Lukács Thermal Bath

Budapest is well known for its thermal baths and spas, and Lukács Thermal Bath is a favorite among locals. The underground geothermal hot spring waters were used by the St. John's Knights starting in the 12th century and by Turkish dignitaries and soldiers in the 16th century. The baths were rebuilt in the 1880s as a spa hotel and wellness center. Due to the rich minerals found in the water, the thermal waters are said to help heal a variety of ailments. There are different rooms and baths for different problems, such as back and spinal issues, respiratory ailments, arthritis, post-accident rehabilitation, and more.

Although the Lukács Thermal Bath is more modestly designed and less visited by tourists than the Szechenyi Bath or the Gellert Bath, it has become more popular with non-locals over the past few years due to the Saturday night bath parties. Lukács has five thermal pools at varying temperatures, indoor and outdoor pools, saunas, steam rooms, massage treatments, mud treatments, a plunge pool, therapeutic services and many other features.
Adress: 25 – 29 Frankel Leo Street, Budapest, Hungary, Ungern
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