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Opplev Xochimilco, et marine økologisk reserve og UNESCOs verdensarvliste, som ligger like sør for Mexico by. Trinn om bord på en 'trajinera', en fargerik flatbunnsbåt, og løp gjennom vannveier som er prikket med flytende hager av blomster. Lær av en informativ guide hvordan dette tidligere landbrukssystemet har en gang matet Aztec-hovedstaden som kantet innsjøen Xochimilco. Deretter kan du spasere gjennom National University of Mexico på en kort tur, hvor du vil se et utendørs kunstgalleri og en tyrefekterring. Hotelltransport inkludert.
  • 6-timers sightseeingtur i Xochimilco med båt
  • Kjør en trajinera gjennom fantastiske flytende hager og kanaler med en lokal guide
  • Lær om kulturhistorien til UNESCOs verdensarvliste Xochimilco
  • Besøk National University of Mexico og dens utendørs kunstgalleri
  • Se Bull Fighting Stadium og Universitetsbiblioteket
  • Pickup og drop-off fra de fleste downtown Mexico City, Reforma og Polanco hoteller inkludert
Etter å ha hentet hotellet med en luftkondisjonert buss fra sentrum av Mexico by, reiser du 28 kilometer sør for byen til et agrarområde som kalles Xochimilco (uttales "so-chee-MIL-co"). Ved ankomst på UNESCOs nettsted, styr en flatbunn trajinera med din guide og drifte gjennom vakre flytende hager midt i et kanalkanal som engang koblet til mange bosetninger i Dalen i Mexico.
Pass av kunstige øyer med flytende reed matter fylt med jord, brukt som hager kalt chinampas . Lær om hvordan disse mini-landmassene ble utviklet under Aztec-tider for å komme seg rundt mangel på jordbruksmarker. I dag dyrkes mange av Mexico Citys blomsterblomster og vokser i Xochimilco.
Din sjåfør beveger traktoren sammen ved å trekke en stang gjennom vannet. Hør om de tradisjonelle båtene, opprinnelig hule fra logger og tidligere brukt til transport i hele Mexico. Slapp av under skyggen av båtens tak mens du ser på andre vibrerende fartøy som transporterer passasjerer og gods. Sulten? Nyt tacos med øl til lunsj (egen regning), hentet fra en av båtleverandørene.
Etter Xochimilco blir du tatt til National University of Mexico, grunnlagt i 1550, for en kort, men underholdende tur. Sjekk ut universitetsbiblioteket, massivt utendørs galleri med veggmalerier og skulpturer, og deretter stadion og tyrefekterring der den klassiske sporten foregår på søndager.
Din 6-timers tur slutter med transport tilbake til hotellet.

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, feb 2018

Very nice when we finally got there. Unfortunately our guide took us to many other places in the city tha
t were not on the itinerary

, des 2017

Not as described. Picked up at 9:30am from the hotel, didn't arrive at Xochimilco until after 2pm. First stop, a tourist trap silver shop, second stop, waiting around for well over an hour in Coyoacan while people on a different tour went to the Frida Kahlo house. Next stop, Xochimilco. Did I mention the hours stuck in traffic in-between these stops? Well you can enjoy that too! Xochimilco is pretty neat and worth a visit. The tour through the University consisted of driving through the campus. Never got out of the vehicle. Didn't get back to the hotel til after 5pm. A lot of time invested in very little actual activity.

, sep 2017

We never went to the National University, we just passed by.

, sep 2017

Pretty but too short and congested.

, sep 2017

Summary: DO NOT DO THIS TOUR. Anyone is honestly better off just Ubering to Xochimilco or the Stadium at the University and just navigating it on your own. You'll make better use of your time and learn way more. They budget 90 of the tour to be unsolicited and uncomfortable shopping, our guide taught us only one thing and kept repeating it at each location, and it makes no sense to go 30 minutes North to one location to see it for 2 minutes, and then to go 45 minutes South to the boats/other location where they want to kick you out after half an hour. Full description below:

Horrible tour. We started at 8am and went to see some Aztec ruins about 5 minutes from the starting point, where we learned what we would later find out to be the only piece of historical information on the tour: Mexicans were born out of the Aztecs and Spaniards. We asked what the ruins were and the tour guide didn't know. She then went on to tell us about all the atrocities that had happened around these ruins, such as the student massacre a few decades ago. Super bright way to start our day.

