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Excursão guiada de 4 noites em Andaluzia: Córdoba (ou Caceres), Sevilha, Ronda, Marbella, Granada e Toledo saindo de Madri

Madrid, Espanha

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Experimente a melhor das atmosferas do sul da Espanha durante esta exploração de 5 dias e 4 noites da Andaluzia. Veja algumas das atrações mais emblemáticas do país em cidades mundialmente famosas, como Sevilha, Granada e Toledo. Em seguida, tenha uma noção do sabor andaluz local e da fascinante história de cidades encantadoras como Ronda e Córdoba, antes de aproveitar algum tempo no Marbella, em estilo mediterrâneo. Um guia, transporte de ônibus, acomodações de 4 noites, algumas refeições e ingressos para o local estão todos cobertos.
  • Veja o melhor do sul da Espanha durante esta exploração de 5 dias e 4 noites de cidades como Sevilha, Córdoba, Granada e muito mais
  • Conheça as principais cidades e pontos turísticos da Andaluzia em uma viagem abrangente
  • Experimente atrações mundialmente famosas, como a incrível Alhambra e a enorme catedral de Sevilha
  • Descubra cidades espanholas encantadoras e históricas como Ronda e Toledo
  • Entenda a mistura única de história cristã, muçulmana e judaica na Espanha
  • Ótima introdução à Andaluzia

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Experiência inesquecível!
, out 2019
Minha esposa, cunhada e eu reservamos esse passeio com antecedência, sem nenhuma experiência prévia com visitas guiadas. Nosso guia era Patricia e nosso motorista de ônibus era Luis, de Portugal. Nós não poderíamos ter pedido um melhor guia ou motorista. Patricia foi informativa, paciente, prestativa e SEMPRE nos cumprimentou com um sorriso caloroso. Luis conduziu o ônibus de grandes dimensões com facilidade e habilidade. Ele manobrou em condições difíceis e foi bastante útil para carregar e descarregar nossas malas pesadas. Eu recomendo este passeio para quem gostaria de experimentar a beleza e a rica história da Andaluzia. . . .
Sonhando viagem
Sam L
, out 2019
Foi uma oportunidade muito boa de discutir um destino que nunca estive antes, a Andaluzia da Coluna. a viagem começa em Madri, a rica e colorida capital de Spine, passando 5 dias e 4 noites pela Cordoba (cidade muito agradável) em direção ao sul, Sevilha, por duas noites de hotel 4 estrelas (onde a cultura mista do leste e oeste, árabe e espinha, Cristãos e muçulmanos ... misturam-se perfeitamente em harmonia e beleza, depois ao sul de Ronda (cidade soberba e montanhosa), depois ao sul de Marbella, outro hotel de 4 estrelas à noite, seguindo ao norte de Granada, a famosa capital antiga com seu Palácio Alhambra incluído no a viagem e onde passamos o último hotel de 4 estrelas sempre fica no grupo de hotéis da Catalunha, finalmente retornamos a Madri, todas as visitas e passeios são excelentes e explicadas em três idiomas inglês, espanhol e francês, com excelentes guias e motorista.
Everything we’d hoped for!
