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Perge (Perga)
Perge (Perga)

Perge (Perga)

Free admission
Aberto todo o ano
Aksu, Antalya Province

Informações Práticas

Perge fica a 17 km a NE de Antalya e leva aproximadamente 20 minutos pela estrada. A maioria das pessoas visita o local em uma visita guiada.

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Things to Know Before You Go

  • Suitable for history and archaeology buffs.
  • Admission is about $4.
  • Displays offer information in English.xa0Facilities include a café, restrooms, and stalls selling souvenirs.
  • Wear appropriate shoes as you will be walking over uneven surfaces.
  • Remember sun protection and water for hydration, as the site is entirely exposed.
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How to Get There

Perge is about 11 miles (17 kilometers) northeast of Antalya; expect about 20 minutes on the road. Most people visit on a guided tour, but if you go independently, take a minibus from Antalya's Otogar bus terminal to Aksu along the Antalya-Side highway, then hike for about 20 minutes or take a taxi.

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When to Get There

Perge is open year-round daily, with slightly earlier opening and closing times from November to March. Come early in the morning when you may have the site to yourself. High tourist season in Antalya is summer (June through August) and Easter week. Come in the fall when the weather is still warm, and the crowds have left, or in the spring when wildflowers are in bloom.

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Aspendos Theater A few miles/kilometers from Perge is this 2,000-year-old theater, considered to be the best remaining example of an ancient theater. Made of an exceedingly high-quality calcareous stone, the stunning theater is intact and even hosts a summertime ballet and opera festival. Even if you miss the festival, the site of the theater is unparalleled in the world.

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