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Abu Dhabi Tour: Sheik Zayed-moskeen, Emirates Palace, Marina Mall

Dubai, De forente arabiske emirater

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Se mer av UAE når du opplever Abu Dhabis topp arkitektoniske, kulturelle og historiske severdigheter under denne heldags sightseeingsturen fra Dubai. Utforsk en av byens arkitektoniske perler under et stopp ved den helt hvite Sheik Zayed Grand Mosque. Oppdag byens moderne side på det 7-stjerners Emirates Palace Hotel og Ferrari World på Yas Island. Ditt Abu Dhabi-besøk inkluderer også guide, inngangsbillett og hotelltransport tur-retur.
  • Oppdag Abu Dhabis høydepunkt på en bytur
  • Beundre den all-hvite prakten i fasaden til Grand Mosque
  • Oppdag byens mer moderne side på det 7-stjerners Emirates Palace Hotel og Ferrari World
  • Flott blanding av historiske og moderne severdigheter
Hotel pick-up og drop-off
Ferrari World (stoppested)
Datamarked (stoppested)
Kjør gjennom Corniche med et fotostopp
Emirates Palace Hotel kjører gjennom
Sheikh Zayed-moskeen
Lunsj kan ordnes med tilleggsavgift.


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9:00 AM
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  • Ingen stramt klær, ingen badetøy og strandslitasje
  • Kvinner bør bære et skjerf for å dekke hodet under besøket i Abu Dhabi Grand Mosque
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  • DRIVES AV Rayna Tourism

