Musical Instruments Museum

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Musical Instruments Museum
The Musical Instruments Museum in Brussels celebrates the making of music with thousands of instruments from around the world. In one section, visitors can explore different instruments throughout history, from antiquity to present day, while another section displays popular instruments from Belgium, other parts of Europe, and from other continents. Another part of the museum focuses on string and keyboard instruments. Here visitors can learn about pianos, harps, violins, and more. There's also a section of mechanical, electrical, and electronic instruments, plus clocks and bells. The star of this section is the componium, which is a 19th-century orchestrion that automatically composes an infinite variety of music. 

Many of the museum's exhibits are designed to allow visitors to hear what the instruments sound like. Through wireless technology, the music is transmitted to your headphones when you stand on numbered spots on the floor. Headphones are included with the ticket price, or you can use your own.  The museum often has temporary exhibits focusing on different topics, instruments, and instrument inventors. There's also has a concert hall and a workshop room. On the roof of the building is a restaurant with excellent views of the city.
Adress: Rue Montagne de la Cour 2, Brussels, Belgium, Belgien
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