, mai 2019
My husband and I chose to do this tour, as it was our first visit to Spain, and we thought it would be a good way to visit the places and see the sights we wanted, without the hassle of car rentals and doing all our own planning. It was the best decision we could have made. We also chose the month of May, as we thought the sites would be less crowded, that there would be fewer families, and the weather would be nice. We were right on all accounts. I know these sites can be very crowded, and while there were still lots of tourists, I can’t imagine how packed it would be in the summer months. The weather was incredible, with above normal temperatures on some days. We lucked out with the best guide we could have had, Ophelia. She was amazing; friendly, knowledgeable and fun. Augustine, our driver, was great as well. Also, there were only 13 people on our tour. How perfect to have such a small group. The hotel and meals in Sevilla were ok. The meals and the hotels in Granada and Marbella were very good. Generous, impressive buffets and nice accommodations. I liked the arrangement of driving to the new locations in the morning, seeing the designated attraction upon arrival, and then having “free time” in the afternoons, until meeting for dinner at the hotel. I noticed that some reviews stated they didn’t like that. We loved the freedom to wander around and explore a little on our own, or with another couple we met on the tour. We found nice little places for lunch and sangrias. We walked along a beach, did a little shopping, and toured one or two places off the grid. Not that we had a lot of time to do that, but we took advantage of every opportunity. I saw that some reviews stated that they had to sit in designated seating at meals. We didn’t find that at all. We could sit anywhere we wanted to. Some in couples, some in small groups, spread out wherever we wanted to sit. The wait staff in Marbella and Granada were particularly friendly. We met nice people on our tour. There were 6 English speaking tourists and seven Spanish.This was not a problem at all, and Ophelia managed each group easily. Our entire group laughed a lot, teased each other, took photos for each other and we ended up at our last site taking group photos and singing happy birthday to a member of our party. My husband and I made friends with another couple and spent much of the tour together, which added to the fun. This tour will forever be a happy memory for us!
Enthusiastic Tour Guide
, mai 2019
There were about 18 people on the April tour so we each had our own seat on the bus. The seats reclined a little bit and there were no trays to pull down in front of us. The mix of Spanish and English speakers on the tour kept things interesting. There were people from the USA, Australia, Africa, Phillipines and Spain. Everyone was respectful. My favorite part of the tour was that the places we saw were great and just what I would have wanted to see if I planned the trip myself. It was fun to see the Muslim architectural influence in the towns, because I had not experienced that in Europe prior to this trip. The least favorite thing was that in Sevilla we had the afternoon free, but the trip itinerary should have warned us that we should have bought palace tickets before we even boarded our plane to go to Spain. The hotel accommodations were modern and clean. The provided food was average. The hotels were always situated on the outskirts of the historic area so the bus could pull right up to the hotel and unload your luggage. You don't have to roll your luggage through the streets, but are further from historic center The tour guide on our bus for this trip was a terrific and energetic person. She did not speak the best English- maybe average for a non-native speaker, but understandable enough. Most of the local tour guides spoke English well. Our tour guide helped me "get through" the last 2 days when I ended up with bad diarrhea. She ran out of the hotel at 6 am to get more Imodium so I could get on the bus and make the 2 hour trip to the next destination.(There was no toilet on the bus.) She made sure I didn't delay her other customers meeting other tour guides by more than 15 minutes. So I think she juggled it fairly. Not having a bathroom on the bus would not typically be a problem for me, but there were about 3 people on the bus that would have benefited greatly from it. We sometimes got to a city and started a tour right away and didn't get a chance to go to a bathroom for another 30 minutes. Therefore, she had to take those customers somewhere else right away and then try to get them back to the tour. (In general, bathrooms were sparse everywhere in Spain.) I've been on only one other overnight tour and the guide gave us his cell phone number, which would have been helpful when I was sick that morning. Luckily, the hotel front desk contacted her so she could come to me. I think she did an above-average job
Wonderful Tour in Andalucía
, mar 2019
Our tour was wonderful from the beginning. Our guide and driver promptly picked us to start our 4 day trip. All the guides in different cities were excellent and very knowledgeable. The accommodation was good and very much as promised.
This tour was not very well organized...
, out 2018
This tour was not very well organized. Everyday there were a new set of travelers - some leaving the tour and some joining the tour. The Hotels were average. The bi-lingual tour was very confusing and a waste of time. If the local tour was either Spanish or English, we could have finished in half the time and had more free time or we could have seen more sites and got more information about the sites. We being vegetarians, we did not get any good food at all except for breakfast buffet. The lunch options were salad and canned spaghetti.
Dr Jannoun
, set 2018
Enjoyable trip and well organized.the guide Patricia is so friendly & give us enough information to love Cevilla & sure come back with your company again. We will highly recommend it to our friends in Lebanon.
