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Madero Tango Show com jantar opcional em Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Desfrute de uma noite na cidade de Madero Tango, onde a história e o futuro do tango se encontram. Durante esta noite de 4 horas em Buenos Aires, opte por uma refeição com pratos argentinos internacionais e tradicionais antes do show (se a opção for selecionada). Fique à vontade em seu lugar para o show de tango, com mais de vinte artistas talentosos e uma orquestra ao vivo. Deixe-se levar pela história de como o tango foi fundado e como se transformou durante o show de noventa minutos. O transporte de ida e volta a partir dos hotéis de Buenos Aires é fornecido.
  • Desfrute de uma noite na cidade de Madero Tango, onde a história e o futuro do tango se encontram
  • Opte por uma refeição com pratos argentinos tradicionais e internacionais antes do show
  • Sente-se confortável em seu lugar para o show de tango, com mais de vinte artistas talentosos e uma orquestra ao vivo
  • Deixe-se levar pela história de como o tango foi fundado e como se transformou durante o show de noventa minutos
  • O transporte de ida e volta a partir dos hotéis de Buenos Aires é fornecido.

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Avaliações dos viajantes da Viator
O show é realmente espetacular...
, mar 2017
O show é realmente espetacular.... mas o jantar deixa muito a desejar. No país dos bifes de chorizo, não há uma opção de carne a ser escolhida, a não ser a de frango!!! Além disso, a comida não é nada saborosa. Eu, assim como os demais turistas da minha mesa, devolvem os pratos praticamente intocáveis! Era provar e rejeitar!!!
Simon from Portland Oregon
Simon M
, dez 2018
There was inconsistency between Viator and Madero Tango show. We were promised to sit at the third row and private table, but we were sitting on side right at the stage, sharing our table with 10 people. place was packed like sardines. The waiter pushing the chairs to get through . The stage was too tall with lighting equipment and it was hard for my wife to watch the show especially when there is Tango dancing and you can watch how dancers move ther feet. My steak was very good. My wife's pork shoulder was good. None of this desert was good. It was a cheap wine I never have a headaches after the drinks I had two glasses of wine and I had a headache. Service wasn't the greatest. I suggest you willing to watch show go for show only. The show wasn't bad.
Professional, exciting and beautiful...
, ago 2018
Professional, exciting and beautiful show. Though we did not have the dinner it did smell and look delicious. Loved the pick up and drop off feature they were extremely organized considering the amount of people visiting.
The show itself was excellent...
, dez 2017
The show itself was excellent! Brilliant cast! Could be performing off Broadway - really! The service staff was lacking service skills and personality. The food was ok - took way too long and it was warm instead of hot. The atmosphere was nice but it was extremely hot. To the point where we had to fan ourselves with the napkin while watching the show. They pack you in there like sardines and don't turn the AC up! We had one person from our party that requested gluten free menu and it took them over 40 minutes for their appetizer to arrive after we had received our appetizer. Even after inquiring about it two times during that 40 minute span to 2 different servers... Unacceptable. The servers never asked if we wanted another glass of wine or seemed like they cared how our food was. Very disappointed in the service for what we paid for this tour! Then when we were leaving the servers leave a little pamphlet on the table with a blurb about tipping that it's appreciated blah blah blah. The server had the audacity to come over and handed it to us personally and wouldn't leave our side until we left a tip! For the type of service that we got he did not deserve even 10 but we left it anyways our of courtesy for the entertainment staff...
All, This was pretty...
Nathan B
, jul 2017
All, This was pretty dreadful. From the start, the pick up arrived earlier than stated and so left without us, which meant that we had to take a taxi, which we were told would reimbursed. To date this has not been refunded. The seats that we were sold were absolutely awful see the pics below. There was no mention of a restricted view upon buying the tickets and the company would not reseat us. To be stuck in front of a pillar was quite frankly disgusting. Madero Tango Show clearly do not care about their customers and I would strongly encourage anyone not to book through them, but to choose an alternative or be prepared for a huge disappointment and to waste your time and money. Mr N Buksh
Good show up the optional dinner...
Pranjal S
, mar 2017
Good show up the optional dinner people get the worst seats with almost no service and very bad view. waste of money
The booking company, meh!! We booked...
charles l
, mar 2017
The booking company, meh!! We booked for the 9PM show show only, no dinner. I called to confirm what time they would pick-up at the hotel, and was told 7:45PM. So, we ran to dinner and was back in time. We waited. and, waited. I called at 8:05PM, and was told they were stuck in traffic, but they'd be there. And I waited. and, waited. At 8:30PM I called again. Was told they'd be there within 15 minutes. They arrived shortly after at 8:50PM. The oldest van of the fleet no shocks, and rusty-bucket. We arrived about 9:20 for the show. If you want an only show please look at their map - you're relegated to the furthest table from the side of the stage. We upgraded and paid more for a better seat, and it was completely worth it!!! The show was amazing!! We sat in the middle of the table, and seemingly neither of the two wait staff wanted to serve us. A different waiter was assigned, and he was attentive. Towards the end of show, they have to settle the bills. This is distracting during the show -- which is amazing!! We ordered from the non-show menu. The steak was ok, and the tiramisu was delicious! The Cabernet Sauvignon was tastey! Would love to give the show a 4.5 -- but the booking company and exchanges, only a one!! Side note: Madero Tango requests no photos during the show.
The service is terrible. The...
Gabriela Z
, nov 2015
The service is terrible. The waitress was very rude. And the courses took a way to long to be served. The dessert only came when the show was over. The food is inedible. The soup was salty. The meat was very hard. And the Cheesecake was made with gelo. The Tango show was amateur. It looked like more as taping dance than Tango. The wardrobe was awful as well. Very badly coordinated. WHen the dancers were changing clothes they left a video running, for about three minutes, and that happened several times during the show.
We highly enjoyed the show and the...
, nov 2015
We highly enjoyed the show and the meal! Would recommend as an evening adventure.
I have never had an issue with any...
, nov 2015
I have never had an issue with any trip on Viatar... always love them and will use them again. But, this Madero Tango was not good. Was picked up 1/2 hr late, was seated on a round table in the corner behind the stage. View was poor and never really saw the whole show.. We ordered steak, rare. It came so burned that we didn't eat it. Details listed a bottle of wine per person, but it was a glass of wine. I attempted to order another glass, but after 3 hrs, I gave up. Cheesecake is actually spongecake. On the receipt it says voucher so I guess were lucky they didn't scam us more.

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