Paris, Frankrike
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Ta innover deg undrene som finnes i Frankrike, Sveits og Italia på en 7-dagers Smak av Europa-tur. Dra fra Paris gjennom de spektakulære sveitsiske alpene og besøk den vakre innsjøbyen Luzern. Deretter reiser dere til Milano, Italias motehovedstad, i tillegg til Verona og Venezia – der du kan se en demonstrasjon av Murano-glassblåsning. Fortsett gjennom Italia med stopp i Roma, Vatikanstaten og Firenze, og returner deretter til Frankrike og ta en tur langs den franske rivieraen. Reis i en komfortabel buss og sov i et 3-stjerners hotell langs veien.
  • Omfangsrik tur med buss
  • Her får du mye for pengene
  • Flerdagerstur
  • En egen sjåfør gjør at guiden kan vie sin fulle oppmerksomhet til sine oppgaver i løpet av dagen
  • En perfekt introduksjon for førstegangsbesøkere
  • En enestående opplevelse


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, okt 2018

My friends and I all 6 of us had the best time of our lives. I have actually been to these places in 1996 except to Vatican City and Monaco but it didnt stop me from going again. all for the sake of friendship.
Though we spent most of our time on the coach luckily our coach was brand new!!! we had a 5 star Tour Guide and Chauffeur. I would like to put in record our sincere appreciation to Geno Chung and Christian for coping with us and 38 other participants from the whole planet on this Green Lane tour.
We got to see many places in the 7-day tour all on touch and go basis that fits the theme of the tour 7-day TASTE OF EUROPE tour.
I would also like to thank Viator for entertaining my request to be grouped with tourists from different countries: a mixed of ASIA PACIFIC and NORTH AMERICA continents. I have specifically requested not be group with people from China as I have read so many negative reviews on them as being loud and rude.
If there was anything that could be improved, my suggestion would be to make the breakfast more variety as it is the most important meal in a day! I have no complaints on the hotel as I do understand the offerings of a 3 star accommodations.
Whoever reads this review, my only advice to you is to LISTEN and FOCUS on the Tour Guide when he explains things to you. Be punctual, be alert.
Another plus point of the tour was the availability of WiFi throughout the journey which made it easy for the participants to update their FB not me as I do not have one ha ha ha
I will give this tour a 5 star because for a small price you paid, you know you get more than you bargained for - definitely worth every penny spent.

, aug 2018

My daughter Arya and I Neela had a wonderful time on this tour, which provided a great introduction to highlights of the major cities included in this package from GoEuGo. Considering all of the places that we visited, this was a great value for the price and we'd readily recommend this tour.

This tour runs on a tight schedule, with a lot of time spent travelling via the coach. However, the coach was very comfortable and the scenic beauty of our surroundings made the time go by quickly. The hotels were all also pretty decent throughout the journey... and air conditioned, which was a blessing during the sweltering days!

Our group was considerate of each other, adding to our enjoyment. Our driver was great and thoughtful as well.

Last but certainly not least, what really helped bring this experience to another level was the amazing organization, thoughtfulness and care put into the planning by our tour guide, Geno Cheung from GoEuGo tour company. He was very knowledgeable, making sure to provide detailed and interesting commentary on each upcoming site throughout the trip. Furthermore, he also gave everyone very helpful practical tips to optimize our sightseeing experience. He was very organized and dedicated, making sure to confirm all bookings well in advance he even handled an unexpected schedule change of one the venues at Vatican City and rebooked/reorganized our day to make sure we would all be able to see everything on the itinerary. Thanks, Geno!!!

The only thing to note for possible future travelers include the following:
For arranged meals, it would be great to include a vegetarian option as well.

, jun 2018

Had the best time of my life!
It was indeed a living in a suitcase kind of travel.
We spent most of the time at the coach but definitely not boring at all considering the greenery views and amazing landscape of France, Italy, Monaco and Switzerland.
Our guide Danny was very approachable, helpful and fun. My group was very polite and obedience, there were no headache on our tour because everyone came on time and were very responsible.

It was indeed a once in a lifetime experience for a solo traveler and first timer like me..
Visited too much places for a very affordable tour package.
Thank you Viator and GOEuGo....

, jun 2018

This was one whirlwind of a tour!! It was an absolutely great way for my wife and I to celebrate our anniversary! We got the chance to see a lot of great landmarks, cathedrals, ruins.....and hotels.

