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Medieval Dublin was a disease-riddled era of slavery, Vikings, and torture, where Bubonic Plague and bloody warfare were parts of everyday life. Though Dublin isn’t often equated with Vikings, the conquering seafarers played an important role in Dublin’s Medieval past, and at the popular Dublinia heritage center, this grisly period is on entertaining display with their interactive exhibits. Take a walk down a street from the days of Medieval Dublin, smelling the aromas of streetside merchants and hearing their tales of woe. Wrap yourself in the heavy chains of a hapless Irish slave, and walk through the dark, smoky interior of an authentic Viking household. Learn about the savage and primitive weaponry that Vikings would use in battle, and board a replica Viking warship to experience conditions at sea. At the History Hunters exhibition, hear the ancient languages and alphabets from when Vikings cruised this coast, and look at relics that have been carefully excavated from sites all across Dublin. To finish the visit, climb your way up 96 steps to the top of St. Michael’s Tower, where the 17th century viewing platform offers unparalleled city views. As educational as it is entertaining, Dublinia is a stop that every family should experience when visiting Dublin.
Adress: St Michaels Hill, Dublin, Ireland, Irland
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