Whisky Masterclass Experience i Edinburgh - 10:00 start

Edinburgh, Storbritannia

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Ta en grundig titt på en av Skottlands mest berømte tipples på denne whisky mesterklassen i Edinburgh. Følg en guide rundt Diageo Claive Vidiz whisky-samlingen - den største samlingen av skotsk whisky i verden - og få innblikk i 3.384 flaskeres opprinnelse. Utfordre smaksløkene dine og se hvordan du score på en blind smakstest av blandede, single grain og single malt whiskys. Hør hvordan forskjellige trefat påvirker karakteren av forskjellige whiskyer i aldring, og lær om blandingens kunst.
  • Whisky mesterklasse i Edinburgh
  • Forundre den berømte Diageo Claive Vidiz whisky samlingen - den største i verden
  • Prøveblandet, single grain og single malt whisky under en blind smak test
  • Lær hvordan forskjellige ingredienser og aldringsmetoder påvirker farge og smak
  • Få innblikk i dyktig kunst av whisky-blanding


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Lars H
, nov 2017

This tour complements the Glenturret Distillery tour included in the Scottish Highlands tour Booking Reference Number: VIATOR608463033, and thus should be taken after having toured a distillery. The distillery tour provides information on the key ingredients, their preparation, and the mechanism of distillation. The Whisky Masterclass provides information on the secret sauce behind making a good Scotch whiskey, as it were. This class shows how the masters with exceptionally well refined palates and noses guide the flavor in a whiskey. The class itself is conducted in groups of about ten, which allows for a much more personal interaction with the instructor. One of the key exhibits toured during the class is the incredible collection of Scotch whiskies, the centerpiece for the museum aspect of The Whisky Experience.

Upon completing the class, it is well worth taking the time to study the various exhibits in The Whisky Experience. These are highly informative about both the history and the process of creating scotch whisky.

On the ground floor of The Whisky Experience which is open to the public, there is an excellent circular display which maps flavors and types of whiskies to regions. Until one has had a distillery tour and the Whisky Master Class, however, one cannot fully appreciate what this chart shows. However, the Whisky Masterclass provides the background needed to fully understand this display. Take the time to study the chart. It makes sense of the myriad of Scotch whisky flavors. We know from personal experience -- we had seen the display a year earlier, but had not had the benefit of having had the distillery tour and the Whisky Masterclass, and so were too ignorant to understand and appreciate the display.

Prior to our tours of the Glenturret Distillery and the Whisky Masterclass, we had not been particularly fond of Scotch whiskies. However, after having taken these two tours, we discovered the excellent variety and subtlety of Scotch whiskies. Prior to this, we had not been exposed to the more interesting Scotch whiskies.

This tour is a must for anyone who is interested in learning about Scotch whisky.

Elizabeth J
, okt 2017

The tasting was educational, but would liked to have heard/seen more information about the whisky-making process.

Mark S
, okt 2017

The session was fantastic. We hung around after the session and tried a few different whiskies at the suggestion of the staff. Best part of the tour as we learnt so much. A couple of guys in the class made Kentucky bourbon-this raised the level of discussion in the class. Highly recommend this.

, okt 2017

Fabulous experience! A wonderful setting with a terrific host. The collection was beyond anything we had seen and the learning curve just what we needed. Loved learning the smells and then associating them with my palette. Highly recommended if you're going to taste test around the island.

Kirsten L
, sep 2017

I booked this tour as my husband is a scotch drinker. I feel we learned a lot about the heritage of Scottish whisky, the differences in whiskys, and to learn to pick out different flavors found in whisky. Even as a non-scotch drinker I appreciated this tour. It was the highlight of my husband's trip.

, sep 2017

Amazing tour!!!!

, sep 2017

So much fun! I made a mistake in our tour time and we missed the class but they still allowed us to join the regular tour when we got there and they even arranged for the extra tasting. Would definitely go again to be in the room with the largest collection of whiskey as well as to take the class!

Jay J
, sep 2017

A must for whisky lovers no matter how much you think you may know. Nestled in the shadow of Edinburgh Castle, there are tours for every taste or simply a stop in the well stocked gift shop. Amber, the restaurant downstairs is delightful. Their haggis, neeps and tatties is delicious and a good way to taste the dish.
The private collection is also amazing but it is the actual Master Class that is worth the price of admission. First you try to identify different aromas and then you get to taste different bottles. Heather, our master teacher, was knowledgable and enjoyable.
We recommend this highly!

Adriana B
, aug 2017

Interesting, thought it would lasted longer than 2 hours.

, aug 2017

Eh... it was okaaaay. The guide was a nice guy, funny and extremely helpful. Having said that, IMHO I believe that the class was over priced. I don't mind paying for something if I feel that I got a good deal from - this just wasn't that. I think it should have been priced somewhere around 35 and that's giving credit. First, we saw the largest scotch/whisky collection in the world which was cool, i'll admit, but that's not why I paid money for. So we didn't get schooled on the art of distilling, it was more about smelling different scents from a bottle, guessing what the scents were and giving ourselves a grade on it. Then we drank 4 small glasses of scotch and that was it. I was thinking that we'd go through the regions, the distinctness of each region, then go a bit deeper into how exactly the scotch is made whether single malt or blended, etc. and maybe understand how a whisky is made from a master distiller's POV. None of that happened. It's not like I didn't like the class, the person who ran the class, or even the whiskies themselves - but the price was more than what I should have paid for what we got. Also, it lasted about 1.25 hours - that's not long enough to get a Masterclass in hopscotch, much less whisky.

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