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Neuschwanstein Castle Hopp over linjen

Schwangau, Tyskland

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Ikke kast bort tiden som står i kø på Neuschwanstein Castle, en av Tysklands mest populære attraksjoner. Etter å ha hentet innløpsbilletten, vil du sørge for at du tilbringer tiden i det bayerske slottet, kjent for sin eventyrlignende arkitektur og pittoreske bakketoppsinnstilling nær Füssen.
  • Hopp over linjen til Neuschwanstein Castle
  • Ikke bruk tid på å vente i køen på denne populære bayerske attraksjonen
  • Beundre den romanske revivaldesignen av slottet, bygget på 1800-tallet.

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Run Away, Run Away, Go to a Different Site Today
James M
, jul 2019
If all you want is a ticket that this "Tour Company" gets somewhat ahead of time where you don't have to wait in line (and have NO control of your entry time I might add) and that is all, then this may be the place for you. BUT... 1. If you want to pay more for a ticket than you should be paying (ticket face value: 12.00 Euro, amount you paid using this service: 40.13 Euro) and... 2. The ticket you receive from this "Tour Company" gets you to only the Neuschwanstein Castle and not the adjacent Hohenswangua Castle unlike the ticket that you purchase on your own for around 22 Euro that gets you into both castles and... 3. You pick up the ticket in a Youth Hostile around 4 km away which is quite difficult to find - Don't be looking for a sign that says "Neuschwanstein Tour Ticket Company Here" because you won't find one. When you go there you gotta be thinking this is not right and... 4. When you buy the ticket via Viator, there is a place asking "Please Pick Me Up At:" a) Schloss Arnsberg, Zum Raben, Zur LindeGasthof Hotel, Alter Peter or Pension Weber all in Kipfenberg 227 km away b) Gasthof Lindenwirt or Gasthof Zur Krone in Denkendorf 200 km away. I called VIATOR to get them to straighten this out with the "Tour Company" but nothing was done - I acted like I was buying another ticket moments ago and it is still Incorrect. Trust me, there is no pickup of any kind from any place. VERY CONFUSING and VIATOR has not corrected it yet and... 5. Don't expect a tour from this "Tour Company." There is no tour that this company gives. You merely have a ticket just like all 5,000 of your new closest friends and you follow the tour guide (at your specified time on the ticket, again which you have no control over) at the castle while listening on a handheld device. If 1-5 does not make you feel well than: A) Go see a Dr. B) Self Medicate C) Find the nearest pub or D) Run Away, Run Away, Go to a Different Site Today! P.S. The castle was great! Make sure you take the path to the bridge; you'll see the castle from another great angle.
Just as advertised & very accomodating!
, apr 2019
We had a last minute opportunity to work in a brief detour to Fussen to see the Castle and thus had not pre-ordered tickets. Also, had a several hour drive in the morning so knew would not get there in time to get early tickets. This was a PERFECT solution to our problem. Operator was very accomodating in arranging for us to pick up the tickets at a mutually convenient time by simple Email communication. Highly recommend - especially if unable to plan in advance!
Efficient Service
, apr 2019
We purchased our tickets online. We picked up our tickets at the allocated time and were waiting no more than 10 minutes to receive out tickets. While waiting, we were offered tea and coffee. Once we collected our tickets, we were given very clear instructions on where to park and how to get to the castle. Overall, we are very satisfied with the service we received.
Wonderful experience. The ticket...
Leslie M
, jan 2018
Wonderful experience. The ticket pick-up was flawless as we were running a bit late, but our Viator vendor was extremely accommodating and very kindly waited for us despite having closed for the day. I would recommend this verly highly!
Our instructions for the skip the line...
Anita L
, jun 2017
Our instructions for the skip the line ticket were to pick them up at a local youth hostel. When we arrived there were plenty of youth but no one in charge. We found a phone number on the wall and called it and after several tries and about 30 minutes someone arrived and asked us to follow them to the castle to pick up the tickets. So glad we had a German speaking friend with us to navigate this little issue. The gentleman was very friendly and the castle trip was awesome. Very organized with pre-determined entry times on your ticket so you know exactly when to move toward the entrance. We took the bus up to the castle which was quick and reasonable. So glad we did once we saw the distance and elevation of the hike.
