours, while traveling by road takes about 5.5 hours.

  • Most multi-day trips include round-trip transport and accommodations.

  • Both guided and independent itineraries are available.

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3-dagers tur med høyhastighetstog (

3-dagers tur med høyhastighetstog ("kuletog") fra Tokyo til Mount Fiji, Kyoto og Nara

Hvis du vil få mest mulig ut av tiden din i Japan - er dette måten å gjøre det på. Din 3-dagers tur tar deg til Mt. Fuji, opplev spenningen med et kuletog, se flere UNESCO-listede steder i Kyoto, besøk hjorteparken i Nara og mye mer. Du har en stressfri opplevelse med overnatting og transport organisert for deg, og en guide for å navigere.
  • 3 dager
USD 807,69
USD 807,69

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