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Fulldags guidet privat tur til pyramidene i Giza Dahshur Sakkara og Memphis

Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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Avdekke Egyptens gamle mysterier på en privat helgedagstur til Pyramidene i Giza, Dashur og Memphis fra Kairo. Sammen med en eksperthistoriker guide, reise til ikoniske underverk som den store pyramiden av Giza og dykke inn i den gamle historien til Egyptens tidligere hovedstad, Memphis. Marvel på den røde pyramiden i Dashur, hyllet som den "første pyramiden", og se den kolossale staturen til Sfinxen når du hører på lysende kommentarer fra din kunnskapsrike guide.
  • Privat helgedagstur til Giza, Dashur og Memphis fra Kairo
  • Se gamle underverk som den store pyramiden i Giza og Sfinxen
  • Lær om den gamle historien til Memphis, Egyptens tidligere hovedstad, på et guidet besøk
  • Motta uendret oppmerksomhet fra guiden din på denne private rundturen

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A Perfect Day with Waleed!
, jun 2019
I very much enjoyed the private tour and my tour guide Waleed did an excellent job. I was impressed by his knowledge of Egyptian culture and history. The tour was highly informative and Waleed found the right dosage to convey the essential story without information overload. It was an enjoyable experience and I highly recommend Waleed as a competent and knowledgeable tour guide.
Giza pyramids
, jun 2019
Emany is knowledgeable , flexible and professional. She made us feel very safe going around while in Cairo Egypt.We enjoyed her company and learned a lot about Egyptian culture and history .
Mustafa and Team was excellent!
, mai 2019
They are really good and hospitable given that it was our first time in Egypt. One thing I enjoy about this tour is that they bring us to Dahshur for the bent pyramid which not a lot of tour agency will bring (that bent pyramid is my fave! and we find the entire pyramid to ourselves!) how lucky!
Amazing experience
, mai 2019
Great day all round. Well structured and everything timely. Nice air conditioned van with a brilliant driver and tour guide. Our guide, Noor, knew absolutely everything, answered all the questions we asked and was very friendly throughout. Lunch was great too. Can not recommend this tour enough!
Trip to Dahshur, Sakkara, Memphis and pyramids
Dragana B
, mai 2019
The trip was well organized and we got an opportunity to see many things. Iman, our guide, was helpful to a certain extent. She gave us only 10 minutes to explore in Sakkara and did not want to walk around with us. It took us 50 minutes to see the things we wanted to see and she got mad with us. Before going to Giza, Iman took us to a koshari restaurant (the cheapest food in Egypt) and kept saying that since we wanted to eat local food, we would get it. We never asked to eat koshari. The time in Giza was limited and instead of going to see the last pyramid, Iman took us to a perfume shop where we felt obligated to buy some oils even though we did not need them and they were way too expensive. The trip would have been much better if our guide was better.
Solo visit to Sakkara/Memphis/Dahshur/Giza
, mar 2019
I had a solo tour with a great driver & amazing tour guide. My tour guide, Mohamed Sadek, was very passionate about the history behind each site. Having him as a guide was invaluable, as he was very knowledgeable about each site, as well as protective from local salesman/hustlers at each site. Having his energy and positive nature kept the tour exciting throughout the day. I feel that hiring a private guide & driver (such as this tour) is well worth the money as your tour is personalized and away from the extremely large tour groups. 10/10 would recommend again!
pyramids Giza Dahshur Sakkara and Memphis
Ewen B
, jan 2019
Our driver and our guide were overall very obliging and attentive. The guide, a very pleasant young woman, quickly corrected omissions or departures from what had been advertised - i.e. the provision of bottled water; a visit to a perfume shop (masquerading as a museum) which had NOT been advertised and was not wanted; and a move to a restaurant for lunch 'overlooking the Sphinx and the pyramids' [website wording] from a smaller place with much noise and no view to which we were initially taken. She also succeeded in getting us to the 'philosophers' circle' (near the Serapeum) which we wanted to see and was not specifically mentioned in the advertisement. The driver too did a great job coping with horrendous suburban and rural traffic
Excellent trip with outstanding guids
, des 2018
It is definitely one of our best trips so far. This is possible due to outstanding contribution by our tour guide Mr Ahmad Kamel who has done courses in Archology ( specialized in Islamic studies - Egypt). The guide is knowledgeable and explained in detail about all Pyramids. The Driver is also ( Mohmad) very good. we had a pleasant drive and saw all places in detail as per itinerary
Got The Best Guide In Giza!
, des 2018
My guide Ahmed and driver Mohammed arrived early at the hotel ready to show me the sites. I felt very safe with Mohammed at the wheel and Ahmed is a first class guide. Well educted and really knows his stuff. We kept bumping into other guides who all told me l was very lucky as Ahmed was No. One!!! An impressive reference. I really enjoyed this tour as you get to see rural Egypt. Do it - and make sure you get Ahmed!
Great Experience
, okt 2018
Really enjoyed the private tour. Ahmed was an excellent guide sharing history, allowing me the opportunity to explore at my pace while keeping us on track for this packed day of adventure. The day ended with many great photos, a delicious meal and an appreciation for the information shared. Would definitely recommend Ahmed and this tour.

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