Sand Falls

Sand Falls
Cabo San Lucas’ famous landscape is easily recognized by anyone who’s gotten a chance to visit this majestic beachfront. Rugged, windswept arches dot the coastline, but these beautiful testaments to what Mother Nature can do are more than just pretty rocks – they mark the spot for some of the best diving in Cabo. Just look to the arch that stands by the head of the harbor and you’re well on your way to some beautiful underwater exploration. This spot is known as Sand Falls.

Discovered by famed underwater explorer Jacques Cousteau, Sand Falls is one of the beautiful phenomena of nature where forces conspire to make for a remarkable, one-of-a-kind spot. Where the steep rocky shoreline meets the continual runoff of sand, divers at Sand Falls enjoy a peaceful scene of time’s relentless ebb and flow. While literally floating in the warm water, you’ll watch the continual runoff of sand into the deep and bountiful sea. 

Close to other dive spots including three different shipwrecks, Sand Falls is oftentimes a jumping off point for more snorkel and dive trips in the Cabo San Lucas Harbor.
Adress: Los Cabos, Mexico
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