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Taxco e Cuernavaca saindo da Cidade do México

Central Mexico and Gulf Coast, México

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Descubra duas joias no México - Taxco e Cuernavaca - nesta excursão de um dia da Cidade do México. Em Taxco, conhecida como a "cidade de prata", você visitará Santa Prisca, uma das maiores igrejas do México, e caminhar por ruas de paralelepípedos cheias de charme do Velho Mundo. Além disso, veja por que tantos habitantes da Cidade do México escapam para Cuernavaca, "a cidade da eterna primavera", como um retiro de fim de semana. Transporte do hotel incluído.
  • Tour de Taxco e Cuernavaca saindo da Cidade do México
  • Descubra a cidade de Cuernavaca, conhecida pela sua atmosfera tranquila e clima agradável
  • Explore Taxco com suas ruas de paralelepípedos, praças aconchegantes e mercados pitorescos
  • Visite Santa Prisca, uma das maiores igrejas do México
  • Pickup e drop-off da maioria dos hotéis no centro da Cidade do México, Reforma e Polanco incluídos
Após o embarque no hotel no centro da Cidade do México, viaje com seu guia para Cuernavaca. Aproveite o clima ameno enquanto faz um breve passeio pela "Cidade da Eterna Primavera", um destino de fim de semana favorito para os moradores da Cidade do México.
Em seguida, desfrute de uma bela viagem até Taxco, uma cidade colonial de mineração de prata. Localizado em uma encosta cercada por montanhas e falésias escarpadas, o Taxco transpira o charme do Velho Mundo com suas ruas de paralelepípedos sinuosas, praças pitorescas e edifícios com teto de cerâmica.
Na Plaza Borda, admire Santa Prisca, uma catedral em tons de rosa do século XVIII com torres geminadas, construída com influência churrigueresca. Saiba como Jose de la Borda se deparou com uma afirmação de prata maciça, tornou-se um dos homens mais ricos do México que depois construíram Santa Prisca. Dentro da igreja, você encontrará lindos trabalhos em folha de ouro.
Aproveite o tempo livre para almoçar e fazer compras de suvenires no mercado Taxco e nas lojas de ourivesaria. Sua excursão termina com o transporte e o desembarque em seu hotel na Cidade do México.

