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Nyt en festlig kveld med tradisjonell costarikansk dans og scrumptious middag. Beundre panoramautsikt over Central Valley og glitrende lys i San Jose fra en berømt restaurant på bakken. Nyt en buffémiddag med autentisk, costaricansk mat og se på dansere i tradisjonell kostyme med livemusikk. Et feirende fyrverkeri viser en uforglemmelig kveld.
Gå til åsene for en kveld med tradisjonell Costa Rica dans og spisestue! En sjåfør vil hente deg på ditt hotell og ta deg inn i åsene over San Jose til en restaurant som er populær for spesielle anledninger. Et utendørs dekk og store vinduer tillater panoramautsikt over de glitrende bylysene nedenfor. Håndlaget håndverk og historiske gjenstander dekorerer restauranten og pittoreske begrunnelse, og du får en sjanse til å kjøpe en souvenir fra lokale håndverkere på stedet.
Du vil bli behandlet til en forseggjort buffémiddag med kosmisk spesialiteter med et bredt utvalg av kjøtt, sider og salater. Forbered smaksløkene dine for autentiske spiser som chifrijo , en lagret parabolen ris, røde bønner, kjøtt og tomat salsa; Olla de Carne, en salig kjøttgryte; og chicharones , en stekt svinekjøtt hovedrett. Ledsag kan inkludere empanaditas de queso ( ostomsetninger ) eller andeanrot- grønnsakssalat picadillo de arracache . Pass på å lagre rom til dessert, for eksempel honningplanter, populær rispudding eller bananer med en søt karamelsaus.
Mens du spiser, se en tradisjonell costaricansk dansefremstilling. Med live folkemusikk, twirling skjørt og dansere dekorerte i lyse farger, er det en fest for alle sansene! Et fyrverkeri viser en feirende slutt på kvelden. En sjåfør tar deg tilbake til døren til hotellet ditt i San Jose.


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, mai 2018

Great authentic experience. Was really fun. I spent my first night with this tour, it was amazing. Captured some great moments. Worth seeing. Also the food was good.

, mar 2018

This was a lovely ride up to the mountains once we got out of the city traffic which is horrendous. We sat at a table for 10 however, they were a four top table put together, so the person sitting in the middle, had double legs, which did not allow you to scoot up to the table and the table next to us was to close. It was very hard getting in and out for a buffet dinner. If we were being served, no problem, but when you have to move almost out the table way, to let someone out or in. The dinner food was okay, nothing to rave about but I was looking to enjoy the entertainment. It was good however, they did a part which was funny to those who spoke Spanish. They did not interpret to English, so most of us did not know what they were talking about. I was disappointed about this because I would have loved to have understood what they were saying. The dancing was very well done and entertaining. They allowed you to take pictures with the group and at the end celebrated birthdays or anniversaries. They almost forgot mine and had to run and get another dancer and cake for me. Unfortunate this night it got a little foggy, so I wasn't able to take a picture of the beautiful view with the cities lights that came out clear. The drive back didn't take very long however, once they get into town, you may wind up getting onto another bus to take you back to your hotel. This also happened on the way up too.

, des 2017

This tour was amazing. It was cold in the hills. It did take some time to get to Mirador Ram Luna - Holiday traffic. We finally arrived an hour after pick-up. Charming host and driver. View was amazing. Lots of different foods to try and drinks. They had a table set-up for us 12 in party. The show was lovely dancers came out twice, then the clowns. They even invited people who had birthdays and anniversaries to come up and Birthday Cake and pictures. Our bus return was at 10:00 p.m. - a Fun evening and great introduction to Costa Rica food and customs.

, mar 2017

This was dreadful. THREE hours on a bus to arrive at a 2-hour canned performance, part of which was watching people get pictures taken with the dancers. Then over another hour to get home. Too many companies involved so the bus companies and Viator were out of sync. The worst.

, mar 2017

We enjoyed the dancers and the food was good but not great. Our main issue was with the van driver who was horrible! He drove like a maniac, constantly put us in dangerous situations. We also arrived late so that we were very rushed to eat. Lastly, the host for the evening was condescending....maybe he was just having a bad day but for 140 we expected better.

, sep 2016

Your vans are terrible. We were picked up at 5:45 pm and it took 2 1/2 hours to meet the other van then another 45 to get to the restaurant . The food was cold and very mediocre. I have had a knee replacement had to climb about 45 slick steps. Was not asked if I had a problem with motion.

, aug 2016

In San Jose traffic it takes about an hour to get there. Our tour guide on the bus was excellent. Show beautifully done. Food was not outstanding, but very good for a buffet. The view was fantastic. Enjoyed every minute of it. At 70.00/person, it was a bargain. Food, drinks, a show,, fantastic view and round trip transportation with a very knowledgeable guide.

, mai 2016

The only good thing about this place is the view of the city, other than that it was terrible: bad food both not tasty and not fresh, horrible tiny bathrooms and on top of that when you sit on a toilet your entire head is visible above the tiny stall door. overpriced, takes about an hour to get to this place from San Jose, the dancing show was a joke 20 minutes of amateurs. Stay away from this place.

, apr 2016

We really enjoyed the food and the entertainment.
Everyone in our group were expecting fireworks to top off the night per the description in Viator. I would recommend that they change the wording to say that the fireworks are an extra that is not guaranteed or not mention them at all then if they do have them its a nice surprise. I'm not sure how they should word it, but the way it states it on the site right now you expect a firework show to top off the evening and they did not have any which was a disappointment to the group I was with.
Signed: Jim and Dianne Sproull

, feb 2016

Nice dinner, free beer.

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