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Excursão com porcos nadadores nas Bahamas - Excursão de dia inteiro em lancha fretada para Exuma saindo de Nassau

Bahamas, Bahamas

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Experimente os destaques das Bahamas em um único dia nesta excursão de lancha saindo de Nassau, uma ótima escolha para os amantes da natureza e visitantes de primeira viagem. Embarque em um passeio de lancha de 12 metros (39 pés) e faça um excursão turística pelas águas de Exuma, parando para nadar com porcos na Pig Beach, alimentar iguanas-do-norte das Bahamas, nadar com tubarões e visitar uma praia escondida. Almoço no Staniel Cay Yacht Club também está incluído.
  • Viaje entre os destaques das Bahamas com facilidade a bordo de uma lancha
  • Dê um mergulho com os porcos nas Bahamas no Pig Beach
  • Vistas panorâmicas do delta do Exuma Cays da água
  • Almoço e cervejas geladas, refrigerantes e água estão incluídos


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Avaliações dos viajantes da Viator
Best trip ever
Dymphna C
, jun 2019
This was an amazing trip we had great fun weather fab and our guides Tyson and Leslie were tops 😀 I would highly recommend it.
Great Day in the Exuma Islands!
, jun 2019
Fantastic excursion with Hidden Beaches! The entire day was well planned and very organized. Would highly recommend this full day excursion! Staff was very nice and knowledgable and did an amazing job navigating around the storm that was in the area during our trip.
Excellent Excursion
, mai 2019
Would highly recommend! Price seems steep, but it’s worth every bit. Exuma and the surround islands were beautiful and swimming with the pigs was a blast. Be cautious and watch out behind you, the pigs will bite! Also, bring plenty of sunscreen and cover. It’s a long day in the sun.
Awesome tour!!
, abr 2019
My daughter and I had a blast on this excursion. Everything went smoothly from beginning to end. The animals were friendly and the water was beautiful. The tour guides were very helpful. Highly recommended
This is a 'must do' tour with a fantastic crew
jen p
, abr 2019
This tour with Leslie, Omar, and Tyson looking after us, made our trip to the Bahamas. I cannot speakly highly enough of how they looked after us from beginning to end. It was a full day tour including feeding iguanas (fantastic!) on one of the islands in the Exuma Cays, followed by swimming with nurse sharks which was scary to start with but we now love them after that experience. We then were taken to swim with the pigs and feed them. OMG!!!! This is a once in a life time experience, and was unbelievable fun. The pigs ranged from enormous to piglets, which were just beautiful. Our crew looked out for us and kept us entertained every step of the way. After a wonderful lunch, we had the chance to swim off a sandbar that was featured in Pirates of the Caribbean, which the most crystal clear water i have ever seen anywhere in the world. During the trip, Leslie, Omar and Tyson also pointed out famous people's islands, including Louis Vuitton, and Johnny Depp. I woukd like to add that the Bahamian people are the friendliest in the world by far, and Leslie and the crew epitomised that sentiment. We had the most fantastic day, and i would recommend the hidden beaches company to everyone. They ensured that every person on the tour went home with the biggest smiles on their faces. Thank you all so much.
Hidden beaches
, mar 2019
Great crew, great day, great excursion!!! We got to see things that otherwise we would never have known. Crew of Leslie, Omar and Tysen were awesome!!!
100% worth it
, mar 2019
Although the main focus of this excursion was the famous swimming pigs, feeding the iguanas and swimming with the nurse sharks definitely did not get enough hype as they deserved before hand. There were a lot of people on the trip between all of the different boats that went but it was a very personal experience and all of the animals interacted with everyone. The boat rides were fairly long but there was a bathroom on board and was such a fun experience. Our captains/guides names were Leslie and Tyson and they were absolutely amazing. It was clear that they genuinely cared about making sure their passengers were safe and enjoying themselves. This was truly one of the most amazing experiences i’ve ever had and I would absolutely do it again. The cost of this trip raised some skepticism at first but I can now say that it was 100% worth every penny. One thing that isn’t really brought up much before hand is that it is not uncommon at all for the pigs to bite. I would say probably about 7 people including myself on the trip got bitten, and not for harassing them or anything like that, but simply just for not feeding them or being strangers in their territory would be my guess. Overall, I am extremely grateful that I got to attend this trip and see first hand the natural wild life of the Bahamas and it is definitely something I will remember forever.
Excursion with a little bit of everything!
Samantha K
, mar 2019
This day was a lovely surprise since I wasn't sure exactly what to expect. The ride was exhilarating, the crew made it exciting and hyped everyone up. The islands were beautiful and the crew was knowledgeable at explaining the facts about the landscape. The animals were fun to see and I loved how this trip respected them and their nature. Leslie and Tyson were fun to be with and went out of their way to make sure everyone was happy and had the best time. Would do this again if im ever back in Bahamas!!
