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Pompeii Halvdagstur fra Sorrento

Sorrento, Italia

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Reis tilbake i tid til den gamle byen Pompeii på denne halvdagstur fra Sorrento. Utforsk det fascinerende arkeologiske komplekset med en guide, lære om sivilisasjonen som trives her til den ble ødelagt av utbruddet av Mount Vesuvius i 79 AD. Se resterne av villaer, templer, teatre og markedsplasser som ble utgravet fra vulkansk lava og aske mens du lyttet til guidens live kommentarer gjennom et lydhodesett.
  • Halvdagstur fra Sorrento til Pompeias arkeologiske område
  • Lytt til live ombord kommentaren under den naturskjønne stasjonen til Pompeii
  • Vandre gjennom de velbevarte gjenstander av en gammel by utgravd fra vulkansk lava og aske
  • Lær om livet i Pompeii og utbruddet av Mount Vesuvius som brakte det til en slutt
  • Hør føreren tydelig gjennom et lydhodesett


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Anmeldelser av Viator-reisende
Pompeji halvdagstur
Salvatore F
, okt 2019
Guiden var veldig hjelpsomme og informative. Ruinene av Pompeii var fantastiske. En god verdi generelt.
Good value way to see Pompeii
Breda M
, jul 2019
Our trip to Pompeii was very good. Info on bus journey to Pompeii interesting and well minded and guided by guide in site. The only criticisms were 1 - it was hard to know which bus was ours at the central meeting point in the Bus park in Sorrento 2 - the headphones were hard to hear the info on while going around Pompeii for the first half of the excursion, then complaints meant they switched to fix to a different channel, which worked better. Bring lots of water and hats / umbrellas as it's really hot there with very little shelter. Well worth doing.
Pompeii from Sorrento
, sep 2018
Our guide and driver were excellent. There was a lot of traffic which delayed our trip. The bus was a half hour late getting to our pick up spot. This caused us to be late for our afternoon excursion to Capri. Better planning for traffic is needed
Tour guide great, logistics confusing
, jul 2018
Tour guide very knowledgeable - maybe too in depth for those that wanted to see more vs less and in depth. My paperwork had 15 minutes earlier and we arrived 15 min before that so we waited 30 min in the hot sun for the bus. Confusion for the bus people if entrance was included - The guide goes and buys the tickets after collecting cash on the bus. I had read that it wasn’t so I bought tickets online And was able to meet up with him. He had to spend a lot of bus time doing paperwork since there were last minute changes. There was also way too many people - 45 people. Too many to fit in the rooms or see the smaller exhibits as our guide is explaining. Lots of other tours and our guide did a good job of going around them. Bus driver and bus was great.
Pompeii is a must see if you're in...
Laura G
, jul 2017
Pompeii is a must see if you're in this part of Italy! The half day tour gives a glimpse into life long ago; if you go in the summer, 1/2 day morning is the best as it is a very hot, crowded open area and could be difficult to maneuver by afternoon.
Well, we must start by admitting...
, jun 2017
Well, we must start by admitting that some of our friends said it is not something that we must do because it is just an old deserted city ruined by a volcano. I am so glad we don't always listed to our friends. We were so happy we did the tour. Pompeii, more than almost any other tour really hits your emotions. Just trying to imagine that at one moment there is a vibrant town, to the next, it is over. A very moving experience. Not to mention, walking down the old streets, with the stones worn in the places where the carriage wheels had passed by thousands of time, then passing by the homes where the elite lived, with art work still painted on the walls, to the row of shop after shop, and to the brothel that had signs carved into the walls and street showing the way. I will not describe what the signs were, but they were pretty liberal back then. Our guide was fantastic, so professional and knowledgeable. I am so sorry I cannot find where I wrote her name. Please Viator, look up her name and somehow add it to this review. We did the tour on the morning of Jun 19, leaving from Tasso Suites. This tour was a highlight and very moving. It should be a must. There is no justification for people saying this tour can be an option. Please do it. You will be happy and certainly feel as though you have just walked into history in a town that has stood still. Thanks!
Lots of walking , but worth the effort...
Alan Janice
, jun 2017
Lots of walking , but worth the effort. Pompeii is fascinating!
The tour guide was great and really...
, jun 2017
The tour guide was great and really friendly. Very interesting trip to pompei and a half day excursion was just enough time!thank you!
Be at the pick-up spot at 8am. That...
elizabeth Z
, apr 2017
Be at the pick-up spot at 8am. That is what the voucher said. We were ALL there at 8 am, all except the bus. Now this pick up spot is a general spot for many tours. There were about 15 other tours that morning. ALL of those tours picked up and left on time. At 8:30 we called the company asking where the bus was, we were told the bus was coming. It did show up at 8:40. Now I don't know about you, but getting up early is not something I like to do on vacation. So, after getting up early and getting to spot on time, it certainly didn't sit well with me having to sit in a parking lot for 40 min. They told us it was traffic. Well, all those other buses were able to make it on time. And the traffic is a problem in Sorrento, and since you do this daily you should schedule accordingly. The trip was good once we got on the bus. Pompeii is awesome, but we should have explored more that 2 sections. We lost almost an hour waiting for a bus! 2 trips with this company 2 less than stellar experiences.
I think I would recommend someone...
, okt 2016
I think I would recommend someone make this trip on their own, using a tour book or Rick Steeves audio tour. Although it was informative and interesting, the group was larger than we wanted and the guide was a bit to chatty.

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