Friedrichstrasse runs north to south through the center of Berlin, while during the Cold War, the Berlin Wall cut through this street. The Friedrichstrasse S-bahn and U-bahn station was on the East, but trains from the West were still able to stop there so passengers could transfer lines. However, they could not leave the station without proper paperwork.

Today the street is a major shopping and residential area. However, due to its history, it is also a popular tourist spot. Photography exhibits at the Friedrichstrasse station show the stages of the station's history from 1961 when the wall went up to 1989 when it came down. At the Berlin Wall History Mile information board at the Friedrichstrasse border crossing, you can learn about Oct. 27, 1961, when Allied and Soviet tanks conflicted over the right to unrestricted movement in both parts of Berlin for the Allied forces. 

You can also visit Checkpoint Charlie and the Checkpoint Charlie Museum. There is an outdoor photo gallery that tells stories of failed and successful escape attempts, the changes of the checkpoint over time and the significance and symbolism of Checkpoint Charlie. There's also an overview of memorial sites, remaining sections of the wall and relevant museums.
Adress: Friedrichstrasse, Berlin, Germany, Tyskland
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