Exuma Hidden Beaches Iguanas, nurse shakes, pigs, Staniel Caye and swimming at Hidden Beach was the best excursion
Sharyl M
, mar 2019
The best excursion excursion we’ve ever been on. The a hidden Beach stop was absolutely breathtaking
Missed opportunity for a great day, all due to guide
, jan 2019
So much to say about this experience! Bare with me!First, let me say, this is the first review I have ever made.Overall, seeing the pigs, swimming with sharks and feeding iguanas was amazing. I can’t recommend this more!!!! What an incredible experience. Just maybe not with this company.Dudley our taxi driver was so extremely helpful, timely and we couldn’t have asked for more.The flight was on time and fairly quick and painless. For the record, we did the flight tour so it was higher priced, but less weather prohibiting. The taxi, air tickets, lunch, beverages, tour by boat were all included.When we landed at Staniel Cay, we were greeted by Ronaldo, our tour guide. We were then taken to a boat via a golf cart. This is where things went south. Throughout the day, we weren’t really spoken to by Ronaldo. We were told when we signed up for the tour that we would have pop and beverages on the boat included in our fee. But that wasn’t offered. We were never offered a beverage, yet Ronaldo drank beer while driving us around. Second, we were told we would be given food to feed the pigs. Not true, we weren’t given anything to feed the pigs, so we pet them and found some carrots that another tour shared with us. Oddly, Ronaldo was feeding the pigs and had food to feed them. But we were given none.Ronaldo kind of did his own thing and didn’t speak to us much. Third, there was another couple on our tour. Great couple from California. They spoke with us throughout the day and agreed it was as if we had no idea where we were going next, how much time it took to get there, how much time we were spending there etc. Ronaldo essentially didn’t speak to us. So when we got on the boat after the pigs and he drove for over a half an hour to get to the sharks, we had no idea if it was a three minute boat ride or an hour boat ride. But he drove so fast that his drink was spilling on me and my bag and I couldn’t ask a question as I was holding on for safety and no one could speak because it was so loud. Keep in mind, I was on this tour with my three children who were also holding on and not speaking. They all had their heads down and were holding on not moving because of his driving.When we arrived at the sharks, he told us there was an add on fee per person to swim with the sharks of $10 per person. When I called him out on that being untrue, he quickly backed down and said I was right we didn’t have to pay.We then left the sharks and he mumbled to me that he was going to take us to the iguanas quick and then to the airport. It was 11:30 in the morning and our flight was at 5?!?!?! I said I thought lunch was included in the trip. He then said we could do that too.So after the iguanas, he drove us to a restaurant, Staniel Cay Yacht Club. Nice restaurant, good menu, horrible flies. But we’re in the Bahamas, so it’s fine. We put our napkins over our food while eating and swat flies away with our free hand.We then left lunch and looked around and Ronaldo was nowhere to be found and the boat was gone. We asked the waitress if she knew who he was and if he’d be back and she rolled her eyes and stated he’d come back at some point.So after lunch we bought some T-shirt’s at the restaurant and sat on some rocks waiting. When it appeared he wasn’t going to be back for a while, we randomly went strolling around the town that had no stores or restaurants, just a church and some broken down homes. After we returned from our walk it seemed close to the time of check in for our flight. I asked the waitress again if Ronaldo was coming back and she said she thought he would. But....it was close to our flight check in time and we hadn’t seen him in hours. He never told us he was leaving, we had no way to get in contact with him etc. So my three children and myself walked to the airport. We checked in for our flight and waited to board. Shortly before boarding, Ronaldo showed up at the airport on a motorcycle with a girl on the back of his bike holding our beach towels. We then got on our flight and got out of there. All in all, the pigs were so cool to see. The sharks were amazing to swim with. And the iguanas were an unexpected surprise. I would highly recommend an excursion like this to anyone as these were incredible experiences. But for spending over two thousand dollars on one day, I would have expected our tour guide to treat us better. I would have expected that the beverages I didn’t pack or bring with us because I was expecting them to be included as stated, would be given to us. I would have expected to feed the pigs with the food that I was told would be provided for us to do so. I would have expected my boat driver to not be drinking beer. And I would have not expected to walk to the airport with my three tired children so we wouldn’t miss our flight.This tour company has an opportunity to have a great experience. Because the pigs, sharks and iguanas were an incredible day. I just wouldn’t recommend that experience with Ronaldo. As he is not worth over two thousand dollars for a day guided by him.

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