Moon Hill (Yueliang Shan)

Moon Hill (Yueliang Shan)
One of the most popular attractions in Yangshuo, Moon Hill (Yueliang Shan) is easily recognizable by its crescent-moon-shaped natural arch, the remnants of what was once a limestone cave (Moon Palace). Rising 750 feet (230 meters), Moon Hill offers stunning panoramic views of the countryside, which is dotted with unique karst formations.
The Basics
Visitors will need to climb over 800 marble steps to reach the 164-feet-high (50-meter-high) Moon Palace. In addition to superb views of the photogenic countryside, there are a number of interesting stalactites in Moon Palace. Those who wish to summit Moon Hill can hike farther along a natural—and sometimes very steep—path to the top of the arch.
Moon Hill is easy to locate and enjoy independently. Or, visit as part of a bike tour from Yangshuo, which will also include other scenic stops along the countryside, such as Yulong River, Dashi Village, and Aishan Village. Many rafting tours also include a stop at Moon Hill; nearby Gongnong Bridge is a common endpoint along the Yulong River.
Things to Know Before You Go
  • Moon Hill is a must-see for stunning panoramic views of the countryside.
  • There is an entrance fee to access Moon Hill.
  • Wear sturdy shoes if you plan to climb to or past Moon Palace—the steps can be slippery, particularly if it has been raining.
  • Although there are bolted routes at Moon Hill, climbing is not currently permitted. Check in advance for the latest conditions.

How to Get There
 Moon Hill is located 5 miles (8 kilometers) south of Yangshuo within the newly created Yulong River Park. If you arrive by bus or taxi, you’ll need to enter the park and pay a small shuttle-bus fee from there. You can still enter without a fee on foot, by bike, or by boat.
When to Get There
Moon Hill is very popular with both Chinese and foreign tourists. To avoid crowds, visit early in the morning or late afternoon, when there will also be fewer hawkers trying to sell you drinks and trinkets.
Ten Mile Gallery
Moon Hill is the end of the “Ten Mile Gallery,” a picturesque road from Yangshuo across the scenic countryside that features a number of tourist attractions, including Totem Ancient Path, Butterfly Spring Park, Big Banyan Tree, and Assembling Dragon Cave.
Adresse: Yangshuo, China, Kina
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