Bundeswehr Museum of Military History

The Bundeswehr Museum of Military History shows the impact of the military on culture throughout history with a focus on aerial warfare. The exhibits explain how aerial warfare has changed our views on war through several different topics, such as crossing borders, invisible perpetrators and victims, taking cover to escape violence from the air, pilots as role models, and military and society. 

At the open air museum, visitors can see airplanes, helicopters, radar and air defense systems that provide an overview of the development of military aviation during the Cold War. Some of these planes were used in the Air Bridge during the Berlin blockade in 1948 and 1949. In Hangar 3, there are displays exploring aerial warfare in Germany since 1884, and in Hangar 7 the focus is on Germany's Air Force including pilot training. Visitors can learn about the history of Gatow Airfield in the tower building. 
Adress: Olbrichtplatz 2, Dresden, Germany 01099, Tyskland
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