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Med New York City Freestyle-passet får du fleksibilitet, bekvemmelighet, ikonisk sightseeing og adgang til noen av de flotteste severdighetene i New York City! 

Du får full tilgang til alle de tre hopp-på-hopp-av-bussrundturene gjennom Uptown, Downtown og Brooklyn. Len deg tilbake og nyt utsikten fra toetasjersbussen mens de profesjonelle guidene peker ut berømte severdigheter som Empire State Building, Rockefeller Center, Madison Square Garden, Brooklyn Bridge og Frihetsgudinnen. Du kommer til å se mer enn førti av de mest populære attraksjonene og lære om historien til New Yorks bydeler, fra de klassiske til de mest eksentriske.

Passet gir deg også adgang til de populære attraksjonene du vil se. Bare velg et tredagerspass, et femdagerspass eller et syvdagerspass, og velg fra listen over byens mest populære attraksjoner.

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, okt 2018

While preparing to order, we called Viator. The rep was unable to answer the simplest questions and they had to contact "our vendor" (Grey Line?), after a long wait on hold, limited info was provided verbally. After the order, we wanted hard copies of the guide and maps, since using a mobile device was hard to read all the info and print on the maps. We also asked for more details regarding how to use the voucher/ticket when boarding a bus and seeing attentions. Again, Viator knew nothing and had to call the supplier, with poor results, She said to call grey line. We tried to order map and brochure from Grey Line online once and by phone twice before we got them to send the material- two months to get the material! In addition, nowhere in the material Viator sent did they say you had to turn in your voucher at a Grey Line office to get our actual tickets - only by calling Grey Line did we learn this. When we got to New York, the first Grey Line Office couldn't print our tickets and we had to walk to another office. Only at that office and with that rep did we finally get a person who actually helped us understand how to use the pass - after two months of calls to both Viator and Grey Line. The tour routes were good, but only one of the guides was excellent, tone didn't have a live guide and he others were below average.The attractions were a good value and easy to use (once we had the pass!) Due to the terrible after purchase support and unclear instructions on how the process works, we'd never use Viator again.

, jul 2018

The overall tour was ok. The tour guides provided were extremely rude. The tour guide on the Brooklyn tour that took place on July 15, 2018 was very intimidating to the tourist. We couldn't even enjoy the tour due to his hostility. Everything the passengers did got under his skin. I didn't appreciate being talked to in that manner. Also, It would be helpful if the buses were identified by the area they are touring. For example, its hard to tell if the bus is going to Uptown, Downtown, Brooklyn, etc. Can be very confusing for the tourist.

, jul 2018

Questo voucher è eccellente. Semplice e ti permette di girare x la città con una guida oppure utilizzando l'auricolare. Sali e scendi come è dove vuoi, I collegamenti successivi sono veloci. Non avrei potuto vedere tanto senza!!!!!

, jun 2018

Good value for money - can thoroughly recommend the 9/11 museum as part of the additional extra attractions and really helpful to be able to use it to cover the return journey to the airport

, apr 2018

This was by far the thing we bought! There was so many attraction options to suit everyone!!!! I would highly recommend this to anyone! Worth every cent!

, apr 2018

Alles hat reibungslos geklappt. Sehr zu empfehlen!!!

, apr 2018

Absolutely amazing experience. The Freestyle pass was well worth the money we paid for it and the the inclusion of the Hop on Hop off bus pass was a bonus making it exceptional value for money. We took the 7 passes but only used 4 but despite this it was still value for money. Wouldn't bother with the VIP pass as we walked straight on to all the buses without queueing. Don't forget to exchange your point out for tickets at one of the many Tourist Info Centres. The only other quibble was having to queuealthough only 5 mins max at experiences to have pass scanned to get official ticket for attraction but well worth it. We had leisurely time exploring experiences which were all worthwhile visiting, particularly the 9/11 museum which was breathtaking and quite emotional. Would highly recommend One World Observatory particularly at sunset the views were quite spectacular. We also celebrated by dining at the restaurant which we booked separately but was amazing value for money and with it for the amazing views alone.

, apr 2018

It took time to get in some of the places. Först you had to que for the tickets and then another queye to get in.

, apr 2018

Viator will not let you know what bus contractor for NYC Flex Pass you end up with BEFORE BUYING. Greyline hop off hop on bus staff at times were rude and lacked at times truthfull info about benefits with our pass. When we asked several staff at 8th ave. station and on bus all told us the twilight cruise was avail at 7:30 pm. at pier 78. No one showed up. There were 30 people, including Irish and Finish tourists waiting with us. I felt so bad for them. When I called the customer service number while still at pier I had to call twice they told us regardless of what website says Dec 31- Sept? 7:30 pm , the ferry was and has not run since last Fall. I asked for a manager to call me both times. I am now back in Ohio from my trip and have still not received a phone call. We used the bus to get from here to there when time allowed. I even bought the VIP tag and that helped two times to jump the lines, but otherwise the NYC traffic is slow and we would either walk, taxis or subway it to attractions. Tour guides on bus were majority of the time rude to people for asking fair and square questions. Usually questions to clarify what tour guide did not make clear. Some had nothing more interesting to say except how much money it costs to rent in various buildings in Manhatten. We had only two tour guides on the bus that we experienced that were friendly and knowledgeable. Unfortunately, the rudeness was the majority of the time and effected us even when directly not getting the brunt of it. Wish I had a pic of the thirty people waiting at Pier 78 for the ferry that never came. I bought seven attractions and we averaged 2-3 a day. three was pushing it with travel time etc.

, mar 2018

Booked more then I should have but did see some sites and this is an easy way to get around town.

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