We then got on the bus and tried to shake it off, thinking we'd go to the stadium or the gardens, you know, the two things on the itinerary for the day. Instead, we were taken 20 minutes away to this random store where they had clearly been expecting us. Our guide went on to say this is where the son of the guy who made the Heart of the Ocean in Titanic works. She literally said this is important for you to learn about our culture. Ok then. After a horribly uncomfortable 30 minutes at this store, we got back on the bus and waited for this woman to reappear. When she did, we asked if we could go to one of the actual points of our tour. She was actually upset we didn't want to go to the three other places she was trying to take us to buy her friends' things.

We decided to go to the University and that we'd be in the area for the floating gardens. Come to find out when we got on the bus and googled it, they were taking us 30 minutes North, and would then be taking us 45 min south to Xochimilco. We tried to keep sunny for our friend who we were celebrating on this trip, and could do ok until this point. We get to the university and all file out of the bus to go check out the stadium. We looked at the mural and our guide reiterated the factoid about Mexicans being an Aztec and Spanish mix. Cool, we thought, can we go check it out? We got a resounding No from our guide. At this point, we were upset. They literally took us a ridiculous distance to get out and look at a stadium for 2 freaking minutes. This shouldn't even be part of the tour when the guide knows nothing about it and doesn't have access to the actual venue. Unbelievable.

Angry and tired since we got up at 7am to get to the starting place by 8am, we finally headed down to Xochimilco. Since we passed on the shopping detours, we got there around 10:30am, and there was basically no one there. We got on the boat, went down the waterway, and after 30 minutes they tried to take us back. We told them we had just gotten food and asked if we could go back since it was 11:15 and the tour was supposed to go until 2pm. They charged us 5 USD a head and let us stay, but then tried to take us down this completely abandoned waterway when we could hear the main one getting full of people and the things we actually wanted to see. We had to beg them to take us back down that way, and they did until a halfway point and then took us back. Total time on the boat was maybe 1hr and 15min.

We got back on the bus and then sat in traffic for an hour and a half trying to get back to the start point. This company doesn't use toll roads, so you just get to sit and stare at nothing while trying to get home to salvage your trip. We realized that not only did we learn nothing, but the total amount of time doing the activities advertised was less than an hour and a half. Infuriating. Again, I highly recommend doing these activities on your own on separate days if you want to have a good experience.

, jun 2017

Pretty good tour, but the boat tour of Xochimilco was only one hour. There were lots of stops before we go there - interesting stuff, but it took away from the main reason for the tour.

, apr 2017

Tour was great. Van picked us up from hotel was a little late, but they called to let us know. While we picked up other passengers the driver and guide gave us history of the city while driving around. We then boarded a smaller van that took us to Xochimilco. The driver/guide was excellent and even stopped at unplanned stops to show us more sights. Xochimilco was amazing, we were able to quickly park and quickly get on a boat this is beneficial as it is extremely crowded. We had another boat stop at our boat with food and drinks. Food was tasty authentic Mexican food. Overall this was worth the money. Everyone we dealt with was professional and courteous.

, mar 2017

Extremely annoyed when guide decided to take us to see the Frida Kahlo museum instead of the University of Mexico. I have emailed my complaint but no-one has replied.

, jun 2016

This tour was nothing like what was advertised. We stopped at a jewelry store first? Why?? Then we went to the Frida Kahlo museum which really messed up our plans because we had intended to go to the museum and market the next day -- it's also in the opposite direction of Xochimilco. We finally got to Xochimilco and were only on the boat for an hour and literally spent 5 minutes at the National University of Mexico. Frida/Xochimilco is another tour that I did NOT register for -- I don't know why were taken to all of these extra places at the expense of the original itinerary. We spent most of our time in the van. Had I know what we were in for, I would've booked with another group. We wanted to spend more time on the boat and actually do a tour of the University. Not worth it.

, mai 2016

Horrible. Waited forever as others were late. Secondly, I booked a tour that didn't include Frida Kahlo as the tour was too long. Though, when we arrived, we were told they were going to "throw it in" though we'd have to pay for our tickets. You're not doing me a favor if you're just wasting my time

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