Best way to see Andalusia for time & value
Joyce B
, ago 2018
Booking the 4-night tour of Andalusia was one of the best ideas my husband and I did when considering how to see & tour all the towns we hit on our tour of the south of Spain. The tour makes it so easy for you to enjoy your time and take in the sights without having to worry about: booking hotels, tours, or transportation. When I first planned our trip to Spain, many of our friends said that we were being too ambitious since we wanted to see all of the cities the tour hits. We were initially planning to go it alone via rental car or trains, but we quickly realized how stressful it was going to be to keep track of it all. We decided to let go and have someone else deal with the accommodations for us. We also ended up meeting some of the other people that were on the tour. You end up getting to know the group you're with since you'll be spending a lot of time traveling together. That was a welcomed surprise. Finally, our tour guide, Begonia, was the best! She spoke English and Spanish (since the group was mixed and there were all kinds of nationalities on our bus). As we traveled from city to city, she would talk about the history and background of each place and give us quick facts. The tour itself was well-balanced. You are able to go on guided-tours of sites but also had a good amount of free time. We really appreciated that. Breakfast and dinners were covered, so all we had to worry about was lunch (unless you wanted to do dinner on your own). All in all, we would definitely consider doing something like this again if we were on a time crunch in a new country and wanted to experience as many cities as we did on this trip!
We were really excited about this...
, mar 2018
We were really excited about this tour and it had good and bad points.. We had bad luck with the weather, which they can not control, rain and alot of times pouring rain while at the stops... Of course often better when driving down the road....Hotel in Seville is a little run down with some carpet looking pretty stained but right across the street from an historic wall. The first night they gave us a very set menu. absolutely no choices. 50 percent of our group either didn't like their salmon or don't eat it..Salmon something a majority will eat??? We were only 7 so I guess usually they do a buffet...Next night was and that was a little better.. Their breads are wonderful and pasteries.. they have the nices almond cake and little pieces of brownies in morning which were great.. hot foods not hot enough for me...Nice little bar in hotel. They give u too much free time.. leave u downtown and tell u how to get back to hotel .. maybe they should give u a few hours and come back for u.. We felt deserted at times but we also thought the bad weather made it worse.. Did an optional tour in Seville but really only got a tour of the Cathedral which was great but only about 1 1/4 minutes extra for 45 euros little steep we thought... I wouldn't skip river cruise really nothing much to see...we skipped the Flamengo that night but others said it was good to long of a day and too early next day for us... They tours they included are rather short and again cuz our group was smaller they didn't have all the optional ones....In Marbella wanted to see another church and Isabella's and Fernandos tombs but it was on your own again and rained.. Los Angeles hotel is rather unique and interesting.. I also thought dinner was tastier there.. To me they had the most interesting flavors.. they others were rather boring foods...Granada Alhambra tour wonderful just about made the trip.... Toledo I loved but again a lunch with a totally fixed menu no choices but a tastier restaurant... I guess they do this Spain ..Americans expect some choices.. I would have rather spent more time in Toledo and skipped the lunch... Tour guide in Toledo was very knowledgeable but seemed annoyed for some reason??? and walked us so fast and talked faster than i do and that is fast...You need more time there... They told us about the wonderful mazapan .. showed it too us and we didn't even have time to buy some???? If you want a totally inclusive tour you may not like this one.. They do have alot of optional tours but that also adds to the cost .. so we found it a little deceiving.. and also they wanted cash thought they would allow credit cards and didn't want to brave the atm machines.. unsure of the charges etc...There really was too much free time.. that Begona ..tour guide ..gives you some guidance but u r on your own.. We expected more formed tours.. ones we had were good.. Doing again i would look for one more inclusive even if a little more money but that's knowing what i know now
Tour was quite good and safe to say...
Shibatosh D
, jan 2018
Tour was quite good and safe to say everyone had a nice time. Staff and fellow guests were quite friendly and helpful. The sights were amazing. Spain is a smart place to visit for multiple reasons.

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