This is not a tour. This is a service...
Patricia K
, mai 2017
This is not a tour. This is a service that purchases tickets to assure you will be able to visit both castles on the exact day you want to be there. I used this service because all of the guide books warn that the lines are long and no guarantee you can go on the preferred date if you simply show up to purchase tickets. Upon having visited I now believe this is NOT true. Viator works with a guy who runs a hostel. One must go to the hostel in Fussen to get the tickets. He is only open for two hours each day and we arrived in town post his short availability which means we had to go to him the day we wanted to see the castle. The location of his hostel is not an attractive part of town. When we arrived he did not have the tickets. He had to drive to the castle to get them which also means he selected the time of our tours - several hours apart with no input from us! Obviously we could have driven there that day as he did to purchase our tickets. The fee added for him driving up the mountain is a rip off! he provided absolutely no service. In addition to paying a higher price for the tickets...we had to spend the morning walking to his hostel location and coming back to get the tickets. all down time for no benefit and extra expense. This whole experience is quite disney like in that one then has to pay to park only 6 euro and one must also pay for a special bus to go to the castle. unless you want to walk up The actual time spent in each castle is only about 30 min. I am glad we saw the castles and the scenery is beautiful..but the add on costs are frustrating. I recommend if driving simply drive to the location early and buy your own tickets. I am sure now that they hold back a portion of tickets and all of the scare tactics regarding availability are bogus. Note: I am a HUGE fan of Viator. I have used them and scheduled many tours in four countries. all were tours and well done. this is not a tour.
After a disorganized start... Tour was...
Joseph B
, mai 2017
After a disorganized start... Tour was fantastic. Would recommend the earlier in the day the better... Crowds are just too large.
Beautiful, breathtaking is only words I...
Charla N
, mai 2017
Beautiful, breathtaking is only words I can say about the castle. It is a bit of hard up hill walking and stair climbing inside. You can take a bus or horse and buggy over half way up. I recommend the horse and buggy, it let's you off a little closer. We were suppose to meet at a B and B in Fussen to pick up our tickets for the Castle, which is only about a 10 min drive from there. When we got there they told us to go on up to the Castle and the ticket guy would be waiting on us. We went for tickets and he told us we had dropped our credit card and they had it back at the B an B. We went back and not only was it our credit card, it was my husbands cash, ID, military ID, driver license. He had forgotten to zip up a little waist belt he was wearing and when we got in the car to head of to the castle it all fell out onto the ground. I have to give the best to Viator for booking with honest people and also the staff or whoever found it for being honest. That could have ruined our whole vacation. My husband and I are very greatful to whoever had a hand in us getting all our ID and money and cred cards back. I definitely advise people to book thru this company, they are amazing. Thank you to whoever it was that made our vacation great. It could have ended up disastrous. Also loved the castle tour, highly recommend anyone that can, take this tour. It's just beautiful.
Really enjoyed the Castle Tour...there...
, mai 2017
Really enjoyed the Castle Tour...there was one issue however. We showed up to the Castle Site with our voucher and was told we had to go back to Fussen and contact a third party that followed us back to the Castle and checked us in. The delay resulted in not being able to get on a tour until later in the afternoon which created a time delay leaving Fussen and heading for our next destination. While the contact information was addressed in the voucher below we did not read all the way through it and thus delayed our departure it would be nice if the contact could have been highlighted further up the page. Thanks.
The castle was a disappointment. It...
, mai 2017
The castle was a disappointment. It was a long walk to the castle and only a few rooms to view. Beautiful. Trip to the castle on our own out of Garnish was terrific. Castle made for nice photos. If I were to do it again I would take pictures and avoid the trip up the mountain. The food at the museum was very good.

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