Bullet Trains

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Bullet Trains

Trend-defining safety, pressurized cabin comfort, record-setting punctuality, Shinkansen are the easiest and most exciting option to see the Japanese countryside.

If your time in Japan is limited and you don't want to miss the sights of Kyoto, zoom there and back on a comprehensive one-day rail tour from Tokyo, where you’ll have stunning views of Mt. Fuji before embarking on a guided afternoon tour of old-town Kyoto.

If you feel like escaping the city and would prefer to see the countryside, why not visit Lake Ashi and UNESCO World Heritage-listed Mt. Fuji in one of Tokyo’s most popular day tours? Surrounded by stunning natural beauty, the icy caps of Mt. Fuji and the crystalline waters of Lake Ashi are sure to be the perfect antidote to the hectic city life.

Want to sojourn out into Japan a little longer? Why not combine the two? Multiple day trips link Mt. Fuji to Kyoto, Nara, and Hakone, and any option between the two.

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