Nevis Peak

Nevis Peak
The highest point of Nevis is the summit of the mostly dormant volcano that comprises the island itself. While there’s no indication that it plans to erupt any time soon, the volcanic activity certainty still brews below the surface, which can be experienced in the hot springs at the Bath Hotel. On clear days, visitors can see the marks of the ancient caldera, left by the last eruption, perhaps 100,000 years ago.

A hike to the top can offer incredible views, but the climb is not for the uninitiated. It’s a steep, rough and muddy vertical ascent that makes regular use of ropes, roots and rocky footholds. A local guide is highly recommended. Along the way you can spot bird species such as red-necked pigeons and bridled quail dove, as well as the introduced African green vervet monkey, which has grown abundant in the Nevisian forests.

Practical Info

Nevis sits at the center of the island with an elevation of 3,232 feet. To reach the trailhead, you can ask a taxi to drop you off if you plan to go independently. It is recommended that visitors hire a local guide, who can take travelers all the way to the summit.
Endereço: Nevis, São Cristóvão - Vevis
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