Museum of Ceara

Opened in 1932, the Museum of Ceara was the first public museum in the Brazilian state of the same name. Located in Fortaleza and housed within the former Legislative Assembly in city center, the museum presents the history and culture of the state, including its various indigenous peoples, through its collection of some 12,000 articles and artifacts.

Indigenous artifacts, furniture, coins, medals, paintings, flags, weapons and archaeological relics are divided into thematic exhibitions, like the Friar Tito Memorial, which celebrates the Ceara-born Dominican friar who played a critical role in the struggle for human rights in the mid-20th century. Other highlights include a collection of 75 million-year-old fossils and a stuffed goat named Yoyo who wandered the streets of Fortaleza a century ago.
Adress: Rua Sao Paulo, 51, Fortaleza, Brazil, Brasilien
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