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Dagstur til Essaouira fra Marrakech

Marrakech, Marokko

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Den gamle kysthavnen i Essaouira ligger innen behagelig dagstur av Marrakech, men et besøk gjør det mulig å forhandle førerhus eller offentlige busser. Med denne turen kan du spare både tid og stress, og se og høre mer om Essaouira severdigheter enn du ville alene. Tour de atlanterhavsvasket bymurer, Skala festning og gammel medina, og få tid til å spise lunsj (egen kostnad), spasere og handle etter ønske.
  • Besøk den gamle Atlanterhavskystbyen Essaouira på en dagstur fra Marrakech
  • Unngå stresset med drosjer eller busser, og reis med minivan med aircondition
  • Se Skala, souk og mer; og kjøp og spis (egen kostnad) i gamle medina
  • Slapp av med Marrakech hotel pickup og inkludert

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Anmeldelser av Viator-reisende
, okt 2019
Vel med det første de fikk blandet turen, sendte de en bil til en kameltur som vi allerede hadde gjort. Da bilen kom og tok oss til en avkjøring på minibussen for endelig å forlate, fikk vi ikke vann der det sto i vår bestilling, da da vi stoppet på oljefabrikken var de ikke en engelsk oversetter, så vi måtte gjette hva som var å bli sagt, noe som var helt frustrerende å ankomme destinasjonen for å bli fortalt at de ikke var noen engelsk oversetter for noen å gjøre det for pengene totalt sett. Denne turen var veldig frustrerende fra start til slutt.
Horrendous driving experience
, jul 2019
The trip had its interesting viewpoints, like sightseeing, culture and fresh fish. BUT, the driver ruined it for us totally. Given the long Journey, which that was a struggle by its own in the rough Moroccan roads, the driver was careless, he was on his mobile most of the time, had his window open almost all of the time (6 hrs of driving!) in the heat of the summer, and when we told him to turn on the A/C he said it was on, while it was not! The air was not cold as was also visible by his driving instrument! The worst of all, his radio was on full volume for 6 hrs, and what we were hearing was a Moroccan very loud talk show....For gods sake all passengers were foreigners. What can I say more, I am so frustrated that I will turn to my bank with a complaint, as 'services not as described' to claim any refund possible as a matter of principle. I wonder how Viator should you reply on this, as professional courtesy!
Just a transportation, good value
Antonija B
, jul 2019
This is more of a tranfser service to Essaouira and back, not a tour. Driver does not speak English and does not say anything about where we are stopping. One stop was at argan oil cooperative and one for staged goats on argan trees. There is 4 hours for you to spend in Essaouira. I'd say it's worth it for the price, the convenience of booking online and being able to organise your own time.
Dissapointing day out
, jun 2019
On the whole I would say this trip was poorly organised. From the start the communication with the tour company was non-existent. The instructions asked for name of our Riad and our contact number but there was nowhere to input this information. I had to contact customer services to pass this on. This seemed pointless as there was no contact made by the local your operator and I had to ask the guy in our Riad to call them to find out what time we were getting picked up. On the morning of the trip the driver was late and still hadn't confirmed if we were being collected from the Riad or up the road. Once we were in the car we had to make 2 other pickups and didn't end up leaving Marrakech until 9.30am. The driver didn't provide the bottled water either so we had to make a stop to buy our own for the journey. We chose this trip because it didn't specify any stops on the way like other tours did, but the driver stopped off to see some goats in a tree which were clearly staged. A baby goat was put in my arms then we weren't allowed to leave until we had paid the boy for holding it! Again the driver stopped at the Argan oil place, we tried to say no but he insisted at least 5 minutes (probably on commission). Some of us waited in the car but the girls who went inside were there for 25 minutes so further delay to our journey! We didn't arrive in Essaouira until 1:30 and the driver wanted to pick us up again at 4! We told him no, we would be leaving at 5 which he agreed to so we got a bit longer in the town. Further disappointment was due to Eid and most of the souk and museum being closed so the journey was a waste of time. This should have been in the details before booking and they shouldn't have offered that day as the only weekday option. I wouldn't recommend this tour due to the information being misleading and the whole trip a disappointment.
Easy Cruisin to Essaouira
Katrina S
, mai 2019
