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Begi deg inn i ørkenen, og nyt en tur på ATV, et grillmåltid og tradisjonell emiratarabisk underholdning på denne 5-timers safarien fra Dubai på firehjulstrekker. Mens solen begir seg ned, klatrer du i sanddynene på firehjulstrekker, ankommer en leir i beduin-stil, og får arabisk kaffe og dadler. Så tar du en spennende tur på ATV, ser henna-artister i arbeid, rir på kamel, og beundrer imponerende sandkunst. Avslutt med et grillmåltid under stjernene mens du ser på magedansere, og tanoura-dans med «dansende dervisj»-dansere som spinner foran deg.


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, apr 2016

Our driver is so friendly,

, jan 2019

Safari dessert you must try when you visit dubai.I enjoy 4x4 ride and the quad bike. Our tour guide khan is funny and impormative.. I think winter time is the best time to visit. Summer must be so hot in the dessert

, jan 2019

The safari was beautiful, the ride in 4x4 has been exciting and fun. Our guide (Ghulam (??) was friendly and accurate, To ride the Quod was nice and picturesque walk on a camel at sunset. The shows during the dinner were really nice. Really good experience.

, des 2018

This tour was one of the best experiences I ever had with tours. Everything from pickup to camp to performances to drop was perfect! I would seriously recoorecommend Mohammad as the tour guide you should choose for Desert Safari.I was a bit skeptical before booking this tour as I had very less time in Dubai and wanted every bit of it to be perfect. I researched a lot for best tour and landed up booking with Sand Trax as they had highest rating / reviews on multiple sites. I am really happy that these reviews lived up to my expectations. I can’t write every tiny bit I enjoyed as that would take pages so would simply say loved everything in the tour and would highly recommend of taking this tour.

, des 2018

The company we were assigned was Sand Trax and they were absolutely phenomenal. Our guide was “Chocolate Khan” who was funny and kept us entertained throughout the entire experience. You can’t come to Dubai and not do this!

, nov 2018

I wasn't expecting much and knew I was paying a lot for what I would actually get, but I didn't expect the driver to stink of cigarettes so much that it made people gag. Organisation chaotic at the event. ie if you didn't go on the first activity they didn't ask you about the rest. So I had to make the guy give me a very short camel ride because I didn't want to kill myself on the quad bikes. Food ok though. Also £5 for a 330 ml can of Heineken is a bit rough.

, sep 2018

Great deal for the price. Awesome time in the desert and great experience. Very nice guide.

, sep 2018

Great value for money !! absolutely incredible and I will do it again !! All advertised is true make sure that you are prepared for the adventure. It is advisable to carry cash on the trip with you to purchase some items that might add value to the experience. My personal highlight was the camel ride and the quadbikes. I got to take selfies with camels and rub their face that was unbelievable for me. If you are visiting Dubai, this should be in your bucket list. The dessert drive on its own is also amazing so just but the deal, you will be glad you did.

, aug 2018

Amazing time, the 4x4 was really good and comfortable. Chocolate Khan is funny and he is very helpful. The Quad ride was amazing, it is just a circuit but you can get a good ride out of it. The Camel ride is more of a picture opportunity and not a proper ride. Maybe a minute at best. But worth it for the picture.
BBQ dinner was good and nice. The tea, drinks were good. Nice relaxing place, with a prayer area. I would recommend.

, aug 2018

le piège à touristes dans toute sa splendeur.
déjà on ne peut pas parler de désert mais plutôt de zone aride. pas de véritables dunes, un sol jonché de débris, un horizon de pylônes électriques et de
j'ai choisi ce tour car il promettait une belle balade en quad, à l'arrivée les 15 minutes de quad dans le désert se sont transformées en tour de quad autour de plots disposés en cercle voir photo.
visite d'une ferme de chameaux : mensonge, pas de ferme, aucune visite.
la promenade en chameaux dans le désert ? 25 mètres de promenade derrière le campement, juste le temps pour le photographe de prendre les photos qu'il vous vendra pendant le repas.
Le tour de 4x4 était sympa, le buffet et danses étaient correctes pour le prix.
choisissez bien avant de réserver.

This tour isn't as described and pictured, it is a real tourist trap. It is not what needs to be called a desert but a dry area, no sand dunes for as far as the eye can see as describes. It is more like a park with electrical pylon all around picture, lot of trash.
I chose it because they advertise a great sand dunes quad hike: LIE. You clearly take your quad and drive around cones in circle for 7 min, you definitely don't go by yourself and have fun in what they call desert you can see the playground in the picture attached.
There is no camel farm neither. The ride is just a 5 minutes ride on the camels just the time for the guy to take pictures of us and trying to sell them back at dinner.
The 4x4 ride was very nice as well as the belly dance and dinner was ok for the price paid.
You should definitely check twice before booking this tour.

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