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Full-Day Floreana Tour

Puerto Ayora, Ecuador

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Galapagosøyene er et verdensarvsted på UNESCO og et av de mest biologiske mangfoldige stedene på jorden, men du trenger ikke å ta en dyr flersdagers tur for å oppleve Ecuadors dyreliv. Oppdag Floreana-øya på denne heldagsturen fra Puerto Ayora, inkludert høydepunkter som Scalecias-skogen, Asilo de la Paz og Black Beach, hvor du kan svømme og snorkle. Hotellhenting er inkludert.
  • Helgedagstur på Floreana Island fra Puerto Ayora
  • Dykk inn for å svømme og snorkle på Black Beach
  • Spot dyreliv som pingviner, sjø skilpadder, Galapagos skilpadder og leguaner i deres naturlige miljø
  • Storverdig tur inkluderer hotellhenting, lunsj og rundturstransport
  • Liten gruppe tur begrenset til 10 personer sikrer en personlig opplevelse
Turen begynner med henting fra hotellet ditt på Santa Cruz Island om morgenen. Etter en kort transport til havnen på Puerto Ayora, møte guiden din og den lille gruppen på opptil 10 personer og hopp ombord på båtturen til Floreana Island.

Nyt utsikten fra dekk ombord på cruise, og ta turen på land for å ta inn øyas mange høydepunkter. Utforsk de ville landskapene i nasjonalparken Galapagos, kikk inn i en historisk pirathule, nyt utsikten fra åsene i Asilo de la Paz, og finn dyreliv i Scalecias-skogen.

Fortsett til Black Beach, hvor du har sjansen til å se mer eksotiske dyreliv inkludert iguaner, Galapagos havskilpadder og gigantiske stråler. Du kan også dykke i å svømme og snorkle midt i skoler med tropisk fisk.

