Marquette Building

Marquette Building
The Marquette Building is a Chicago landmark steeped in history — so much so that it has been named a National Historic Landmark, and is listed in the National Register of Historic Places. Built in 1895, it was named for Father Jacques Marquette, the first European settler in Chicago back in 1674. It was designed by architects William Holabird and Martin Rocheand and was one of the first steel frame skyscrapers built in Chicago. It is characterized by its long “Chicago style” bay windows and its central court around its famous two-story lobby. Still today it stands as a prime example of the Chicago School of Architecture. 

The building was once the headquarters of nearly 30 major railroad companies, and remains an office building today. While originally terra cotta and red in color, it has darkened slightly with age. Preservation of the building’s unique interior and ornate exterior remains a priority, even after completion of a four year restoration in 2006.

Adress: 56 W Adams St, Chicago, Illinois, USA 60604, USA
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