Copalita River

Copalita River
Copalita River, or Río Copalita, is a river in Huatulco that is popular with surfers and river rafters. During Huatulco’s rainy season from May to October, the Copalita River swells, becoming an ideal spot for river rafting excursions.  Río Copalita empties into the ocean several miles northeast of Tangolunda. On the beach, you are likely to find local surfers and boogie boarders hanging out. The surfing is so popular here that there is an annual Huatulco surfing and boogie board championship that dates back to 2003.  Rafting along the Copalita River takes rafters through a series of adrenaline-pumping rapids – everything from Class I to Class IV rapids. Class I rapids are considered easy with fast moving water, but few obstructions and small waves. Class IV rapids are advanced, with intense turbulent water and a risk of unavoidable obstacles and waves. Tours that include river rafting typically require rafters to travel between 5 to 7 miles (8 to 11 km) on the Copalita River.

Guides will start with a required safety briefing and then a provide examples on how to properly use the paddle. Each raft will have a guide who will provide navigational instructions as you hit each class of rapids.

The scenery you will experience on a Copalita River rafting trip is unsurpassed. During the slower Class I rapids, you can observe natural habitats of animals and birds, which live amongst the riverbank’s pristine landscape. Stunning rock formations and waterfalls round out the epic adventure in Huatulco.

Practical Info

River rafting experience is not necessarily required as instruction is provided, but participants should be in good shape and prepared for a high-level of activity. Bring a dry change of clothes and other necessities like bug spray and biodegradable sunblock. If you plan on river rafting, wear footwear that will stay on your feet.
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Horário de funcionamento: Daily
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