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Monte Pantokrator
Monte Pantokrator

Monte Pantokrator

O Monte Pantokrator fica no lado nordeste da ilha grega de Corfu. Com quase 3.000 pés de altura, é a montanha mais alta da ilha. Do topo, você pode ver toda Corfu, Albânia e até mesmo todo o caminho até a Itália em um dia claro. Um mosteiro ortodoxo grego está instalado no topo da montanha desde meados do século XIV. O mosteiro original foi destruído dois séculos depois e o atual data de finais do século XVII, com fachada do século XIX.

O pico do Monte. Pantokrator pode ser alcançado de carro ou a pé. A trilha de caminhada até o pico faz parte da Trilha de Corfu, que cobre mais de 200 quilômetros ao redor da ilha. No caminho para o topo, você passará por Old Perithia, a vila de montanha mais antiga de Corfu. Aninhado no alto da montanha, já serviu como refúgio de ataques de piratas. Hoje, os visitantes podem passear pelas ruas de paralelepípedos, saborear uma bebida em uma das quatro tavernas e provar a culinária local.

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Mount Pantokrator, Corfu, Greece

The basics

Sitting on the northeastern side of the Greek island of Corfu, Mt. Pantokrator is a popular hiking spot; the route that leads to the peak is part of the Corfu Trail, which covers more than 125 miles (200 kilometers) across the island. A Greek Orthodox monastery has sat on top of the mountain since the middle of the 14th century, although the original complex was destroyed in the 1500s and the current one dates to the late 17th century, with a façade from the 19th century. Old Perithia, the oldest mountain village on Corfu, also sits high up on the mountain and once served as a hideaway from pirate attacks. Today, visitors can wander along cobblestone streets, enjoy a drink in one of four tavernas, and sample local cuisine.

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Things to know before you go

  • The sights on Mt. Pantokrator, as well as the scenic peak, are an ideal respite from the heat and crowds on the coastline.
  • The sun can be unforgiving on Corfu so wear a hat and sunscreen, especially if hiking the mountain trails.
  • The road to the top is a series of switchbacks that may be uncomfortable for travelers who suffer from motion sickness.
  • There is a café for drinks and snacks on the mountain peak, and a selection of tavernas in Old Perithia.
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How to get there

Mt. Pantokrator sits inland, overlooking Corfu’s northeastern countryside. You can reach the peak of the mountain on foot or by car, although there is very little parking in Old Perithia. From the south, take the narrow road up just beyond Pyrgi, passing the villages of Spartylas and Strinylas before reaching the summit.

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When to get there

By far the best time to visit the peak is early morning or late afternoon, when the sunlight is best for snapping photos. Time your visit before or after lunch, stopping to dine in one of the traditional tavernas in Old Perithia.

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Quieter Sights on Corfu

The popular island of Corfu can be overrun in the summer months, but there are a few quieter sights where you can escape the worst of the crowds. In addition to a jaunt up Mt. Pantokrator, enjoy the relative quiet on the islets of Vlacherna and Mouse Island off the coast of Kanoni, at Myrtiotissa's monastery, or on the unspoilt dunes of Issos Beach.

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