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Mazatlan 5-timers guidet tur

FortreffelighetsmerkeMazatlan, Mexico

Fra USD 120,00

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Unnslippe travle Mazatlan på en guidet ATV-tur gjennom Sierra Madres. I tillegg til å navigere terrenget for deg, gir din guide bakgrunnsinformasjon om landemerkene og byene langs veien. Etter en buffet lunsj og tequila smaker i en liten by i nærheten av Mazatlan, nyt fritiden for å utforske det lokale historisk museum og kirke. Rundturstransport er inkludert for din bekvemmelighet.
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    Pamela_W, jan. 2023
    AVOID THIS TRIP! The pick up was chaotic, we had to wait 30 mins after the scheduled departure from the port while they tried to secure additional groups. Once in the van, 5 minutes in they had to pull over and take a head count. 40 mins into the drive, we made a turn, and the driver said "Its another 30-40 minutes from here". (We had NO IDEA how far we would have to drive for this tour). Once we arrived, there was no communication. We had to track someone down to tell them we were there for an ATV tour. Once they secured a guide, they told us and another group that they did not have enough ATV's and we would have to pair up. We told them that was fine only if we would be refunded. Then they miraculously had ore ATV's show up. Our guide road a dirt bike, and took us down a dirt road for about 10 mins to an area with 5 cows, pulled over, and took our pictures. He told us nothing about where we were (there wasn't much), and the stop seemed very strange. We turned around and went back down the dirt road to the main paved road. Turned into a town, again with no stop or information on what we were seeing, through the town to a river bed, and back through the town then returned to the starting place. There was no fun trail to ride on, no reference of what we were seeing, and a really lackadaisical approach to the whole thing. Once we returned, the best part of the trip was the lunch. It was delicious but confusing. We were served different items at different times, but had they been served together, would have made sense. First, the burritos arrived. We devoured those. Then a stone pot of salsa was delivered, and we got to mash it up which was fun, but no burritos to put it on. Next arrived guac, other salsas, tortillas & tequila cheese. The tequila cheese was INCREDIBLE! After we ate, we were sent into their tasting room to try some tequilas. They had several unique flavors and we bought a few. Then we were sent to the leather & silver room. The items were cool, but inventory was limited and we were ready to go. We had to wait another hour and 15 minutes before they loaded up the vans for the LOOOOONG drive back. There was no organization around loading people up, and the timing of it all. The advertisement says this will be 3-4 hours, however, we were gone for well over 5.5 hours.
    Fun experience
    Brenda_S, des. 2022
    Great time going through some trails and towns. The staff made sure we were safe and the ATVs worked great. The surprise lunch at the end was great. Very good food.
    Book it! It’s a blast!
    Hollie_C, des. 2022
    Our tour was scheduled to begin at 10:30, so we began disembarking at the port of Mazatlan around 10:00. After getting through the shops, we easily found the tour group stand and was introduced to our guide, Martin (as he said, like martini without the “I”). There were 2 other groups from our ship that were going to the same location but were zip lining and were already in the comfort of the air conditioned modern van. Martin almost immediately put all of us at ease by asking what time we had to be back on board the ship and assured us that he’d have us back in plenty of time. From the port, Martin drove us into the mountains above Mazatlan. Along the 40-45 minute ride, he shared with the information about the flora and fauna of the areas we were driving through. While driving, we passed through many small towns and a lot of agricultural areas. Once we arrived in the mountain village of Verano, the two other groups prepared to go zip lining while my husband and I waited for the ATVs to return from their previous tour. The central location of the village has clean bathrooms and the people wanted to feed us! We chose to eat after the ride. The ATV ride was exhilarating. My husband and I were joined by 6 others and we drove through the mountain trails around the village, then we drove on the highway to the tiny, well maintained town of El Recoco. The guides took us through the town down to the riverbank and we drove along the very low river and even had the opportunity to splash through some water. After racing along the river, we returned to the town where we stopped at a market and could purchase refreshments. Once we were done there, we headed back into the highway and up the back mountain roads into Verano again. Once back in the village, we washed our faces and hands then were treated to a filling lunch that was prepared in front of us. We enjoyed the guacamole, pico de gallo, and fresh made tortillas in addition to the flame melted cheese. (It was sooo good). Lunch also included a burrito, chips, and a beer/soda/water and fresh roasted veggies that we ground into salsa using a pestle and mortar at our table. Before getting back in the van, Martin took us over to a small shop where there was tequila tasting and we bought some almond flavored mezcal and coffee flavored tequila that was made in the village of Verano. Sadly, one of the zip liners was dehydrated, so we ended up riding back to the port. Earlier in the day, Martin did offer the drive us through some of the tourist locations in Mazatlan and offered to either drop us off there where we could walk back to the port or he’d take us back to the port. All in all, I’d highly recommend this adventure.