Avslutt øyturen med en deilig lunsj, før du seiler på hjemturen. Tilbake i Santa Cruz ender turen din i Puerto Ayora.
Stopp ved:  
Asilo de la Paz
Bli hentet fra hotellet kl. 19:45 før du overfører ca. 1,75 timer i Floreana. Besøk Floreana historiske severdigheter, som piratshule, et ferskvannsskur på 450 meter høyt. Reis til Scalecias-skogen, nær havnen i fred, og Galapagos nasjonalpark, hvor du finner Galapagos skilpadden. Senere besøker Asilo de la Paz, en landbruksbulle som er flott for fotturer og svart strand hvor du kan slappe av, svømme og snorkle. Gå tilbake til kaien i Puerto Ayora for drop-off.
Varighet: 480 minutter
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Anmeldelser av Viator-reisende
Great Day in Galapagos!
, nov 2019
First, be aware that the boat ride from Puerto Ayora (1 hour 45 min each way) is choppy and will pound you. Other than that a great tour. We went with another couple and our guide. The guide was wonderful and very helpful. He knew the history and lore of the island, spoke very good English and was extremely helpful to my handicapped partner who got assistance climbing over loose and wet rocks in the highlands and the volcanic rocks and sand at the beach. Is you have ever read Margret Wittmer's book Floreana you will now get to see where it happens, including the first pirate cave her family lived in. The snorkeling was beautiful, as was the beach itself...perhaps the most unique and beautiful one we saw, with black volcanic rock, light brown coral sand ,clear blue/green waters and red ground cover. Here you swim with the turtles and sea lions...the latter who like to play with the swimmers. The meal for lunch was simple and satisfying. This is a great day tour off Santa Cruz if you are based there.
icon Svar fra verten , nov 2019
Hello David, Thanks for your comments. We are very glad you enjoyed this tour. As you say, we are comitted to provide the highest quality service with our staff and it is important for us you can enjoy the diversity of animals and activities from this amazing place, The Galápagos Islands.
Be ready for a lot of walking!!
, okt 2019
WE chose this excursion because it said it only had a short walk as part of the tour. Would not recommend for anyone over 60 unless you are in good shape. The boat ride was long 1.5 hrs in a boat probably 30 feet or less in the open sea - very rough - take sea sickness medicine before you go. After the lunch which was very good we were dropped off to go go snorkeling - had to walk on long trail over rough terrain (rocks) to get there trying to carry all your gear with no help from the tour service. After snorkeling we had to again walk at least two miles back for the return boat ride, again carrying all our gear. This tour is for the young or those in very good shape. The tour guid was knowledgable but in my option talked to much and could have given some assistance to those of us carrying all our gear on the rough trails. Snorkeling was average to below average and there were not very many birds on that we saw on this island.
icon Svar fra verten , okt 2019
Hi! We are glad that you enjoyed the information given by the guide and also the lunch, we will definitely make some changes in the description of the tour to explain about the walk to be clearer with thath information. Thanks for your feedback and we hope that you enjoyed your whole trip in Galapagos!
Very interesting, informative and enjoyable day trip!
, okt 2019
We did this excursion yesterday and can highly recommend it! Our guide was very polite, helpful and well- informed about history, flora and fauna of the Galápagos islands. Thus our excursion got a very interesting, informative and enjoyable day trip! Thank you!
icon Svar fra verten , okt 2019
Hi Knut! It is great to see that you enjoyed your trip to Galápagos, if you have photos of your trip that you would like to share it wil be great, we would love to post it in our website and here. Thanks once again for the feedback!
Floreana was great, the guide was terrible
Alessandra D
, aug 2019
The ride to Floreana was about one hour and forty five minutes on a fast boat. After being welcomed by marine iguanas and sea lions, we got on a minivan to drive to up on the hill, where we started the walking tour. I didn’t enjoy the guide who took us around Floreana island, Jorge. He didn’t seem to be much knowledgeable about the island because gave vague answers to simple questions, like how and when the Galapagos became part of Ecuador, but what I really disliked was the the cheap way he was trying to be funny when talking about the turtles. He kept making jokes about how and how often they have sex, using inappropriate language which was 1- not funny 2- not appropriate since there was a 13 yrs old teenager, my son, and another family with a teenager/ young adult daughter 3-not interesting He didn’t give us any useful and intelligent information about the turtles, the sea lions or the marine iguanas on the island. Jorge was also very confusing with dates and events when he was telling the history of Floreana, but at that point I had lost interest in asking questions. At the beginning of the tour he told us to stay in group, we were 6 people, and to follow him, which we all did. After lunch we started walking towards the beach, but he was walking so fast ahead of us that we lost track of him and were not sure which way to go. We kept walking and found him on the beach rushing us to get ready for snorkeling. We were able to swim with turtles and it was a great experience, but I wish we had a different guide. On the return boat ride more people got on board with us, to fill up the boat to full capacity. We were tight with no space to even switch position for the entire ride. I believe the tour was overpriced, considering that I paid $236 each and the people who got on at Floreana paid $30 just for the transfer to Santa Cruz. At least we should have had a private boat for the tour paying tourists. I wish I could have just paid $60 for a round trip transfer, gone straight to the beach, which was awesome, and avoided the guide, which was useless.
icon Svar fra verten , okt 2019
Hello Alessandra, Thank you for your comments, we really appreciate it. It is important to know that Galapagos has a very natural ecosystem and lifestyle. What could happen is that Jorge tried to be friendly and used that way of explaining to ensure that everyone can understand and not be rude, along that he is know for his large knowledge of the Island between the guides, but thank you for your appreciation, we will definitely talk with our guides to avoid these kind of comments. We are very happy you enjoy the tour.
Good way to spend a day
Matthew C
, mai 2019
The two hour trip to/from Floreana was what you would expect for that length of trip in deep, open, calm water. Not rough but you do bob up and down in probably 3-4 ft seas (which means really bobbing up and down probably 6-8ft). Near Floreana we ran across a large pod of Dolphins (50 or more) and the crew let us play/interact with them for at least 15 minutes. An unexpected, yet welcome experience. Once on the island, the trip to the tortoise reserve is nice but while there it poured rain on us for like an hour. I know you can't predict weather but it should have been clear that up in the mountains you could get drenched. Not wet but drenched. It's not so much ourselves but the electronic gear with us like cameras. The meal afterwards was excellent. The snorkeling was a mixed bag. The hike out to it, and back to the dock was longer than expected for wearing just my booties. I would have rather had some better shoes for that. The place where you snorkel is picturesque but the current is very strong and unless you brought your own flippers it was difficult to navigate around. I am not a strong swimmer and felt like the tide could easily suck you out to potential danger. Therefore I opted to stay in fairly shallow water where I could touch the bottom. That said, I did see a sea turtle. During the day we saw a wide variety of wildlife including dolphins, sea lions, iguanas, tortoises, sea turtles and lots of different birds.
Fantastic tour of the island with a...
Deborah G
, okt 2018
Fantastic tour of the island with a great guide. We saw a school of dolphins while on the boat, and on the island we saw Christmas iguanas, sea lions on the beach and snorkeling was included we did not participate. The tour featured a hike through the highlands, where we encountered Galapagos tortoises and learned a lot about the history of the island - the flora, the fauna, and the early residents. Small group and great guide - I'm sorry I don't remember his name - maybe Paul?
Trip to Floreana
Ann H
, jul 2018
The boat crew and tour guide were exceptional. Pick up was a little later than we expected, but communication through our hotel gave us helpful information. Lunch was at a restaurant on the island and delicious. Snorkeling was lovely.
I really liked the tour. My guide...
, apr 2018
I really liked the tour. My guide Sergio was so nice and full of knowledge. We were the only tourists i saw there which was nice. We went snorkelling after the hike in the forest. We saw sea lions and i even swam next to a turtle.
Nice to experience rain forest and...
, sep 2016
Nice to experience rain forest and island area. Very good tour guide.

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