Hainan Assembly Hall

Hainan Assembly Hall
Hainan Assembly Hall is one of five 19th-century structures built in Hoi An to provide a place for Chinese immigrants to Vietnam to socialize and uphold Chinese traditions for future generations. In the heart of the Ancient Town on the banks of the Thu Bon River, Hainan Assembly Hall is an integral part of Hoi An’s diverse cultural landscape.

The Basics 
As an important part of Hoi An’s heritage, Hainan Assembly Hall is covered by the majority of Hoi An walking and bike tours, which offer an easy way to orient yourself amid the crowds of the Ancient Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Tours typically also cover notable Hoi An landmarks such as the Japanese Covered Bridge (Chua Cau) and Phuc Kien Assembly Hall (Fujian Assembly Hall)—another significant Chinese landmark—and sometimes include a boat ride down the Thu Bon River.

Things to Know Before You Go 
  • To enter Hainan Assembly Hall, you need to purchase a Hoi An Old Town ticket, which grants you access to all the heritage houses open to the public. 
  • The main hall of the building is dedicated to the 108 Chinese sailors killed at sea by a Vietnamese general. 
  • Visitors can appreciate the intricate details of murals, paintings, and sculptures dedicated to different gods and goddesses. 

How to Get There 
Hainan Assembly Hall is located on Tran Phu Street, the street that leads to the iconic Japanese Covered Bridge. On the same street, you’ll also find the Phuc Kien Assembly Hall and the Museum of Trade Ceramics, making it a great spot to wander around. 

When to Get There
The building opens daily between 8am and 5pm. To avoid peak crowds in Hoi An Ancient Town, aim to visit either first thing in the morning or during the early afternoon. 

The History of Hainan Assembly Hall 
In 1851, a renegade general of King Tu Duc’s Vietnamese empire plundered the ships of Chinese merchant sailors off the shores of Hoi An, killing 108 men. To strengthen his case, the rogue general claimed the merchants were actually pirates. When the truth came out that those killed were innocents rather than pirates, as an apology King Tu Duc granted the Hainan Chinese community of Hoi An the money to build an assembly hall in memory of the merchants.
Endereço: Tran Phu, Hoi An, Vietnam, Vietnã
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