    Not as Advertised - Be Forewarned
    Michael_C, nov. 2022
    I would not recommend this excursion. A promised 5 hour event lasted less that 3 hours. The ATV tour only lasted 30 minutes. It was so dusty I could not even enjoy the scenery. The excursion promised to drive through and spend time walking through an old town, this did not happen. The whole event was really built around selling the tequila at their restaurant. Very disappointed!
    Awesome fun time!
    Brian_A, nov. 2022
    Tons of fun! Definitely recommend the trip! Learn about humor, drive four wheelers through the wilderness and on the beach, eating amazing, authentic, Mexican, lunch! Owners and staff are amazing!
    Highly recommend!
    Denise_M, nov. 2022
    Absolutely loved this trip! Getting out of the “tourist” areas and seeing more untouched country. Great guide, wonderful food and an all around fun experience.
    Amazing! Definitely recommend
    Jennifer_U, aug. 2022
    Tour guides and food were amazing! I’d recommend wearing some sun block and big sun glasses to avoid mosquitos getting in your eyes.
    Very enjoyable & highly recommended
    I_S, jul. 2022
    Food was delicious (and there was a lot of it)! Enjoyed our pickup/drop off with Hector who pointed out some local things along the way, even stopped for dessert empanadas and fruit. Also enjoyed the ATV experience with a different guide named Hector. Both were very nice and made the tour worthwhile. Don’t forget to bring a bandana. We didn’t use the goggles because our sunglasses were enough. Also, don’t forget tip the tour guides and restaurant! They work hard every day to give tourists the best experience possible :)
    The other side of Mazatlan
    Athene_G, mai 2022
    We really enjoyed Hector who was our guide the whole day. Learned lots of great things about Mazatlan. Magui restaurant food was great And the ATV use through the country was so different from the coast and beautiful. Overall, awesome !
    Would do again
    jflo, mai 2022
    Loved the ride (bring gym shoes) and the food was too good. Very good tequila bought a few bottles to bring back home.
    1 reisende syntes denne anmeldelsen var nyttig
    Fun, great food!!
    Sheri_F, apr. 2022
    We had a great time from start to finish. Our driver was very professional. We did the ATV ride and it was a blast! The lunch after was something I will crave when returning home. SO yummy! The tequila tasting was great. We bought two bottles and I got the most comfortable pair of sandals from the local leatherman. Other families did the River ride and zip lines and all said they had a great time.
    An exhilarating ride!
    Rosalind_W, apr. 2022
    It was the most fun experience our family has ever had. We went so fast and over rocks, hills, bumps And much more. They gave us helmets goggles and a free bandanna to take home with us. The food was also delicious at the end of the ride. Prepare to be dusty and have a great great time!
    Karen_H, apr. 2022
    Well, expect large rocks on dirt roads, and if we weren't on that, we travel down many paved roads..boring. The area is completely dry and there is dead vegetation every where. Don't let the pictures fool you, didn't get near the ocean, never stopped in town for a drink just flew through the same town twice. Said, the tour was 1.5 hr. we rode for 1hr 10 min. The water they speak about, you ride about 1/2 mile and turn back and go thru 3 inches of water. Avoid doing this ATV in Matalan do it in PV where its green and beautiful. Food was good, but after serving us we were forgotten, never got any more drinks. It took almost 1 hr. to get there and 1hr. back 1 hr 10 min for ride, 20 min to eat, so that leaves almost 1 hr sitting around to go back to the ship. Boring.
