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Aventura 5 em 1 em Cancun: ATVs, Ziplines, lancha, snorkel e cenote

Cancun, México

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Cancun é um dos melhores lugares no México para desfrutar de atividades de aventura e este pacote 5-em-1 de grande valor é ideal para os viciados em adrenalina. Comece o dia com um cruzeiro de lancha ao longo da costa, mergulhe para nadar e mergulhe com snorkel em meio a corais coloridos, depois percorra a floresta em um quadriciclo. Top tudo fora por cliff mergulhando em um cenote natural, em seguida, abordando um emocionante curso de tirolesa. Hotel pickup e drop-off está incluído.
  • Divida seu tempo entre cinco atividades diferentes: lancha, snorkel, quadriciclo, tirolesas e natação cenote
  • Desfrute de vistas aéreas enquanto voa em sete ziplines diferentes
  • Recolha e entrega no hotel incluída
  • Ideal para viciados em adrenalina


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Avaliações dos viajantes da Viator
2019 cancun trip
, jun 2019
Overall my experience the communcation was bad for started it didnt explain how the attraction where going to started ... extra fees where apply for everyplace of the attraction which was not mention in the package deal ... plus transportation fee was also apply even tho it was told it was free transportarion... and I was expecting more from the attractions beacuse photos seem cool fun longer but in person its seems a bit off for price range .... If your think of getting a deal make sure u can ask all questions about price and fees at the location of the attraction... Also in all vehicle rides are ment to share not individual..
Resposta do host , jun 2019
We appreciate your informative comment for our future clients, likewise we would like to suggest that before booking any tour, please read what is included and what is not included, so that there is no misunderstanding. and as a note for our passengers who will be reading this comment, the transfer of this tour is shared, we do not handle private transportations, because it would increase the price. This is written that transportation is FREE only in the Cancun Downtown area and Hotel Zone as well as Playa Mujeres. If you are staying at any hotel in Riviera Maya we ask you to quote before making the reservation.
Very fun activities
, mai 2019
The attraction was very fun , LOVED it. But I don’t like the fact I was cheated out of my money. I paid for pictures on a disc & to receive them via email but the disc doesn’t work and no one is responding to my emails.
Resposta do host , jun 2019
Hi, My name is Monica, and I dont have anything to so with the pictures they take at the park, how ever is part of my job and service to make sure they give you everything,please send me the date of your tour, and under which name, and Im going to make sure your get your pictures, This is NOT ACCEPTABLE, because right now you are upset because you are thinking that you got cheated,and it could be only one person that is not doing the job they have to do. and here on Viator everybody is reading that all / we are cheating.... and trust me... we dont and is not worthy. Please send me the information as soon as possible to take care of your pictures
Adventurous Day
, mai 2019
It was certainly a day of adventures! You first start out with the speed boats and snorkeling. The speed boats were all of our favorites. Snorkeling was okay as the reefs aren’t really as colorful and natural anymore. We swam around a lot of seaweeds and it was hard getting to dive down to see the reef as we had to wear our life jackets the whole time. Our next place was at ATV amazing where you complete the rest of the excursion. The ATV’s were difficult to drive as the roads were really bumpy and you’re driving over tree roots and rocks. The pathway wasn’t flat to have a good consistent speed ride. It was cool to drive an ATV, but the pathway made it difficult to enjoy completely because you’re trying not to crash. The zip lines were fun and I don’t have much to say on that. Swimming in the Cenote was basically a beautiful pool. I misunderstood and thought it was a cave, which it looked like one. You have to swim with a life jacket but you have opportunities to cliff jump and get on a zip line and drop into the pool. They also have hammocks around there for you to lounge in. What was really difficult was we did not get to eat lunch until 2pm. But the food was good and the drinks were delicious. There’s a bar that you can buy drinks during lunch. A thing to note is that you don’t have 1 tour guide with you all day. You have the guides at the marine and then at the ATV with a driver that drives you in between excursions and home. The driver that picks you up could be different depending where your hotel is. I say overall the experience was good as my friends and I just make the most of it, but it could certainly be better in many ways. The staff at both places were great though.
If i had more time
, abr 2019
Was a wonderful day, other than the rain. Your business was very friendly. The food was excellent, only problem was not enough time! Thank You John B
No shame
, abr 2019
They picked us up and took us to the pier. The ad says we would go boating in the ocean unless there's strong winds, but they told us there was no problem until we arrived at the pier. They said if we didn't want to do the boat in the lagoon, the .we would wait 3 hours for the bus. Then they tried charging my 36$/person for the port fee (instead of the advertised 12$) and 20$ for the pickup (instead of 15$). Then we got the van to the ATVs. One of the people on our group was sick after the boat and wanted to stop. The manager of the ATVs asked us to fill out an affidavit and when we were done he said sorry ,the trip left without you because you were filling out the paperwork. He offered us a taxi back for 50$ (3 miles) or would drop us off in town to find our way back. From the moment we started the trip to the very end, they tried ripping us off. Then before getting in the cab back they tried making me fill out another affidavit explaining that we voluntarily stopped the trip (so that if we tried to get a refund they could deny it) so disappointed. The best part was the friendly can driver Martin.
