Cat Cat Village

Cat Cat Village
Cat Cat Village, located in the hills of the Sapa District, is a great place to witness the distinct culture and traditions of the Hmong people. Originally from mountainous regions of China and known for being independent artisans and farmers, the Hmong escaped to the south to other Asian countries due to political unrest.

Travelers can wander the village where welcoming locals are eager to teach about the ethnic group’s fascinating customs—including a three-day engagement event called “pulling wife.” Shops of traditional craftsmen, like brocade weavers and blacksmiths who make custom gold and silver jewelry, line the dirt streets that wind through Cat Cat Village. These local shops provide the perfect opportunity to gather gifts for friends back home. Visitors can also trek through the mountains to a scenic waterfall or through nearby rice patties for a rare look at the Hmong’s agrarian lifestyle.
Adress: Cat Cat Village, Hanoi, Vietnam
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