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Excursão pelo Círculo Ártico e Luzes do Norte saindo de Fairbanks

Alaska, Estados Unidos

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14 horas (aproximadamente)
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Imagine-se no programa de TV “Caminhoneiros do Gelo” nesta excursão que leva você ao longo da Dalton Highway (também conhecida como Rota 11 do Alasca) saindo de Fairbanks até a borda do Círculo Ártico. Durante sua jornada de 14 horas na natureza selvagem do Alasca, cruze o Rio Yukon e veja o Oleoduto Trans–Alasca, um dos maiores sistemas de oleoduto do mundo. No caminho de volta, observe as luzes do norte (aurora boreal). Comida, bebidas quentes e transporte do hotel estão incluídos nesta experiência para grupos pequenos de apenas oito pessoas.
  • Excursão à tarde e à noite de Fairbanks ao Círculo Polar Ártico
  • Viaje ao longo da remota Dalton Highway, vista em caminhoneiros da Ice Road
  • Veja as partes do Oleoduto Trans-Alaska e Finger Mountain e atravesse o Rio Yukon na EL Patton Bridge
  • Fique na beira do Círculo Ártico e posar para fotos
  • Surpreenda-se com as luzes do norte durante a viagem de volta
  • Recolha e entrega no hotel, comida e bebidas quentes incluídas
  • Tour em pequenos grupos limitado a 8 pessoas proporciona uma experiência mais personalizada
Uma jornada ao longo de uma das mais isoladas estradas de Fairbanks para o Círculo Ártico nesta excursão de 14 horas pela natureza selvagem do Alasca. Após o embarque no hotel à tarde em Fairbanks, viaje com o seu guia informativo ao longo da Dalton Highway, tecnicamente Rota 11 do Alasca. Você vai parar ocasionalmente para esticar as pernas e tirar fotos dos principais locais. Além disso, mantenha os olhos abertos para vida selvagem do Alasca, como raposas, alces ou talvez até mesmo ursos, lobos ou linces.
A Dalton Highway passa de norte a sul através do Alasca, quase até o Oceano Ártico, em paralelo ao Oleoduto Trans-Alasca. Pare ao longo de uma parte do oleoduto na comunidade de Fox e dê uma boa olhada na sua construção enquanto aprende sobre sua controvérsias e impacto ambiental. Um dos maiores sistemas de oleoduto do mundo, o Oleoduto Trans–Alasca foi construído na década de 1970 para carregar petróleo de Baía Prudhoe por 1.287 km (800 milhas) ao sul até Valdez.
De volta à Dalton Highway, siga para a Ponte EL Patton, a única ponte do Alasca que cruza o Rio Yukon. Com uma impressionante extensão de 700 metros (2.295 pés), a ponte transporta não apenas trânsito de veículos, mas também o oleoduto. Tire uma foto da ponte e, em seguida, pare novamente mais adiante na estrada para admirar a Finger Mountain que oferece vistas da tundra alpina.
Ao chegar na borda do Círculo Ártico, pose para fotos comemorativas ao redor da placa exibindo sua latitude de 66°33' ao norte. Absorva a beleza natural ao redor e aproveite os sanduíches, café e ponche quente caseiro fornecidos.
Em seguida, suba a bordo de seu veículo para começar a viagem de volta a Fairbanks. Neste momento, será cerca de duas a três horas antes da meia-noite, um período ideal para começar a ver as luzes do norte. Se elas aparecerem, o motorista irá parar em vários pontos diferentes, incluindo o Rio Tolovana e Wickersham Dome, para dar a você bastante tempo para se maravilhar e tirar fotos desse fenômeno natural.
Sua excursão das luzes do norte em Fairbanks termina com o desembarque no hotel no início da manhã.
As explicações fornecidas abaixo se baseiam em respostas dadas anteriormente pelo fornecedor da excursão a perguntas dos clientes.
Eu sou vegetariano / eu tenho alergias / eu sou glúten ou livre de lacto.
Basta nos informar sobre quaisquer requisitos dietéticos na caixa "Requisitos especiais" na seção "Detalhes do viajante" durante a finalização da compra. Ou você pode nos informar após a reserva visitando "Gerenciar minha reserva" e nos enviando um e-mail.
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Love the Arctic Cirlce and Lights Tour
, mar 2019
I usually don't do the group tour thing, but I highly recommend this tour. The price was fairly good for 2 adults compared to the cost of a vehicle rental you are able to drive on the Dalton Highway (with limited mileage). We had a total of 4 people on our tour and didn't spend too much time in any one location, so it moved fast enough to keep my interest. :) Our guide, Dave, picked us up on time in his tour van. The van was roomy and had large windows for viewing the scenery and wildlife. Dave was very knowledgeable about Alaska and the Dalton Highway. He was a very safe driver, even on the ice and with large trucks zipping past us. He had answers for all of our questions. Our tour stopped plenty of times to allow us to stretch our legs and take pictures. One of my favorite stops was the Yukon River Camp. The girls that work there are so nice. They let us use their sleds so we could sled down the hill onto the Yukon River, which was quite an experience. They had a cute little "Arctic Circle/Dalton Highway" pin I picked up there for my collection. The packed lunch they provided was pretty tasty. The sandwich was good, I just wish it didn't come with mayo. All the food was easy to eat in the van and filled me up for the duration of the tour. The Arctic Circle sign was the highlight of the tour. We tried to get as many creative pictures as we could there (it did take hours and hours to get here after all). It was a bit nippy out and another tour bus was there, but we didn't have to wait long to have the place to ourselves. On the way back to the city, we tried to chase the northern lights. But, unfortunately, we were unsuccessful. There wasn't a star in the sky. Dave tried his hardest by looking for openings in the clouds and stopping at many viewpoints on the way back to the city, but we just weren't lucky enough to see them. We didn't see much wildlife on this trip - it's like they were on vacation or something. The only animal we caught a quick peek of was a lynx. We got back to the city around 3am, making it about a 13 hour tour. Overall, the tour was fun and kept my interest and the guide was great. I'll admit, I did fall asleep in the van a few times on the way back, but I highly recommend this tour to anyone wanting to cross the Arctic Circle. I don't think I'd take smaller children on this tour just because of the length of the tour, but I know I plan to check out Alaska Guide Wildlife Tours again when I return.
