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Sightseeing Cruise of Biscayne Bay

Miami, USA

Fra USD 30,00

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  • 1 time 20 minutter (Omtrentlig)
  • Tilbys på følgende språk: engelsk


Se stedene i Miami fra vannet på dette guidede, 80-minutters sightseeingtur langs Biscayne Bay. Reis det krystallklare vannet i Biscayne Bay, og nyt utsikten over Miamis fantastiske havnefront. Se solskinnet Miami-skyline, de rike og berømte herskapshusene, de venetianske øyene, Miami havn, Miami Beach og mye mer. Underveis, se etter delfiner, manta stråler, havskildpadder, manater og annet hav dyreliv.
  • 80 minutters sightseeingtur på Biscayne Bay
  • Seil forbi Miamis sentrums skyline, overdådige herskapshus og øyer
  • Hør live kommentarer på severdighetene
  • Drikker og snacks tilgjengelig for kjøp om bord

Hva som er inkludert

  • Profesjonell guide
  • Tips
  • Alkoholholdige drikker (tilgjengelig for kjøp)
  • Mat og drikke (tilgjengelig for kjøp)

Møtested og henting


  • Miami Aqua Tours
    401 Biscayne Blvd, Miami, FL 33132, USA

    Veibeskrivelse: Turen går fra kaien som ligger foran Lombardi's Cafe; til venstre for Hard Rock Cafe-inngangstrappen Datoer: Daglig Returpunkt: Går tilbake til det opprinnelige avgangspunktet


Denne aktiviteten avsluttes på møtestedet.

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Ytterligere informasjon

  • Bekreftelse mottas ved bestillingstidspunktet
  • Ikke tilpasset rullestolbrukere
  • Takknemlighet er ikke inkludert og overlates til individuelt skjønn
  • Tilrettelagt for barnevogn
  • Nær offentlig transport
  • Innsjekking er 30 minutter før bestilt turtid.
  •  Boardingstiden vil ta omtrent 10 minutter før du starter turen.
  • Barn må ledsages av en voksen person
  • Denne aktiviteten opererer i de fleste værforhold.
  • Du bør bruke komfortable klær.
  • Sitteplasser er førstemann til mølla. Hvis et cruise er full når du ankommer, blir du satt på neste båt, avhengig av tilgjengeligheten.
  • De fleste reisende kan delta
  • Denne turen/aktiviteten har maksimum 90 reisende


