Kyoto from Tokyo

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Kyoto from Tokyo

Once imperial capital of Japan, Kyoto can be reached by the world-famous super fast “Bullet” (“Shinkansen”) trains in two and quarter hours.

When at Kyoto you can visit the exquisite Japanese gardens and see the city’s numerous temples, including Kiyomizu, a wooden building dating back to the 9th century which was constructed entirely without nails.

Another wooden structure, Sanjusangendo Hall houses 1,001 devotional statues of the goddess of mercy greets visitors. Meanwhile the moat and monumental square towers of Nijo Castle art collections and famous gardens can now be appreciated by all.

If time allows, why not visit the nearby city of Nara and see the fire-engine red Kasuga shrine with its thousands of metallic lanterns as well as the city’s main park where deer roam freely.

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