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5 Day Classic Isabela Island Tour

Isabela, Ecuador

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Opplev det utrolige naturlige miljøet og fantastiske skapninger av Galapagosøyene i løpet av denne 5-dagers, 4-natters øya-hoppetur i dette berømte økologiske reservatet. Tilbring 5 dager på å utforske det utrolige mangfoldet av denne kjeden på 19 øyer i Stillehavet, et område som var medvirkende til etableringen av Darwins evolusjonsteori. Følg eksotiske skapninger, inkludert gigantiske skilpadder, fargerik fisk, leguaner, finches, delfiner og mer, og nyt aktiviteter som snorkling, svømming og fotturer. Denne Galapagos-turen dekker en naturalistguide, overnatting, måltider, aktiviteter, mellom-øy-overføring og valgfri flytur fra Quito.
  • 5-dagers, 4-natters Galapagos Island-Hopping-tur
  • Opplev skjønnheten i denne kjeden av Stillehavsøyene som inspirerte Darwins evolusjonsteori
  • Følg eksotiske skapninger som gigantiske skilpadder, leguaner, fisk, finches og mer som lever i dette økologiske paradiset
  • Nyt morsomme aktiviteter, inkludert svømming, snorkling og vulkanvandring


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Anmeldelser av Viator-reisende
First let me tell you all the people...
, jan 2018
First let me tell you all the people we can in contact with were very gracious. From the hotel staff to the cook and the people that meet us at the airport and Isabel were wonderful. Most all the guides did a bang up job and for the most part the excursions were pretty good. Now, let me also tell you the Island Hopping was not really Hopping. The hopping consisted of transfer from the island of Santa Crews to the island of Isabel. We DID NOT visit any other islands including Santa Crews other than driving to the dock with a brief stop for lunch. All the experiences and excursions were on the island of Isabel. This is a very rustic place with no paved streets and not much activities outside of the twice daily excursions. We did not receive an itinerary until the day we arrived and we had to ask for it then. Also no times were ever published. The staff at the hotel told us daily when and were we needed to be. This was a once in a life time trip. If we were to design this over we would have chosen a different itinerary so we could see more of the Galapagos islands. The object of going there was to see more of what the islands had to offer. Review the tour descriptions carefully.
One of the best trips in my life...
Souvik S
, jan 2017
One of the best trips in my life. Timely and efficient
It was a great trip in the Galapagos...
Ching Ying L
, jan 2017
It was a great trip in the Galapagos if you like the ocean, wild life and tranquility. Dont like the arrangement of the tour as they are actually sending us on different local tours each day with different tour guides and some of whom dont even speak English. There are lots of hidden costs such as the entrance fee to the National Park, water taxi fares and speedboat fares. One day they switched our schedule and told us to take out swimsuit from the luggage to go swimming in short notice of 10 minutes without even having a hotel room ready for us to change !!! Another day, a substitute guide just drew us a crude map and told us to walk and tour to the Charles Darwin station by ourselves from the hotel. Not happy with the tour booking agent at all. I have knee problem. On booking, they already advised me not to go to the Sierra Volcano on Isabella Island but to go on a snorkeling trip at Los Tuneles instead, but I had to pay 60 USD more. Correspondences had been made via email several times to confirm that i was going on the Los Tuneles snorkelling tour. How could they forgot totally to make the arrangement ??? When I arrived at Isabella, I was told that nobody there knew of my knee problem and they had to put me on a second floor room in the hotel which had steep stairs. No one had arranged the snorkelling tour for me and the Los Tuneles tour was already fully booked and the only option I had left was either to climb the volcano or to go to the Tintoreas with an additional charge. Also even written that snorkelling equipment rental fee was included , they were asking us to pay. Some of the tourists are very upset with the hidden costs, but the guide was showing this bad attitude saying you could well go ahead to complain if you wish !!! I would not recommend joining this tour at all.
the islands are amazing, but the...
Kathrin H
, jul 2016
the islands are amazing, but the organisation wasn't the best! we payed for all inclusive, but this includes a lot of free tours you could do by your own. the food is every day the same, because the go only in cheap local restaurants. they change the plans every day. no clear informations:-/
Excellent tour, perfect...
Florian O H
, jun 2016
Excellent tour, perfect organization. Changed schedule based on weather conditions or national park times. Hotels were really good as well. Really liked the food. Would do it definitely again.
I have taken other Viator tours and...
John B
, jan 2016
I have taken other Viator tours and been happy with most of them. The five day Galapagos tour, however was a disappointment. The hotels were fine, the food was good, and the guides were excellent, but the experience over all was disappointing. We were expecting to see Giant tortoises in natural settings of desert islands with volcanic cinder cones as a back drop. None of the pictures we took would give the viewer the impression that we had actually been to the Galapagos but looked as though they could have been taken in a zoo or wildlife park anywhere in the world. People should be made aware of the situation regarding the boat ride between islands. I had envisioned being on a reasonably large boat, able to walk around and enjoy the sights and take some pictures. This was far from the case. Instead there were about 16 people crammed in a small cabin cruiser for two and a half hours of gut wrenching pitching and yawing and pounding we were told these were normal conditions. When I stood to take a picture I was told to stay seated. A fellow passenger who was feeling ill asked to use the toilet and was told he could not because it was not working. The poor man eventually became violently ill and spent the rest of the voyage on his knees vomiting into a plastic bag he was given or lying on the deck in misery to the unsympathetic gaze of the crew one guy. The trip was so miserable that my wife and I refused to return on that boat The New Brithany The captain of that boat should not have left port for a 2 ½ hour trip with 16 or so people aboard and no working toilets. Or if, as I suspect, the toilet was working and the crew one guy just did not want to clean it he should be fired. I would strongly urge Viator to investigate the situation with the New Brithany and see that this miserable situation does not happen in the future. And to those contemplating a Galapagos trip do not expect the crossing from Santa Cruz to Isabela to be pleasant.

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