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Avaliações dos viajantes da Viator
, jun 2019
When we began the tour the guide was Spanish speaking only even though my registration is clear i speak English. only. We returned to a meeting place where a new guide was added.. This guide knew nothing about our tour. He didn't tell us anything about Cuernavaca except they grow flowers and he told us nothing about the cathedral. t least in Taxco we had good local guides. We spent too much time in shops trying to sell silver.
Cuernavaca and Taxco
, mai 2019
This trip overall in many areas I consider the worth ever taken. The original company that Viator contracted Olympus Tour also subcontracted someone else to provide the service. The list of issues experienced is long and totally dissatisfying. - Van Service extremely uncomfortable - Driver extremely unsafe and continuously overspending - Toru guide spend most of the time napping - The arrival to Cuernavaca was a direct stop in the Cathedral and the tour guide resisted the tourist group from entering the church, according to him it was forbitten, something quite disappointing because none is forbitten from entering God’s house in any place in the world, - The arrival to the mines and silver store in Taxco was another disappointment totally, the tour spends 2 hours in just eh store just enforce the tour to buy the silver jewelry and of course everyone mark with a sign a typical pre-arrange commissioning style business - Further continue to the Taxco town, a very nice colonial place, again the guide rushing everyone to a restaurant in the area with a pre-arrange service when in fact lunch was a free choice in the tour. - When I mentioned if we intend to visit the CRIST museum in the area, he denied claiming was it was secure, another lie since I spoke to locals and they mentioned to be the best place for a panoramic view of the town - Again took everyone back in the van and return to Mexico City. - I had to complain to the driver and held everyone to enter the van since it was extremely hot exposed to the sun, and the driver could not even maintain the air conditioning on prior passenger arrival. I will never use this company again, and truly this is a very nice and gorgeous town, from Cuernavaca we saw nothing inly the Church and from Taxco just store and a restaurant. Truly a complete disappointment this trip and the arrangement made by Olympus Tour (Viator) with this company.
Guide was great- the tour was great...
, set 2018
Guide was great- the tour was great! Highly recommended. :
There were a couple big issues with...
William A
, ago 2018
There were a couple big issues with this tour. First, the van/bus they used was old and very, very bumpy. Oh, did I mention it was bumpy! Even on the flat streets getting out of CDMX the van was so bumpy that we were all so uncomfortable. Also, keep in mind that you are in the van for at least 6 hours. This was a killer. To make matters worse, when it started raining the driver could barely see due to the defrost not working. The guide kept wiping the windshield with a cloth. Time for a new bus??? Second, they stopped at a silver shop/restaurant about 10 minutes outside of Taxco. They gave a short demo, and then wanted everyone to shop there. Then, they brought us upstairs to a restaurant that was horrible and way, way over priced. There are so many great restaurants in Mexico, and Taxco would have been a perfect place for lunch. This was clearly a profit for the tour agency, but took away from our time in Taxco. On a plus side, the guide was decent and Taxco is cute and the landscape amazing.
Summary: 30 minutes in Cuernavaca...
Menelaos A
, jul 2018
Summary: 30 minutes in Cuernavaca, 40 minutes to the tourist shop, 2 hours to Taxco. When we said to the guide that we preffered more time in Cuernavaca she started shouting at us and forbid us!!! to share our thoughts with other group members. In Taxco she abandoned us suggesting that we should see the city on our own. Viator should take measures to protect future travelers from such abusive experience.
The tour was great, but the other...
Paul H
, jul 2018
The tour was great, but the other participants were not punctual and resulted in a delayed departure and return. It didn't ruin the day, luckily. We had a great driver and experienced guide. Need to go back to Cuernavaca when the repairs are completed on the Cortes palace. Taxco was magical and we even found a few silver items to buy. Be prepared for a long drive.
Tour guide Raoul was an awesome...
Christian T
, abr 2018
Tour guide Raoul was an awesome story teller. He was able to keep our interest with his narration and answered every question with enthusiasm. He sounds like someone who really enjoys his job. This tour was great but if I were to have one major complaint, it's that we spent too much time in the silver mining store where they sell jewelry and too little time in Taxco. The town of Taxco is the highlight of this tour and in my opinion, the highlight of my visit to Mexico City. Unfortunately, we spent just half an hour or even less exploring the town and taking photos. If I ever was in luck to visit Taxco again, I would ditch the tour and stay there for a night or two. Very picturesque beautiful town and reminds me a bit of Athens and Spain.
To start off our tour was supposed...
Grace D
, abr 2018
To start off our tour was supposed to start at 8am, but then it got pushed back till 9am, however we weren't picked up until 9:30am no reason given for being late. We made just a quick stop in Cuernavaca. We saw three churches that were all connected together by a courtyard, but that was it. We didn't see much of the town and then we were off to Taxco. Our first stop was a sliver shop that had a fake sliver mine to give you an introduction into silver, sliver pieces for you to buy and a kind of expensive buffet lunch. Then we went into Taxco central but all that we saw was the main cathedral and other silver shops in the main square. We didn't have time to venture out. The most exciting part was driving thru Taxco and seeing the tiny streets and all the buildings built into the hillside.
Our tour guide was Raoul. He was...
Andrew C
, mar 2018
Our tour guide was Raoul. He was great, fluent in English, and quite fun. Tomas, our driver, deserves a medal. We had to change buses before embarking because there were too many of us to fit comfortably in the smaller bus. The ancient churches of Cuernavaca were beautiful and fascinating despite earthquake damage. Taxco, with its narrow, winding streets going up and down the mountainside, was almost like going back in time 200 years - except for the small buses, Volkswagen Beetles, and motorcycles inching their way along. It would really be great if burros or horses were used instead. The church there is magnificent. A mass was about to begin as we went into it, and we heard songs from the children's choir. The square in front of the church was quite festive. We stopped at a restaurant called El Paraiso for lunch. There was a buffet ready for us, and the food was mediocre in my opinion. In the same building, we were given a little presentation on silver and its mining, and then shown into a shop selling all manner of silver objects. We bought a couple of things due to excellent salesmanship by Chu Chu. The main negative for me was the trip back to Mexico City. It took about three hours - on a Sunday night - due to several traffic slowdowns on the highway. That's in the it is what it is category, but you may want to call and ask what days would be most likely to be best for expeditious travel.

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