Covering 400 acres, Berlin’s Tierpark is Europe’s largest zoo. Founded in the former grounds of Friedrichsfelde Palace, it was built during the division of Berlin after WWII, when it was decided that East Berlin would need its own zoo to rival Tiergarten's Berlin Zoological Garden on the west side of the wall.

With over 7,000 animals and nearly 900 different species, Tierpark is a huge zoo that's especially famous for its successful elephant breeding program—since 1999, 15 baby elephants have been born at Tierpark Berlin. It’s also one of the few European zoos to house various herds of ungulates, including rare muskoxen and takin.

Tierpark Berlin also features a free public exhibit at the Bärenschaufenster (Bear Show Window), where you can see American black bears. The zoo also has a restaurant, and in Friedrichsfelde Palace, in the zoo grounds, regular concerts are held. Daily at noon you can see the manatees being fed in the Dickhäuterhaus. The big cats are fed every day at about 3pm in the  Alfred-Brehm-Haus, and on Saturdays and Sundays you can see the elephants being fed in the Pachyderm house between 11am-12pm.  
Adress: Am Tierpark 125, Berlin, Germany 10319, Tyskland
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