With its 11 golden kilometers of wide, unsullied beaches, it may seem odd that this attractive town anchoring the Costa de Azahar doesn't get more international attention. Instead, the busy fishing port has become an alternate destination, primarily for savvy Spaniards who would rather avoid all the drunk Brits and just enjoy the sea.

Several good hotels and restaurants, as well as a solid club scene, cluster close to the beach, about two kilometers from the city proper. There, however, you'll find Gandia's cultural attractions: the Palacio Ducal, with its Gothic and Renaissance architecture; the Torreón, all that remains of a 17th-century city wall, and La Collegiate Church, originally built as a mosque in the 1300s.

Other than that? Stroll the city, relax on the beach, and experience a rare glimpse of the Spanish Mediterranean before the tourists arrived. 
Although Gandia isn't a major tourist destination, it is one of the region's most important cities, with shopping centers, malls, hospitals and other services relied on by the surrounding communities. Thus, transportation is quite good. The closest major city is Valencia. Trains make the 55-minute run between the Valencia station and Gandia (not the beaches) every half hour. 
Endereço: Autopista del Mediterrani, Gandia, Espanha
Ingressos: Free
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