    1 reisende syntes denne anmeldelsen var nyttig
    ATV Tour
    Katie_R, apr. 2022
    Our tour instructions gave us the name of a man to meet at the shops outside the port. We were told he would have our name on a sign. As per usual there were tons of men holding signs and selling tours, but non with our name. One man approached to sell us a tour. When we told him we were already booked he asked for our name and said “we all work together”. Sure enough he came back and confirmed my name and booking. He gave us yellow stickers and told us to wait by a nearby family. The other families with yellow stickers were all zip lining so we were worried we were in the wrong place. After twenty minutes of waiting we were grouped with another family and taken to a van. There were 6 of us and we were grouped with a family of 7. Every seat in the van was full. We confirmed we were there for ATVs and they said it was all the same place. The van AC did not work well and with so many people in the van we got pretty warm. We were expecting a 45 minute drive but it wound up being closer to an hour and a half. The road was very bumpy and got windy in parts. We were pretty exhausted when we arrived. The “town” is really a hub for all the tours. We waited on the patio of the restaurant while people used the restroom. Then we were taken to get helmets. Goggles were only available for our two kids. Luckily we thought to pack another pair. We also brought our own bandanas for the dirt and it was a good thing we did as they did not have any to sell there. Our guide showed us how to use the ATVs then told us to hop on. We needed two double seaters and there was only one. My daughter wound up having to ride behind her Dad and share his seat. The drive was a mix of paved streets, dirt, and rocks. The guide did a good job of telling us when to shift, etc. Our ride lasted a little over an hour and wound through the local town El Recedo and down to the nearby river. We had fun, but if it had been a little warmer we would have been baking! It was about 80 degrees out when we went and it felt HOT! When we got back to the restaurant we were all covered in dirt! We rinsed off as best we could in the sink and made our way to lunch. It was delcious! Fresh tortillas, a molcajete of DIY salsa and a molcajete of melted cheese with chicken tacos and chips. One drink per person was also included. When we finished lunch we were taken to the tequila distillery. No one in our group drinks tequila so we just listed to how they make it and moved along. We were ready to head home! After we left the tequila distillery we were ushered to the leather shop where the owner discussed leather and jewelers making. We listened politely then headed out to the vans. From here things got a bit messy. No one could tell us who was taking us back to port. Finally a driver approached and said we had to wait for the family we came up with. That family was not even back from their zip lining. That means they were telling us to wait for them to finish zip lining then wait the additional 2 hours for lunch and tours. They tried to tell us there was no option and that it would only be 45 minutes. I had two young kids getting to meltdown mode from a full day in the sun and my elderly father with me and we needed to get on the road. I was about to call viator to get assistance when they told me another driver could take us. Our new driver was awesome and the AC worked great. We made it back to port in one hour and ten minutes. Overall, the tour was ok. You just need to know what you are getting. If you have never done ATVs before, this is a great starter experience. If you are experienced, this will not offer you any thrills or exceptional views.
    1 reisende syntes denne anmeldelsen var nyttig
    Not worth it! Misleading...
    Steve_R, apr. 2022
    Not worth it! Misleading advertisement and expensive. Avoid this tour at all costs. You travel to and from for over half the trip.
    2 reisende syntes denne anmeldelsen var nyttig
    Amazing ATV adventure
    shakellaglass, mar. 2022
    Our driver Ivan was amazing! The tour of the town was great as well! I enjoyed the cows and bulls by the lake too. We really had a good time on this ATV adventure and I’d do it again. Thanks for good food and a good time.
    Svar fra verten, mar. 2022
    Thank you so much for your review. We are very happy you enjoyed it. We hope to see you again very soon. Thank you!
    Great Adventure
    Dianne_T, mar. 2022
    This was a great adventure! Got picked up and dropped off at my hotel. Our guide Hector was awesome! very informative and helpful. The lunch provided was delicious and everyone very welcoming. Overall It was a great experience and will definitely recommend!
    Svar fra verten, mar. 2022
    Thank you so much for your review and recommendations. We are very happy you liked our tour. We hope to see you again very soon.
    Had a great time
    Jill_H, mar. 2022
    The only thing I would recommend is if you get motion sickness sit in the front of the van for the ride to the place
    ATV tour
    Jennifer_A, mar. 2022
    Wish the tour was a little longer on the trail. Wish they would have stopped a few times to get pictures. It was a fun day. Lunch was delicious!
    2 reisende syntes denne anmeldelsen var nyttig
    Everyone was nice and...
    Arianalyn_R, mar. 2022
    Everyone was nice and pleasant . They give us a good experienced overall. Highly recommended . Food was lit
    Svar fra verten, mar. 2022
    Hello, Thank you so much for your review. It is very important for us. Veraneando Adventure team is so glad you had a good time. We hope to see you soon.

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