Definitely recommend this service if you’re looking for a quick day trip from Marrakech Tom Essaouira. The driver was kind enough to contact us via WhatsApp to set up our meet-up location. Because we were staying in the middle of the Médina and our Riad is difficult to find, we opted on meeting at a local cafe in the center of the market. However they do provide hotel pick up and drop off. The highlight for me was the stop at the Argan tree where you see the goats perched on the branches, and they also make a stop at an Argan oil making store. Overall, good day as I don’t think there is much to do in Essaouira as there is in Marrakech so a day trip is just right.
Essaouira was one of the best trips we...
, sep 2018
Essaouira was one of the best trips we did - beautiful coastal town - felt very European in style and great to see some Game of Thrones locations. Town was much more relaxed and if you are after some ceramics, they did seem cheaper here. As for the tour - it is less of a tour and more of a transport service. The mini bus is small - so if you are over 6ft you may want to book one of the bigger coaches as this is no frills. However, for the price we actually thought this was great. Interesting stops to the goat trees although I did feel sorry for the goats and the Argun Oil factory visit was really interesting.
My adult daughter and I had a fantastic...
birira m
, aug 2018
My adult daughter and I had a fantastic day trip to Essaouira with our fabulous guide, Abdel! He was a safe and courteous driver and was genuinely a very nice person. We enjoyed his company and his English was very good so we loved hearing about the area from him. Beautiful ride out to the seaside city with a stops to visit the goats in trees and to a wonderful argan oil cooperative. When we got to Essaouira he dropped us off at the main square and we were free to explore the city on our own for a couple of hours, which was very easy for us to do. This was a perfect mix of having a private guide with some time alone although Abdel was so easy to be around he could have joined us in the city!. The city itself is quite small but beautiful as it sits directly on the sea. You can walk down the pier and see all the fisherman's catch of the day. You can even purchase it there and there is a place right around the corner that will cook up what you buy. We found the souks here much nicer than in Marrakech. The shopkeepers didn't hassle you like they do in the big city. Any GOT fans out there this is the city of Astapor. We enjoyed the Argan oil cooperative and the ladies that work there were so adorable. They showed us how they do everything by hand and even gave us a chance to try it. They took you to the store after and there was no pressure to buy but we loved the products so we bought some. The goats in trees is a bit staged but at least the goats weren't tied to trees I read that some reviews. We literally got out of the van and a man walked right up to me and plopped a baby goat in my arms. Of course, you have to pay them but I guess it was worth the novelty. Right before we got into the town Abdel pulled over to a scenic vista. There are guys there with their camels trying to get their camels in your pictures. Again, money was requested but we didn't want any camels in our pics so we said no. Can't say enough about Abdel. He was prompt and courteous. I had read that the guides get a cut from whatever store they take you to and not to tip them. I'm not sure if this is true, but even if our guide did get a cut I don't mind and in fact tipped him when he brought us back to Marrakech. Don't miss this wonderful daytrip and be sure to ask for Abdel!
Ecursion d'1 jour en car pour un groupe de 11 personnes de Marrakech à Essaouira au Maroc
, des 2019
Nous n'avons pas été entièrement satisfait par l'organisme Marrakech Select Travel; Durant les échanges, nous n'avons pas eu de réponse sur la modification de l'heure de départ (à 8h au lieu de 8h30); puis le départ n'a eu lieu en fait qu'à 9h15 sans que quiconque nous prévienne. Par contre de la prise n charge par le chauffeur jusqu'à l'arrivée et le retour a été parfaite par ce dernier. chauffeur avec une conduite irréprochable, aimable et de bons conseils. Par contre pas de bouteille d'eau alors que c'etait prévu dans le programme
, jul 2019
EN: mediating only transport, long, but long-traveled minibus, time in town about 4 hours, there is a beautiful city and beach. CZ: zprostředkování pouze dopravy, cesta dlouhá, ale pohodlným minibusem, čas ve městě cca 4 hodiny, je zde krásné město i pláž. Pozor na manufakturu na argamový olej, za divadlo kolem výroby si připlatíte... v centru lze sehnat levněji.
Essaouira ist toll! Der Transfer dorthin weniger.
, jun 2019
Ich habe über Viator gebucht und die Mitteilung bekommen, dass man sich bezüglich des Treffpunktes in Marrakesch mit mir in Verbindung setzten wird. Das ist nicht geschehen. Ich habe dann am Vorabend bei dem Veranstalter angerufen und einen Treffpunkt vereinbart. 8 Uhr morgens beim Café de France. Wir waren pünktlich dort. Um 9:30 Uhr sind wir abgefahren, nachdem wir andere Mitrahrende befragt hatten, wurde uns von den meisten mitgeteilt, dass sie für 9 Uhr hinbestellt wurden.

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