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A medium sized tour 25 people which...
, okt. 2018
A medium sized tour 25 people which tries to cover the main attractions of Abu Dhabi in a day. Like all such tours which try to pack in a bit of everything in order to cater to all different tastes, it feels a bit rushed. I would have spent more time at the mosque and less time for shopping, but some one else must have wanted the opposite. Also I feel that the visit to the Ferrari world without the time to go inside and explore does not add much value to the trip.
Must do tour
, jul. 2018
This was a great way to see so many different attractions in a very efficient manner. I gave 4 stars instead of 5 because there were a couple of venues that were closed ( due to Ramadan) and we did not go into the Emirates Palace, but they compensated by making other stops. This is a great tour with friendly tour guides.
Instructions were not clear. On the...
Hector R
, mar. 2018
Instructions were not clear. On the sheet handed to us, the women were to wear long sleeves and a a scarf. Upon arriving at mosque, the driver pulled out old head to toe garbs that had a terrible smell as if worn many times without being washed and instructed the women to wear them if they wished to enter. Once inside, we noticed that not all women wore these tunics. This process distracted from enjoying the beautiful mosque.
This tour would have been much...
, mar. 2018
This tour would have been much better had we not spent more time picking up tour participants. We were picked up from our hotel at 8 Am although our notification letter sent to us the night before told us that the pick up was at 8:30 AM. Fortunately, we were ready by 8 AM. We spent 2 1/2 hours picking up people who were joining the tour. We did not get started until about 10:30 -11 A. When we reached Abu Dhabi, we were told that our first stop was a museum. it was definitely not a legitimate museum but a store where we were sat down for a sales pitch on gold embroidered tapestry. We spent about 25-20 minutes at this store. Then we went to the Sheikh Zayed Al Kabeer Mosque where we were given about an hour to tour. The mosque was beautiful and worth seeing. The company provided garments that the ladies could wear in order to enter the mosque. After the mosque, we had an hour for lunch on our own. Then we stopped in front of the palace for a photo shoot. We also had a photo op in front of the Abu Dhabi Louvre. The Louvre architecture was beautiful. No time was given to tour the Louvre. The last stop was the Ferrari World where we had nothing to do since it was an amusement park. Certainly, we cannot do anything in an amusement park for 20 minutes. Our guide showed no enthusiasm at all. He basically just escorted us to the places we visited. The driver provided more information than the guide and was more friendly. This tour would have been much better if the guide provided more information other than just identifying the names of the places we visited. If we did not stop at the museum and the Ferrari world, we probably would have had time to visit the inside of the Louvre and would have made this tour more worthwhile.
The museum was interesting and an...
, mar. 2018
The museum was interesting and an unexpected bait and switch. Did not expect a sales presentation. Farrarri tour was a waste of time. It was very congested with buses and cars for a brief stop. Lunch stop was just ok. Never made it to Mariner Mall.
The guide Adil was very...
Ravi K
, mar. 2018
The guide Adil was very knowledgeable and friendly. Ferrari world visit was a surprise as it was not part of the original itinerary. Well managed trip and worth the money spent.
This was a very confusing...
Alan H
, mar. 2018
This was a very confusing experience. While our tour guide was very friendly, he would often stop mid-sentence for sometimes minutes at a time or to check his phone. He once said, On your right, as you can see, there is a desert. I'm still not sure if this was a joke or if he really wanted us to know if there was a desert in the UAE. I'm pretty sure some of the destinations we were taken were just to sell us stuff. At one point, we stopped at a carpet store where we learned about the carpets being sold were one-of-a-kind and how the stones had healing abilities. I have seen these carpets in Dubai, and, as for the stones, no comment. When I tried to leave the store right after the spiel, the owner wouldn't let me leave and blocked my way until I went upstairs to look at the souvenirs being sold. The lunch was okay, but my package didn't include the meal so I just sat by myself at someone else's table who I didn't know and who wasn't on the tour. He was pretty weirded out also. The pricing for lunch was 49 dirhams I think, as noted on a sign, but the owner insisted I pay 55 for the service fee which is strange because it's a buffet. Dropping us off at the mosque was great, but we had only 50 minutes to look around. Well, 47 minutes since the timing started while we were still trying to drive in past security. Other people seemed pretty happy with the tour, but I just felt very skeptical the whole time.
Great tour a few too many stops in my...
Alexia R
, feb. 2018
Great tour a few too many stops in my opinion but well worth it once you get to the Mosque
Our tour guide was amazing. This was...
, feb. 2018
Our tour guide was amazing. This was my second trip but the first for my mom and she had an awesome time touring the mosque, Heritage Village.
Despite being told to be ready for...
, feb. 2018
Despite being told to be ready for pick up at 8.30 our mini bus arrived at 9.10. We were the first pick up so we then picked up from a further 3 hotels which took over an hour and we hadn't even left Dubai. Next a very uncomfortable ride over to Abu Dhabi. The mini bus was dirty the seat belts didn't work and we had to stop for fuel 20 minutes this took. Eventually we made it to Ferrari World. We are taken by our driver around the gift shop. We cannot go inside and can't see anything inside. Why is this on the trip? Next the Abu Dhabi museum which is not a museum but a shop where you are given a hard sell of carpets. At long last we make it to the Mosque, the highlight of the trip ! The bus driver gives us just one hour and we had to get back to the minibus. The mosque is beautiful and deserves much longer there. The tour is unguided. Our driver stayed with the mini bus and we just walked around as fast as we could which was a shame. You need a guide to explain about this wonderful building and to show you where you can go. Very very disappointing that on a 9 hour trip only one hour was given to this place. Next the Heritage centre. This is a tourist trap of small stalls selling tat. Beware your driver who will try to get you to pay for the over priced buffet. There is a stall selling sandwiches, fruit and drinks that is much better. Toilet facilities here were appalling! Very dirty and flooded out. Our stop at the Emerites palace was just 10 minutes at the end of the drive just so you could take a photo of a hotel! This tour says you go to Marian Mall. We didn't ! The ride back to Dubai was awful with the driver either on the phone or texting most of the way. He drove very fast and yet again we had to stop for fuel where he left us in the minivan, left the engine running and filled the tank. Actually he left the fuel filling into the tank and he disappeared of to the shop. This is a cheap tour and now I know why. Avoid at all costs, what a waste of a day. This was run by Rayna Tours.

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