Resposta do host , abr 2019
Mr. Jordan We do not know the purpose for which you express yourself this way when we have letters signed by you. The refund was made and Viator sent us the notification We recommend that the next time you go on a tour any tour make sure you please read everything carefully. It is written: Information travelers need from you: Important note, on some occasions the Port Captain closes the navigation due to strong winds and currents on the ocean. If this happens, instead of doing the Jungle Tour, you'll proceed to the Lagoon Tour because welfare and safety comes first for our passengers It is recommended to bring some energy bars or snacks (the tour is too extreme and the box lunch is provided at the end of all the activities to avoid someone getting seasick, dizzy, vomiting or with stomach ache) / This is for your friend that he felt ill, and you asked for the refund of you 3.when being in the park and doing ziplines you were online with Viator asking for the refund. Dock fee and Ocean National Park tax are not included ($12usd per person, to be paid at check-in) Transportation to Any Hotel in the Riviera Maya is not avaible, unless you quote price before booking / you were at The riviera Maya and is on writing quote price before booking. your charge was $ 15usd per person round trip., and you agree to it .... if you did not agree, we know that there are other companies which have a similar tour and you can booked, we would gladly make the refund if that was the case. We are very grateful for this comment, we are sure that the people who read it, will decide whether to believe in what you kindly wrote, or give us the opportunity to serve them, believe me sir that the damage is not only for me, it is for all the people who dedicate their entire day working to provide a quality service ... here money is not the issue. However,The next time you are in Mexico Cancun, we invite you to visit us again and this time it will be on our own.... You know how to get a hold me, you have my number ( By the way Im Monica the person that help you make the changes on your reservation for the girlfriend been sick and answer all your question).
The part we did was amazing, but we were not able to do all 5.
, mar 2019
We absolutely loved the centoe's. They were amazing. The ATV riding was fun, but I we didn't need the insurance that they pushed for $5 a driver. The ziplines were not as big or exciting as I had hoped but the ziplines into the centoes were amazing and so fun so it was really cool. The harnessed in ones were not anything great but still fun. Due to weather we were not able to do the boat portion or the snorkeling and were only refunded $25 a person which was not enough for what we paid. The tour is a lot of fun and so pretty there but it really is 2 separate tours that should not be combined into one.
Resposta do host , abr 2019
We are glad that you love the cenotes and it was fun, We regret the weather conditions, we do not have climate control, and regards about your comment, about been 2 separate tours, Well is exactly the way we want it to be, 2 totally different ecosystems and that is the intention of tour, first part speedboats water and second part jungle and cenote, we can not have those 2 ecosystems together, I wish we could !. So this is a way to show you the diversity we have in Cancun. The refund is part propocional part, since at the end of tour you did you made all your activities, please in the future we invite you to do the snorkel if the weather allows it and it we will be on us.
The first part was great, getting...
, abr 2018
The first part was great, getting access to speed boat and snorkeling. Our tour guide took us to deep part and let us snorkel for a long time. The glitch was having an hour essentially just waiting doing nothing until we got onto a tour van to do second part. We were in the jungle and ATV seemed short. We wished, we could've had some time to do things on our own instead of following crowd. Zipline was amazing. The two cenote's at center were great. I just feel they were overwhelmed and we were forgetten after we went to first cenote. We just waited and waited and finally went to zipline area and said, I think you forgot about our group. They took us to second cenote where we hung out for abit. Was a very long day with lost time. Activities were amazing, they just need to clean up time constraints to avoid lost lag time just waiting and waiting. Oh, the burrito was actually decent but at least include more food/options. We didn't have lunch essentially until 5 p.m! Luckily, we had a snack on our own in between two tours. We started at 7:50 a.m. and were back in our hotel by 7:00 p.m Minor logistics to fix.
Had such a great experience on this...
Aimee P
, jan 2018
Had such a great experience on this adventure tour! 100 recommended!
This tour actually seemed like two...
Ronald S
, nov 2017
This tour actually seemed like two separate tours combined by a third party. An hour ride to the first part in the Cancun marina. Speed boats were fun. and the snorkeling was excellent. Our guide snorkeled with us and showed us some great underwater sights we might have missed on our own then led us back again we got to drive the speed boat and followed him in his boat. The problem was after we were done it was an hour and 10minute wait for a shuttle bus to come pick us up. It was then an hour and 10 minute ride to the second part of the tour. Part two was fun. The ATV's were ok The zip lining was exciting and the best part. It was the rainy season so we didn't get to explore the Cenote, just a short dip at the entrance. A second Cenote allowed us to zip line in and then a short cliff jump in. But once again we were stuck waiting for a shuttle to pick us up. So in general I we liked the tour parts but a lot of sitting and waiting. I would recommend doing each of these tours but separately.
WOW is all we can say!! The speed...
Chih C
, set 2017
WOW is all we can say!! The speed boat ride and snorkeling was awesome and the whole staff at the zipline,atv and cenote was great. Our family of 6 really enjoy our day and they all made sure we were safe and had a GREAT time!! Highly recommended!!!

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