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    Very wonderful and the greeting was very spectacular. Thank you for that wonderful experience
    Jean_V, aug. 2021
    I love everything and the host was very professional. What I like about is that I get to spend 90 minutes spotting the most beautiful celebrities home.
    Stanley_E, jul. 2021
    I didn't even get to go on the boat and it was my birthday and this would've been the first thing I ever did in Miami and it was horrible
    Svar fra verten, mar. 2022
    We are sorry for what happened; however, your review does not allow us to review the case since it only mentions that you could not address it, but we do not know if it is for a reason associated with our company.
    Love the views
    Moe_A, jul. 2021
    Boat assistance was very friendly and fun. I have an amazing day while riding a boat. If I ever have the chance again to there, I would definitely take the boat again.
    Cruise nice but…
    Vivienne_F, jul. 2021
    Actually the cruise was nice. There should be instructions on exactly where to go since there are several cruises in the same area. My husband and I walked around to several different places before finding the right one. Plus there was a pitch for a vacation club which I didn’t like.
    Svar fra verten, mar. 2022
    Thank you for your comment; our confirmation emails include a link to the map of the place with the specific location where people must go to register. However, we will verify what is happening to improve our service.
    It was amazing!
    Erica_M, jul. 2021
    It was a great experience , nice people, and funny , amazing views love it wish you had later rides to be able to see the early evening lights
    Awful experience
    Todd_B, jul. 2021
    Terrible experience. No directions given to where the line was to form. And even though we were almost first to the boat, we were told that the line was somewhere (not marked) else and forced to the back. Not only that, but the Master hit another boat while attempting to dock on the return. Could not understand or hear the tour guide. An absolute disaster.
    Svar fra verten, mar. 2022
    It is a pity for the confusion; our boarding line is close to the check-in dock. However, we will check the area signaling to prevent these inconveniences from recurring. Nevertheless, the boat tour that is the purchased product, we hope it has been of your liking and that you have enjoyed the experience to the fullest.
    Marc_R, mai 2021
    Finding the tickets is almost impossible, it’s a old boat, & on top of that the captain crashed into one of the bridges. I do not recommended this cruise. Not to mention that we could not hear the tourist because the speakers were too low. Horrible experience with my family!
    Svar fra verten, jun. 2022
    We regret that you did not have the best experience aboard our boat. We work every day to improve and offer the best service to our customers; we hope the tour and views have made your experience more enjoyable.
    Don’t Do It
    Latesha_P, apr. 2021
    First it was difficult to locate the Tour Company to get our tickets. The boat was old and we couldn’t hear the Guide over the intercom so we don’t know who the mansions belong to. I was also shocked that masks were not mandated since there was no way to social distance. My 4 teenagers were disappointed. We will not book again.
    Mario_L, apr. 2021
    Bilingual tour guide guy was a plus , my mother was visiting from Mexico and it saved me the hassle 😂
    Wonderful boat tour of Miami
    Lisa_B, apr. 2021
    The tour was great. Our tour guide, Gabriel, was fantastic. He presented the info in both English and Spanish. Very knowledgeable and funny too.
    Bayron_T, mar. 2021
    Nice team , I was so happy, thanks guys , everything was on time and enough time to enjoy the trip !!!
    1 reisende syntes denne anmeldelsen var nyttig
    Thrilling, Light, Amazing Energy
    Sareen, mar. 2021
    Amazing experience, celebrating a family vacation! It was all smiles and laughter, the views were incredible & the weather even more beautiful.
    Good trip for the low cost.
    William_M, mar. 2021
    This cruise is simple. You know what you are getting in the description. The narrator tells you who owns the huge mansions and it is kind of fun. The boat ride is not about the natural scenery. It is comfortable and we had a good time. The price is good for the time and experience. We enjoyed it. It is non-refundable so be careful!! I wanted to cancel and found I couldn't. But we were very happy with what we saw for the cost of the cruise.
    Horrific Experience
    Christina_P, feb. 2021
    Absolutely awful and would rate zero stars if possible. Vendor cancelled time slot and moved us to one two hours before. We were already on an excursion and could break away. I called and left a voicemail the same day, but have never received a response back!!
    Tera_N, des. 2020
    Never rode the boat I booked through this website I arrived to the boat to find out the boat wasn’t in the owners possession this particular day and that it wasn’t no 12:30 boat ride and I was rejected of a refund!
    I suggest you pass on this tour!
    JENNFIER_M, mar. 2020
    There were NO directions on how to pick up tickets after purchase, ONLY directions to the boat and the person at the boat location could NOT print our tickets...very annoying. Also, the commentator was terrible, this is a 80 min boat ride and she spoke for maybe 20min. The rest of the time they played music. So don't expect a history of the area all you will get is the following: "the white house belongs to " it was the worse tour I've ever experienced and I've booked many tours on Viator. I suggest you pass on this one.
    No good
    Jenn, feb. 2020
    Getting the tickets on site was very confusing there were directions for the boat. The commentator was terrible. She gave limited information and often wrong information. Will not return.
    1 reisende syntes denne anmeldelsen var nyttig
    We really enjoyed this tour! It was...
    Renee M, jan. 2018
    We really enjoyed this tour! It was fun seeing the homes of Ricky Martin, Gloria Estafan, Pitbull, J-Lo, Will Smith, David Beckham, Jackie Chan, Carmen Electra, Julio Iglasius, Hugh Hefner and more! Unfortunately, my pictures didn't turn out great, but it was fun seeing them! The trivia of monthly payments was jaw-dropping! We wish that we'd been in line earlier b/c we think we'd see better on the top deck. Overall, it was really fun! :
    Great cruise to see how people with...
    George W, jul. 2017
    Great cruise to see how people with plenty of money spend it. Lots of entertaintment stars have mansions and yachts along the shore line.
    MEH! Nothing exciting, just time to...
    Shazri, jun. 2017
    MEH! Nothing exciting, just time to kill. The drinks were very, very low on alcohol. The guide Ashley let everyone know her salary was the tips collected and proceeded to stand with a tip jar as people were leaving. After paying 6.00 each for watered down drinks and 10.00 for a photograph that was company policy to take, there was no cash to tip her.

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