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Begi deg ut i ørkenen på et off-road-eventyr fra Dubai som inkluderer kjøring i sanddyner med firehjulstrekk, og et besøk til en beduinleir hvor du blant annet kan røyke shisha-pipe og få en hennatatovering. I løpet av denne minneverdige turen i den arabiske ørkenen får du oppleve den lokale kulturen, kjøre opp og ned de gylne sanddynene og nyte et grillmåltid under stjernene.
  • Ørkentur med firehjulstrekk fra Dubai
  • Utforsk det vidstrakte landskapet av sanddyner i et off-road-kjøretøy
  • Slapp av i en tradisjonell ørkenleir med en kopp arabisk kaffe eller shisha
  • Ri på kamel, prøv sandbrettkjøring, se på magedans eller få en hennatatovering
  • Nyt et grillmåltid

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, okt 2018

It was good to be in a small group of 5 but the driver / “guide” was only a driver. Apart from introducing himself on pickup there was almost zero interaction from him and nothing in the way of being a guide. I thought he was more interested in making phone calls than anything else with his tour guests. We stopped for an hour at a place that does quad bikes. Another stop for souvenirs and water (no bottled water was ever offered during the trip). The dune bashing was as we expected. Certainly the desert photo opportunity was great. The stop at the Bedouin tent for dinner not quite what we expected either with a capacity of 490 guests. We paid extra AED100 on arrival for the VIP seating and table service. That was probably worth it although it depends on your definition of service - seats were good but service - well, not really. Food quality was also poor and almost as an afterthought to the other activities. An overrated and overpriced experience

, aug 2018

Great but don't expect much from drive/guides

, jul 2018

expérience vraiment formidable le chauffeur du 4/4 etait exellent sympathique si vous venez a dubai il faut vraiment faire le safari c magnifique barbecu tres bon spectacle a la hauteur de mes attente je recommande vivement bravo aux organisateurs et le personnel

, jul 2018

This was the worst tour I ever been on.
We had to look for the man was told he was inside with a blue shirt you know how many men with a blue shirt well we found him. He came outside. Never told us his name we got in his van he NEVER SAID A WORD TO US. TALKED ON HIS PHONE TEXT ALL THE TIME DRIVING. All the way to a place he drop us off to seat outside in the heat for 2 hrs at this place to buy stuff. The drive was over 1hr I DID NOT PAY TO SEAT OUTSIDE AND DO NOTHING FOR 2 HR I PAID TO GO TO THE DESERT. We all were very mad. The one guy text him he never answers him. When he came we got to the Desert all most before it got dark. I wanted to see the desert before dark. WHY PICK US UP TO SEAT OUT IN THE HEAT NOT THE DESERT WITH I PAID FOR NOT TO SEAT AT A REST PLACE OVER 2 HRS.
Then the drive back from the desert same thing he was talking on his phone. I think it a law NO talking on phone in Dubai.IT THE LAW
This is my first Viator tour and I am NOT HAPPY AT ALL. I email Viator AND DID NOT GET ANYTHING BACK FROM THEM so I guess that was OK to have a tour like this

, mai 2018

We were picked up by a young man in tee shirt with no sign or identification visible. He provided no guide services and drove over 60 miles per hour while talking on his cell phone almost the entire trip both ways. He dropped us and the other safari participants at a stop and said he would return to take us to the dinner in one hour. He did not return after two hours, we sent him a text message, reminding him that two hours had past and inquired as to when he would return and take us to the dinner. He did not respond and two hours later he returned finally returned to pick us up and took us to the dinner. We were late and did not get there to see the desert sunset. The guide/driver provided no comments on any sites or any conversations to passengers. We were in fear of his dangerous driving both ways while talking on his cell phone the entire trip.

, apr 2018

Dune bashing was good, however we were crammed in a 4wd and 1 lady got injured. At camp the driver said the drinks were free and ultd except for Alcohol. I went to get 2 cokes only to be told l could not have any until dinner time. The food was cold BBQ and poor quality. It felt like a prison camp.

, mar 2018

This tour was amazing!

, jan 2018

while desert safari was enjoyable and we could see beautiful sunset in the desert, the guide was not friendly at all, and he just drove a car and spoke only a little English he might have just been a driver, but the tour description indicated that there will be a professional English speaking guide.

, jan 2018

Some aspects of this trip were really fun - the dune bashing is a unique experience, and we enjoyed the belly dancing. However, there was a certain amount of pointless waiting around we had a stop for about 45 minutes to try motorcycles on the dunes at an extra charge, but no one from our group wanted to so we just sat and waited for awhile. Our driver had some mechanical trouble after the dune bashing so we ended up around for that as well and then were really rushed through the dinner and didn't have much time to try the stuff there - that was just a fluke and our bad luck - BUT the really off-putting aspects of this trip were that the driver drove like a maniac on speed we were all in fear of our lives!!, and he kept ordering us around. Also, towards the end of the trip he tried to give one young woman with us a massage, which was just wildly inappropriate and awkward. Would not recommend this company, at least not for women travelling alone.

, jan 2018

So I mistakenly booked a night safari when we had a evening flight on the same day, and Hassan was kind enough to try and arrange a different safari adventure for me and my husband. It was a little bit more money but it ended up being a private trip for the two of us for most of the time. I wish we could've done the night safari though - I'm sure it would've been even more great!

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