Stein am Rhein

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Stein am Rhein
Stein am Rhein is a small city set into the beautiful countryside alongside the Rhine River. Its main attraction is the well-preserved old town, which is characterized by the many distinctive medieval buildings, such as the church, the former monastery of St. Georgen, the town houses, the gates and towers as well as the town hall and armory. Most of these half-timbered frame houses surrounding the Rathausplatz are made of stone with delicate wooden window frames and bays jutting out. All of these buildings stun visitors with their exceptional frescoes, painted on every available surface. The most prominent of these houses is the White Eagle, an old inn, on which a mural originating in the early renaissance depicts the contrast between true and false love, justice and injustice and finally, the triumph of wisdom over evil.

To delve some more into the history of this fascinating town, head to the Lindwurm Museum, and get a glimpse into the life of the 19th century as well as bourgeois agriculture and home décor. Follow the wooden footbridge to the island Werd in the middle of the river, a popular green spot and attraction where Franciscan monks have set up their residence. Watching over the picturesque town and landscape is Hohenklingen Castle. Sitting high on a hill above Stein am Rhein, this fortress, which was built in 1225, is still the most prominent landmark of the city.
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