Wine Lover's Guide to the Costa del Sol

Wine Lover's Guide to the Costa del Sol
Spain is covered in vineyards, with wine production stretching to all corners of the country, including the sunny shores of the Costa del Sol. Take advantage of your proximity to so much delicious vino with these top wine varietals and wine tasting experiences.
Must-Try Varietals
Like much of Europe, Spain’s wines are distinguished by their Denominaciones de Origen (DO) rather than by type of grape. Andalucia and the Costa del Sol are home to several noteworthy DOs. Málaga, with grapes grown throughout the region but aged in the city, is famous for its sweet wines made from Moscatel or Pedro Ximenez grapes. Just inland from the Costa del Sol sits the wine-producing region of Montilla-Moriles, famous for its dry fortified fino white wine, similar to the sherry of Jerez, Andalucia’s most famous wine region.
Must-Do Experiences
  • Visit a boutique winery in the Ronda hills to learn about the winemaking process and enjoy an alfresco white wine tasting.
  • Travel through the Malagan countryside, stopping to tour local vineyards and wine cellars to meet the winemakers and taste the region’s best varietals.
  • Quench your thirst for adventure with a 4WD off-road adventure through the spectacular scenery of the Andalusian countryside.
  • Embark on a self-driving tour of the Ronda Valley with visits to two family-owned wineries.
  • Learn about the history of wine production in Andalusia during a food and wine tasting tour of Ronda, with a stop at the Ronda Wine Museum.
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