Tromso Fjords

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Tromso Fjords

Thanks to its spectacular setting among a series of islands and skerries laced with waterways and scalloped inlets, Tromso is the epicenter of day trips out into the fjords bordering the Norwegian Sea. These long, narrow sea inlets are characterized by steep, mountainous slopes carved out by glaciation during the last Ice Age. 


The Basics

If you are staying in Tromso, you have a wide choice of half- and full-day tours into the fjords. Some cruises are focused on viewing the surrounding landscapes—such as the sharp peaks of Balsfjord—while others are dedicated wildlife-watching tours. You can book a fishing trip and catch cod, salmon, and halibut from out of the deep fjord waters, or go kayaking or canoeing in summer. If you’d like to stay on dry land, hiking and snowshoeing tours offer spectacular fjord views.


Things to Know Before You Go

  • The Tromso fjords are a must-see for outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers. 
  • Dress warmly—it is cold out on the water, even in summer. Many tours include the use of waterproof clothing.
  • Kayaking, canoeing, fishing, and snowshoeing tours generally include equipment.


How to Get There

Trips to the Tromso fjords typically leave from Tromso city center. Alternatively, a network of ferries, buses, and interisland bridges easily connect Tromso with Grotfjord, Erdsfjord, Balsfjord, Lyngsfjord, and Kattfjord.


When to Get There

June through August, the long days and midnight sun mean you can pack more adventures into a single day and the water is (just) warm enough for swimming. Wintertime offers whale-watching, as well as nighttime trips out into the fjords to catch the shimmering pinks, yellows, and greens of the northern lights—your best chances of seeing them are from December to February.


Tromso’s Top View

One of the best views of Tromso’s surrounding islands and fjords is from the top of 2,200-foot (670-meter) Floya. To get there, ride the cable car from Solliveien in the Tromsdalen neighborhood to Storsteinen and then walk the rest of the way, or climb the 324 steps of the Sherpa Staircase.

Adresse: Tromsø, Norway, Norge
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