Choose another company with better customer service for your excursion
, nov 2018
We booked this excursion about 6 weeks in advance of our trip to Fairbanks and I was really excited about it. The description on Viator says "afternoon pick up" but doesn't state what time. Wasn't it a surprise when I received a call from the tour company the day before telling me it was a 2pm pick and that we would be back until 4am, which would be the time we needed to be at the airport to catch our flight home. We unfortunately were not willing to take the risk and be stuck in Fairbanks another day. Stephanie was very rude to me on the phone and refused to give us any sort of refund. or work with us in any way. Now I know what you're thinking. Yes, it did say there was no cancellations or refunds when I booked this, so I how can I get angry. I guess being in the hospitality business myself, I have learned to at least be empathetic and try to resolve issues. The reason I am giving them a negative review isn't because they wouldn't give us a refund. It is because the person I spoke with, Stephanie, was extremely rude to me. My tip for anyone thinking of booking this excursion is to find another tour company that has a more flexible cancellation policy as there were several others to choose from.
Not worth it
, nov 2018
If it is about everything but northern lights, then please take this tour. Else this is not necessary and over priced. Rent a car in Fairbanks and drive to the places where Northern Lights can be seen. All are within 1 hour drive from the city. My only expectation from the tour is that they should set this expectation clear and not market this tour as northern lights tour.
Artic Circle tour
, nov 2018
Had great time going to Artic Circle. Rick was a great guide. He was very helpful and had really interesting stories.
Ricky is the best! He made sure...
, abr 2018
Ricky is the best! He made sure everyone was comfortable. Very informative and funny! Long drive but Rucky made it easy for us. He really tried to look for the Northern Lights. We didnt see it but overall, it was a great trip. Love the Yukon River Camp!!
What a long trip! They picked us...
Anni W
, mar 2018
What a long trip! They picked us around 1:20pm that day, then we back to hotel around 5:30am in the morning. Even it was a long trip, it's worth to have an Arctic Circle experience. We explored beautiful attractions on the way to the Arctic Circle, and we chased northern light on the way back. Ricky is awesome, he's humor and REALLY talkative. You won't feel bored along the road!
This was a really nice tour and I...
Teri A
, mar 2018
This was a really nice tour and I highly recommend it. A few things you should know: 1 Yes, it's a long tour that returns in the early morning hours, but don't let that scare you away! There are several stops for restroom breaks, snacks, photo opportunities, etc. 2. Take the tour when much of the drive up will be in the light of day. We went the middle of March. It was just getting dark when we arrived at the Arctic Circle. That means for most of the drive we had amazing views and got to walk out on the frozen Yukon River. If you go in the dead of winter, it will be dark and you won't see much. 3. We took this tour because a Northern Lights Only tour may end up just being disappointing. Seeing the Northern Lights are 50/50 at best, but this tour is great even if you don't get to see the Aurora. We made it to the Arctic Circle, and had a great time, learned a lot and saw a lot, even though we didn't see the Northern Lights due to it being snowy and overcast. The driver stopped several times, but it just was not going to happen! However, we caught the lights the next night outside of Fairbanks so all was not lost. This tour was a highlight of our trip.
There were only 4 of us on the tour...
, mar 2018
There were only 4 of us on the tour which was nice but with my husband up front and a couple on the first bench seat I actually had the rest of the van to myself but, the windows were small so I had a very hard time seeing anything and the head set didnt work well so I couldnt hear anything over the rattle of the van. I tried pushing on the window trim to silence some of noise but my arm got tired. The lunch was horrible. The veggi was a couple of pieces of cheese and sliced carrots in rolls. I typically dont like plain potatoe chips but I ate them because I was hungry and it was a very long day. The sites were amazing and our guide, Ricky, tried really hard for us to see the lights...with no luck. By the time we got back to our hotel I was clostraphobic and naucious from not having a decent view and crabby from being so uncomfortable.i strongly recommend seeing the arctic and Yukon but would try a different tour company.
Our tour guide name Mike. He is...
Yu X
, mar 2018
Our tour guide name Mike. He is really fun and love Alaska. He had enough knowledge to tell about Alaska. He is a good driver. Dalton Highway is a definitely dangerous highway, you wont want to drive if you don't know how. Mike knew what he was doing. On our way, he will stop and park on the side way for us to watch the wile animals if we saw some. On our way back, he was looking the northern lights for us. It really helpful especially for us, since we did not know what should be expected for at the very first day. The trip is kinda pricey, but you wont't regret to hire some to take you at all. It actually the best decision we made for our trip.
How can you go to Fairbanks and not...
, fev 2018
How can you go to Fairbanks and not take a drive up to the Arctic Circle? You can't! Or at least, you shouldn't. The northern lights don't always cooperate but the particular winter beauty and desolation of the road out of Fairbanks and the Dalton Highway along the pipeline, along with artisan Dorothy and her cabin on the Yukon River shore yes!, and the photo ops duh make this tour a must. Our guide's name escapes me, but he was a refugee from New Jersey, Michigan, and Los Angeles who lives for fishing, quotes Robert Service, and makes extra money driving first-time, only-time visitors up to the Arctic Circle and back - quintessential Alaska.

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