Roman Theater and Archaeological Museum

Roman Theater and Archaeological Museum
Verona Arena, the first-century Roman amphitheater on Piazza Bra is one of the city’s most famous sights, but Verona also boasts a pristine Roman Theater that is even older than the arena and is set on the banks of the River Adige. Visit the theater to see remains of the stage, stone seating (cavea), and loggia arcades.
The Basics
Verona’s Roman Theater was unearthed during the 19th century, when developers discovered the original marble floor of the orchestra pit and rows of stone seats. Part of the seating was destroyed when the Church of San Siro was built on the site during the 10th century, but otherwise this theater dating from the first century BC is surprisingly intact. On the hill above the theater, the former Convent of San Gerolamo is home to the Archaeological Museum, displaying a collection of Roman artifacts found in and around Verona.
By day, visit the Roman theater with a walking or bike tour of Verona, or join a hop-on hop-off bus tour that stops at the theater and museum. Most Verona tours also include skip-the-line entrance to the arena and stops at the historic center’s top attractions. On summer evenings, you can enjoy a concert in the theater.
Things to Know Before You Go
  • The Roman Theater is accessible to wheelchairs via gangways in the summer for those attending concerts, and via Vicolo Botte in the winter for those touring the theater.
  • The Archaeological Museum is not wheelchair accessible.
  • Both the Roman Theater and the Archaeological Museum offer beautiful views over Verona and the Adige River, so bring your camera.
  • A tour of the theater and museum is especially interesting for Roman history enthusiasts.
How to Get There
The Roman Theater and Archaeological Museum are located just across the Adige River from the historic center of Verona. These sights are easily reached on foot or via public transportation by crossing the Ponte Pietra bridge. Verona is located in the Veneto region in northern Italy between Venice and Milan, and is a popular day trip from Venice or Lake Garda.
When to Get There
The theater is open all day Tuesday through Sunday and Monday afternoon year-round, but is especially memorable to visit on a summer evening to see a concert or performance. On evenings when events are scheduled, the theater may close early.
Verona’s Roman Amphitheater
The Verona Arena is a spectacular oval-shaped Roman amphitheater dating from the first century. The arena once hosted sporting events, games, and gladiator battles. The arena was opened once again during the 19th century to hold performances, and today audiences of up to 15,000 gather there to watch opera, concerts, and ballet.
Adresse: Rigaste Redentore, 2, Verona 37129, Italia
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