This tour isn't for the weak hearted. They call the company GoEuGo for a reason, because you're always on the Go! Go! Go! This is a bus tour, emphasis on bus, because you will be spending a lot of time on it. You do get to see great places, but don't expect to spend more than 2.5 hours at each location. They do give you plenty of time to buy souvenirs and eat lunch, but make sure you're carrying enough Euros, because not all locations will accept card. We did try to use card whenever we could, but we mostly spent cash for the smaller souvenir shops, the food stands, and the excursions/fees for the tour. We went to an ATM in Paris and withdrew money. Using an ATM is the best exchange rate you will get.

Our tour guide Florian aka DJ was absolutely fantastic. He made sure to keep us entertained and informed while driving from location to location. Also, the other people on the bus were great people, that we still keep in contact with even after the tour is over. Our bus driver, Max, was awesome as well. Great sense of humour and always making sure we and our belongings stayed safe. We actually had an encounter with a pickpocketer, but thanks to the rules set by Florian, we were able to notice what they were doing and stop it before anything happened.

The hotels were as advertised, not the greatest, but not bad either. Some had good mattresses while others had good pillows, but not really both at the same time. A lot of us spent time sleeping on the bus anyway. Breakfast was pretty much same ol' continental stuff. European hotel rooms are SMALL though, so be prepared for that!

The only thing I'd change is to offer some sort of tour of Paris with this package. This doesn't include that, you only meet in Paris. To compensate, my wife and I arrived a couple days earlier to do our own Paris tour Uber was our best friend getting around.

This is not a relaxation tour. It is a live out your suitcase, get your comfortable shoes ready, and practice yoga stretching type of tour. You will be tired and not want to see a bus for 6 months after this. But again, it's a once in a lifetime experience that I'm glad we did! In one package, we got to see the Vatican, Colosseum, Monaco Grand Prix location, Cannes festival palace, ride the authentic gondola in Venice, purchase locally made wine and perfume, eat the specialities of each location, and make lifelong friendships...all in one go. And this is only naming a few of the things we did. With proper planning, we also saw the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame Cathedral, and visited the Louvre but these happened pre-tour.

If you think you'd enjoy all of that, you will have a great time doing this!!

, mai 2018

I just completed this tour and wanted to write this review while everything is still fresh from memory. I'll try to breakdown this review into different factors and aspects:
The tour guide - Florian prefers to be called DJ is an excellent guide, very knowledgeable and fun to be with. Has answers to all questions you have about the places you are visiting. And VERY patient.
The hotels - I was quite skeptic of the hotels we will be staying at since this an inexpensive tour. Surprisingly, I liked the hotels we stayed at. Each hotel had varying uniqueness about them clean, and had something special to offer.
The sites visited - superb! I still couldn't believe that the landmarks and places that I just see in magazines and movies, I would get to visit. On a few occasions I thought the time spent in them was quite short, but understandably so. The highlight for me was St. Peter's Basilica, it was quite marvelous and astonishing and fascinating I could go on.... The coloseum and easy runner up.
The trip - the drives were really long, which I was expecting of course. However, we could have played some movies in the bus TV that are related to the places we are going to, our some music, to make the trip more enjoyable.
The people in the tour - awesome!!! I met a lot of new friends. There were some group in the tour who were quite different but tolerable.
Overall this is a great tour and would recommend it to anyone who would visit this part of Europe.

, mar 2018

7 days living out of our suitcases. wow, incredible!!!

, jan 2018

Florian was a great guide, and the tour was a good overview of Switzerland, Italy and Monaco. You’ll wish you had more time in many places, but you get a real deal for the $ and time. Just don’t buy from the glass people in Venice, you can find same stuff for much less just off St. Mark’s Square.

, nov 2017

We had an amazing guide! We also had a great group of people who respected each other's time. No one arrives late. We really enjoyed this tour.

, nov 2017

Great tour guide, Florian, very knowledgable and a superb linguist! Our group is great too, everyone respects the time alloted and no one arrives late in every place we've been too.

, okt 2017

It was fast paced and there was a lot of time on the bus - but that is what we expected. We got to see a lot of places in a short period of time. Bus was comfortable, tour guide was pleasant, the hotels were 3 star but better than expected - they were clean and comfortable and near affordable eating options in most cases. Great value for money and much easier than lugging our own suitcases around Italy.

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