Natural History Museum (Museum für Naturkunde)

The Natural History Museum has more than 30 million zoological, paleontological and mineralogical specimens, including the world's largest mounted dinosaur skeleton. This Brachiosaurus, whose bones were dug up in present-day Tanzania in the early 20th century, is the centerpiece of the World of Dinosaurs section here. In the Evolution in Action exhibit, visitors can see a wall of biodiversity with 3,000 mounted species and learn why certain animals look or act the way they do.

In the Cosmos and Solar System section, learn about the different aspects of the universe, and in the System Earth area, gain knowledge on plate tectonics, the living and non-living aspects of our world and how the planet is constantly changing. Other areas of the museum include domestic animals, minerals, insect models and specimen preparation. The museum also has special exhibits that are only on display for a limited time. 
Adress: Invalidenstrasse 43, Berlin, Germany, Tyskland
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