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Bansko 4x4 tur til Melnik med vinsmaking og Rozhen kloster

Bansko, Bulgaria

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Kjør en 4x4 gjennom Bulgariens Pirin-fjell til Melnik på denne helgedagens off-road safari fra Bansko. Vind gjennom robust landskap og skog, og støt gjennom elver på ruten til Melnik, en liten historisk by, kjent for sin vin og bakteppe av bratte, pyramide-lignende sandsteinfjell. Nyt vinsmaking og besøk det nærliggende middelalderske Rozhen-klosteret før du går tilbake til Bansko. Lunsj, vinsmaking og hotellopphenting og avreise i Bansko er inkludert.
  • Full dag 4x4 Pirin Mountains tur til Melnik fra Bansko
  • Kjør off-road gjennom åser, elver og skoger til Melnik
  • Se etter dyreliv og stopp for bilder
  • Se Melniks sandpyramider og Rozhen-klosteret fra det 13. århundre
  • Nyt Melnik berømte viner på vinsmaking
  • Lunsj, 4x4 transport, og Bansko hotel pickup og drop-off inkludert


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Anmeldelser av Viator-reisende
We booked this trip over a month in...
Yvetta R
, jan 2017
We booked this trip over a month in advance and it was supposed to be instant confirmation but when we spoke to the tour operator on the day before because we had issues with another day trip booked with them they told us that they were going to confirm the Melnik one by 11pm. Yes, you got that right. They think that it is ok for them to call you at your hotel at 11pm. We told them that if they could not uphold the booking terms and condition we would like to cancel this and we would look for an alternative tour operator locally who could guarantee the booking for the next day. Eventually, we arranged this with the driver on the day before and we were driven to Melnik by a normal passenger car, because, we were told, the off-road safari does not take place in the winter time when the area is covered in snow and the route of the day trip passes through a ski piste... The driver told us that he has asked his colleagues in Sofia to remove this trip from the internet for the winter time, however, it was still on. Melnik is a lovely, little picturesque town set within dramatic sandstone hills. Most of the buildings are now restaurants and museums. We went to visit a historic house which once belonged to the richest man in the village. This included underground wine cellars and tasting of the wine which matures in the barrels that you see. The wine has a unique smokey aroma and taste, does not contain any additives and is not being sold anywhere else other than in the Kordopoulov's house. It is really nice. The trip also took us to the wine museum, which was informative and also included wine tasting. We then sat at one of the local mehanas for lunch. Even though the tour voucher says that lunch is included, the driver told us that it never is. We then drove up to the medieval Rozhen Monastery which was nice but nothing special. A trip to Melnik definitely is worth it, especially if you like to try different wines. Viator refunded us the cost of the lunch but P Group is not the best organised tour operator.
icon Svar fra verten , jan 2017
Thank you for your feedback! We apologize for the delay you experienced with the pick-up due to unfavorable weather conditions. We always call ahead and advise our customers if our driver will be late and offer a cancellation with a full refund, should the customer prefer. As you preferred to attend the tour despite the weather, we offered a partial refund for the delay and services missed due to the weather conditions. We regret this affected your enjoyment of the tour experience and we will continue to work on improvements based on your feedback for our future clients. Thank you again and Happy Travels!

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